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Modern Estonia

Churches of Estonia Checklist

Updated 24 January 2014



This is a checklist of the churches and other places of worship in Estonia which have already been photographed for inclusion in the History Files. Not all of them have been published so, to avoid duplication of effort, this list is designed to help contributors decide what to photograph and send in.

Churches that have been published are linked from here to the page which contains their entry. For a complete list, visit the main index page.

If a church is not on this list then it has not been photographed for the collection. Please feel free to submit your own photos for inclusion. You can contact us here.


Aegviidu: St Alexander's Church (Aegviidu Aleksandri kirik)
Harju-Jaani: St John the Baptist Church (Ristija Johannese kirik ja kogudus)
Harju-Madise: St Matthew's Church (Matteuse kirik)
Harju-Risti: Church of the Holy Cross (Püha Risti kirik)
Harkujärve: St Stephen the Martyr Church (Püha Esimärter Stefanose kirik)
Jüri: St George's Church (Jüri koguduse kodulehekülg)
Jüri: Vaskala Church
Jõelähtme: Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Püha Neitsi Maarja kirik)
Keila: Baptist Church (Keila Baptistikogudus)
Keila: Methodist Church (Keila Metodisti koguduse)
Keila: St Michael's Church (Miikaeli kirik)
Keila: Seventh-Day Adventists
Kose: Jehovah's Witnesses (Jehoova Tunnistajate)
Kose: St Nicholas' Church (Püha Nikolause kirik)
Kuusalu: Prayer House of the Moravian Brothers (Kuusalu palvemaja)
Kuusalu: St Laurence's Church (Laurentsiuse kirik)
Leesi: Church of St Catherine (Pühale Katariinale pühendatud jumalakoda)
Loksa: Church of the Holy Virgin Mary (Püha Neitsi Maarja)
Maardu: Archangel Michael Russian Orthodox Church
Maardu: Jehovah's Witnesses (Jehoova Tunnistajate)
Muuga: Chapel of the Seafarers Centre (Sadama meremeeste kodu kabel)
Naissaare Island: Church of St Mary (Püha Maarja kirik)
Oru: Juuru Church
Oru: Prayer House of the Moravian Brothers (Kuusalu palvemaja)
Oru: St Charles Church of Tuhala (Tuhala Kaarli kirik)
Padise: Monastery (Padise Klooster)
Paldiski: Apostolic Church of St George the Martyr (Püha Georgi Kogudus)
Paldiski: Christian Pentecostal Church
Paldiski: Jehovah's Witnesses (Jehoova Tunnistajate)
Paldiski: Methodist Church (Metodisti Kiriku Paldiski kogudus)
Paldiski: Orthodox Church of St Panteleimon the Martyr & Healer
Paldiski: St Nicholas' Church (Nikolai kirik)
Prangli Island: Chapel of St Laurence (Püha Laurentsiuse kabel)
Randvere: St Peter's Church (Püha Peetri kirik)
Rannamõisa: Church/kirik
Riisipere: Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Nissi Maarja kirik)
Saha: Chapel/kabel
Saue: Free Christian Church (Kristlik vabakirik)
Suur-Pakri Island: Church/kirik
Tallinn: Rooslepa Chapel/kabel
Tallinn: Sutlepa Chapel/kabel
Viimsi: Baptist Church
Viimsi: St James Lutheran Church
Väike-Pakri Island: Church/kirik


Kuri: Orthodox Church
Kärdla: St John the Baptist's Lutheran Church
Malvaste: Chapel/kabel
Paluküla: Church/kirik


Haapsalu: St Mary Magdalene Church (Maria-Magdaleena Apostliku Õigeusu kirik)
Nõva: St Olav's Church (Nõva Olevi kirik)


Haljala: St Maurice's Church (Mauritiuse kirik)
Ilumäe: Chapel/kabel
Käsmu: Church/kirik
Vainupea: St John's Chapel (Jaani kabel)
Väike-Maarja: St Mary's Church (Püha Neitsi Maarja)


Pärnu: Agape Christian Church (Methodist) (AGAPE kogudus)
Pärnu: Christian Pentecostal Church (Kristliku Nelipühi Kiriku Pärnu kogudus)
Pärnu: Jehovah's Witnesses (Jehoova Tunnistajate Pärnu kogudus)
Pärnu: Lord Apostolic-Orthodox Church (Apostliku Õigeusu Issandamuutmise kirik)
Pärnu: St Catherine's Orthodox Church (Püha Suurmärter Jekateriina Kogudus)
Pärnu: St Elizabeth's Church (Eliisabeti kirik)
Pärnu: Salt & Light Baptist Church (Sool ja Valgus kogudus)
Sindi: Appearance of God Apostolic-Orthodox Church (Jumalailmumise kogudus)
Sindi: Lutheran Church (Sindi koguduses)
Tori: St George's Church (Püha Georgi kirik)


Hageri: St Lambert's Church (Lambertuse kogudus)
Kohila: Ascension of Our Lord in Angerja (Kiriku Angerja Issanda Taevaminemise)
Märjamaa: St Mary's Church (Maarja kirik)


Leisi: Apostolic Church of St Olga (Püha Olga kirik)
Liiva: St Catherine's Church (Katariina kirik)
Lümanda: Transfiguration of Our Lord Orthodox Church (Issanda Muutmise kogudus)


Lasnamäe: Icon of the Mother of God 'Quick to Hearken' Orthodox Church
Kesklinn: First Advent Church
Kesklinn: Our Lady of Kazan Church
Kesklinn: St Gregory of the Armenian Apostolic Church
Kesklinn: St John's Almshouses Church (Jaani Seegi kirik)
Kesklinn: St Simeon and the Prophetess Hanna Church
Kesklinn: Tallinn Methodist Church
Kristiine: Prayer House of the Moravian Brothers
Nõmme: Rahu Lutheran Church
Nõmme: St John the Forerunner Russian Orthodox Church
Pirita: Convent/klooster
Põhja-Tallinn: Bethel Lutheran Church (Peeteli kirik)
Põhja-Tallinn: Icon of the Mother of God 'Joy of All the Afflicted' Orthodox Church
Põhja-Tallinn: Kalju Baptist Church
Põhja-Tallinn: St Nicholas Orthodox Church (Kopli)
Vanalinn: Alexander Nevsky Russian Orthodox Cathedral
Vanalinn: Blessed Virgin with Three Hands Ukrainian Greek-Orthodox Church
Vanalinn: Church of the Holy Ghost (Pühavaimu kirik)
Vanalinn: Dome Church (Toomkirik)
Vanalinn: St Catherine of Alexandria's Church
Vanalinn: St Charles XI Church (Kaarli kirik)
Vanalinn: St John's Church (Jaani kirik)
Vanalinn: St Mary's Dome Church (Puha Neitsi Maarja Piiskoplik Toomkirik)
Vanalinn: St Michael's Swedish Lutheran Church
Vanalinn: St Nicholas' Church (Niguliste kirik)
Vanalinn: St Nicholas Orthodox Church (Nikolai kirik)
Vanalinn: St Olaf's Church (Oleviste kirik)
Vanalinn: St Peter & St Paul Roman Catholic Cathedral
Vanalinn: Tallinn Christian Pentecostal Church
Vanalinn: Transfiguration of Our Lord Orthodox Church (Issanda Muutmise Peakirik)


Alatskivi: Church/kirik
Maarja: St Mary Magdalene Church (Maarja-magdalene kirik)
Nina: Apostolic Orthodox Church
Tartu: Bishop's Cathedral/Dome Church (Toomkiriku)
Tartu: Blessed Virgin Mary Church (Maarja koguduse maja)
Tartu: Calvary Baptist Church (Kolgata baptistikoguduse palvemaja)
Tartu: Immaculate Conception (Pühima Neitsi Maarja Pärispatuta Saamise kirik)
Tartu: Jehovah's Witnesses (Jehoova Tunnistajate Tartu kogudus)
Tartu: New Apostolic Church of Estonia (Uusapostlik kirik Eestis)
Tartu: Old Believers Prayer House (Vanausuliste palvemaja)
Tartu: St Alexander's Orthodox Church (Püha Aleksandri kirik)
Tartu: St George the Martyr Orthodox Church (Jüri kiriku ümbrus)
Tartu: St John's Lutheran Church (Jaani kirik)
Tartu: St Luke's Methodist Church (Püha Luuka kirik)
Tartu: St Paul's Church (Pauluse kirik)
Tartu: St Peter's Church (Peetri kirik)
Tartu: Salem Baptist Church (Salemi baptistikoguduse kirik)
Tartu: Seventh-Day Adventist Church (Seitsemenda Päeva Adventistide)
Tartu: Uspensky Orthodox Cathedral (Jumalaema Uinumise (Uspenski) katedraal)


Otepää: St Mary's Church (Maarja kirik)



Text copyright © P L Kessler. An original feature for the History Files.