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Season Two

The Homecoming (Part 1 of 3)

Stardate 47101.2: Kira hears news of a famous Bajoran resistance fighter held in a Cardassian prison camp. Encouraged by Sisko, and ignoring the Provisional Government's warnings, Kira leads a break-out. But the Bajoran hero, Li Nalas is none too sure he wants to be used as a leader. For her pains, Kira is posted off DS9, and Li Nalas is ordered to take her place, while on the surface of Bajor, the government begins to lose control in the face of increasing civil unrest.

Rom Max Grodénchik
Li Nalas Richard Beymer
Gul Dukat Marc Alaimo
Minister Jaro Frank Langella

The Circle (Part 2 of 3)

Stardate 47125.7: As the Bajoran factions begin to adopt images of Li Nalas for their own ends, Vedek Winn sees an opportunity to assume power while Vedek Bareil shows a decommissioned Kira a potential new life. Both on Bajor and on DS9 itself, the violence increases despite all attempts to stop it, suggesting that the leaders of the unrest, known collectively as The Circle, have contacts in high places.

Li Nalas Richard Beymer
Vedek Winn Louise Fletcher
Vedek Bareil Philip Anglim
Minister Jaro Frank Langella

The Siege (Part 3 of 3)

Stardate 47143.9: The Bajoran military decides to take Li Nalas under its wing, although Minister Jaro and Vedek Winn have ideas that will change Bajoran society. As Sisko leads a Federation evacuation of DS9, General Krim takes over. However, he and his troopers don't know the station as well as they should, and the Federation personnel who remained behind run rings around them, forcing the General to accept he is being used by the Cardassians.

Li Nalas Richard Beymer
Rom Max Grodénchik
Vedek Winn Louise Fletcher
Vedek Bareil Philip Anglim
Nog Aron Eisenberg
Keiko O'Brien Rosalind Chao
Molly O'Brien Hana Hatae
Bajoran Officer Katrina Carlson

Invasive Procedures

Stardate 47182.1: A dangerous plasma storm has caused the evacuation of DS9. With only a skeleton staff of senior officers aboard, the desperate Trill Verad takes over and removes Dax from Jadzia's body, implanting it within himself. This leaves Jadzia slowly dying, as a host cannot survive after the removal of its symbiont. However, Dax is just as much a personality of his own and his eighth host becomes an entirely different person.

Verad John Glover
Mareel Megan Gallagher
T'Kar Tim Russ


Stardate 47177.2: Bashir and Garak team up to investigate the appalling situation concerning Cardassian orphans abandoned on Bajor. However, when a high-ranking Cardassian official arrives to claim his son, now raised as a Cardassian-hating Bajoran, Sisko is faced with a difficult decision.

Gul Dukat Marc Alaimo
Garak Andrew Robinson
Keiko O'Brien Rosalind Chao


Stardate 47229.1: A Federation researcher arrives on DS9. Her planet's gravity is such that even under DS9's artificial gravity she is bound to a wheelchair. As a bond forms between Melora and Bashir, the young doctor desperately tries to find a solution to her disability. Eventually he succeeds, but at what cost to Melora's heritage and roots?

Melora Pazlar Daphne Ashbrook
Klingon Chef Ron Taylor

Rules Of Acquisition

Stardate 47261.7: The Grand Nagus returns to DS9, offering Quark riches beyond his imagination if he can spearhead dealings with the Gamma Quadrant. Assisting Quark is a young Ferengi female, Pel, illegally disguised as a male waiter. As she and Quark grow closer, so the mysterious Dominion begin to make their presence felt on both sides of the Wormhole. It is with this Dominion that The Grand Nagus really wants to trade, but Quark gets sidetracked when his brother discovers Pel's secret.

Rom Max Grodénchik
Pel Helen Udy
Grand Nagus Zek Wallace Shawn

Necessary Evil

Stardate 47282.5: Five years ago, during the Cardassian occupation, Odo was brought aboard DS9 by Gul Dukat to act as Security Officer and find out why Bajorans were killing other Bajorans upon the station. When Quark is brutally gunned down, the case is reopened and Odo finds himself questioning his answers from all those years ago. The Kira Nerys he first met all those years ago was working for the Underground. Was she telling the truth when she claimed she was conducting an act of sabotage elsewhere on the station?

Gul Dukat Marc Alaimo
Rom Max Grodénchik
Pallra Katherine Moffatt

Second Sight

Stardate 47329.4: On the anniversary of Jennifer's death, Sisko encounters the beautiful Fenna, who keeps disappearing. Odo can find no trace of her anywhere, but when Federation scientist Doctor Seyetik introduces the Command Crew to his introspective wife Nidell, both Sisko and Dax can see more than a passing similarity - although Nidell claims she's never met Sisko before.

Fenna/Nidell Salli Elise Richardson
Seyetik Richard Kiley


Stardate 47391.2: Refugees fleeing from the Gamma Quadrant are seeking a mythical home on DS9's side of 'the Eye of the Universe'. As more and more of them board the station, Sisko believes he has found them an ideal new home. However, the refugees have already discovered their mythical sanctuary - Bajor.

Nog Aron Eisenberg
Haneek Deborah May
Vedek Sorad Robert Curtis-Brown


Stardate 47349.2: Martus, a successful con-man, is aboard the station and despite Odo's best attempts, the Security Officer cannot keep him imprisoned long enough. Martus receives the 'gift' of a special game which he duplicates and so sets up a business to oppose Quark's. Meanwhile, a series of improbable events begin occurring all over the station culminating in a racquet-ball game between Bashir and O'Brien that is won by the less well-equipped player. Dax and Kira set out to discover why the natural laws of probability are being changed.

Martus Chris Sarandon
Rom Max Grodénchik
Alsia K Callan
Roana Barbara Bosson
Keiko O'Brien Rosalind Chao

The Alternate

Stardate 47391.7: Odo meets up with the nearest thing he has to a father-figure, Doctor Mora Pol, the Bajoran scientist who trained him, and on whom Odo clearly bases his physical identity. Mora says he has discovered Odo's possible homeworld within the Gamma Quadrant and, after a brief expedition there, they return to DS9 with another shape-shifting being. But in its wake lies devastation and attempted murder.

Doctor Mora Pol James Sloyan
Doctor Weld Ram Matt McKenzie

Armageddon Game

Stardate 47444.8: Bashir and O'Brien are invited to aid in the destruction of a deadly bio-mechanical weapon used in the centuries-long war between the Kellerun and T'Lani, but the two are in deadly danger. The former enemies, although now united, plan to destroy anyone with knowledge of how to reconstruct the weapon, the 'harvester', including their Federation visitors. When the two are reported dead, Keiko O'Brien isn't convinced.

(Guest cast unknown) 


Stardate 47581.2: Returning to DS9 from a security mission among the civil warring Parahdas, O'Brien finds that everyone, including his wife, has turned against him. The truth may prove deadly to O'Brien, especially when he is forced to go on the run, desperately hoping for some answers.

DeCurtis Todd Waring
Coutu Philip LeStrange
Admiral Roeman Susan Bay


Stardate 47573.1: Sisko and O'Brien are stranded on a planet when their equipment malfunctions. They are told by a colony of humans that no technology functions there. But the colony's leader has deliberately engineered this so that she can create her ideal of a community living from the land without outside influence. When she tries to bend Sisko to conform to her ways she meets with stern resistance.

Cassandra Julia Nickson
Alixus Gail Strickland
Stephen Erick Weiss


Stardate 47603.3: In the Gamma Quadrant, Dax and Odo detect an unusual particle field on an unexplored planet. When they land they are invited by the inhabitants to help them solve the mysterious disappearance of twenty-two people. For Kira, the unexpected visit of Vedek Bareil to DS9 brings new pleasures only hinted at in their previous meeting.

Vedek Bareil Philip Anglim
Protector Colyus Kenneth Mars
Rurigan Kenneth Tobey
Taya Noley Thornton

Playing God

Stardate 47678.3: Arjin, a Trill initiate, is studying under Dax to qualify for joining with a symbiont. Dax, however, has an ethical problem of her own - she has discovered a tiny, developing universe which is in danger of destroying the station as it expands.

Arjin Geoffrey Blake
Klingon Ron Taylor
Gul Evek Richard Poe

Profit And Loss

Stardate 47701.5: Three Cardassian political fugitives arrive on DS9. Garak is immediately interested and, it seems, finally reveals his true colours by alerting the Cardassian authorities. Quark, meanwhile, is elated to learn that one of the Cardassians is a former lover.

Garak Andrew Robinson
Professor Natima Lang Mary Crosby
Hogue Michael Reilly Burke
Rekelen Heidi Swedberg
Gul Toran Edward Wiley

Blood Oath

Stardate 47789.8: When three old Klingon allies of Curzon Dax board the station, Jadzia Dax has to decide whether to keep an oath her former host made with them and seek revenge. Although Sisko points out that to leave DS9 could have serious consequences for her Starfleet career, she joins forces with the Klingons.

Kang Michael Ansara
Kor John Colicos
Koloth William Campbell
The Albino Bill Bolender

The Maquis (Part 1)

Stardate 47802.3: Commander Hudson believes that the Cardassians are re-arming for war by stirring up trouble along the border. Sisko is ordered to stop any hostilities brewing, but a Cardassian ship is destroyed and a Starfleet officer is found to be responsible. The Maquis, the Federation rebels, then kidnap Gul Dukat to force the Cardassians to reveal the truth.

Cmdr Cal Hudson Bernie Casey
Gul Dukat Marc Alaimo
Gul Evek Richard Poe
Amaros Tony Plana
Sakonna Bertila Damas
Kobb Amanda Carlin

The Maquis (Part 2)

Stardate 47805.1: With the traitors on both sides exposed, Sisko has to mount a rescue operation to retrieve Gul Dukat. Sisko's faith in old friends and former enemies is put to the test as he tries to avoid a new war.

Admiral Neyachev Natalija Nogulich
Legate Parn John Schuck
(Rest of cast as for Part 1)

The Wire

Stardate 47849.8: When Garak begins to act strangely towards Dr Bashir, the medic suspects that this new aggression is more than the result of a mild illness. Before long it transpires that a surgical implant placed in Garak's brain after the Federation-Cardassian War is beginning to break down, and the guilt-racked Garak wants to die.

Garak Andrew Robinson
Glinn Boheeka Jimmie F Skaggs
Jabara Ann Gillespie
Enabrin Tain Paul Dooley  


Stardate 47891.1: After an accident in the Wormhole, Kira and Bashir find themselves on a DS9 where the Terrans are slaves to the Cardassians/Klingon Alliance and a certain female Bajoran runs her station with a rod of iron. According to this universe's Kira, it's all James T Kirk's fault. (This episode is a direct sequel to the Star Trek episode, Mirror, Mirror.)

Garak Andrew Robinson
Telok John Cothran
Klingon Stephen Gevedon
Human Jack R Orend

The Collaborator

Stardate 47921.5: During the Cardassian occupation of Bajor a group of resistance fighters were led into a trap - including the late Kai Opaka's son. On the eve of choosing a replacement Kai, the Vedek Assembly is distraught to learn that Vedek Winn has proof that Vedek Bareil was behind the betrayal. As Kira fights to prove Bareil's innocence, Winn prepares for her inevitable ascension to office.

Vedek Winn Louise Fletcher
Vedek Bareil Philip Anglim
Kai Opaka Camile Saviola
Kubus Bert Remsen


Stardate 47944.2: O'Brien is arrested by the Cardassians and shipped to their homeworld for trial, his crime the shipment of warheads to the Maquis. According to Cardassian justice, the verdict and execution date have already been decided.

Gul Evek Richard Poe
Kovat Fritz Weaver
Makbar Caroline Lagerfelt
Keiko O'Brien Rosalind Chao

The Jem'Hadar

Stardate 47987.5: Accompanying Jake and Nog on a field trip into the Gamma Quadrant, Sisko and Quark are captured by the Jem'Hadar, a division of the Dominion. The Dominion are determined to keep the Federation out of the Quadrant and not even a galaxy-class starship, the Odyssey, can convince them otherwise. The Dominion are not going to be ignored, whatever the cost...

Nog Aron Eisenberg
Eris Molly Hagan
Captain Keogh Alan Oppenheimer
Talak'talan Cress Williams
First Officer Michael Jace
Second Officer Sandra Grano


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