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Season Four

The Way Of The Warrior

Stardate 49011.4: The Klingon Empire ends its treaty with the Federation in order to pursue its own method of dealing with the increasing threat of the Dominion. DS9 is swarming with Klingons, and their general claims they are there to help in the fight against the Dominion. A newly shaven-headed Sisko is suspicious, and summons Lt Commander Worf from extended leave after Enterprise's destruction to determine their motives. The Klingon learns that his own people are planning to invade Cardassia, and must decide where his loyalties lie. (Title music for the series was moderately re-arranged.)

Lt-Commander Worf (intro) Michael Dorn
Kasidy Yates Penny Johnson
Gul Dukat Marc Alaimo
Gowron Robert O'Reilly
Martok JG Hertzler
Drex Obi Ndefo
Garak Andrew Robinson
Weapons Officer Patricia Tallman
Station Computer Judi Durand

The Visitor

No Log: Decades in the future, an old Jake Sisko tells an author how his father vanished years before during a mission through the wormhole - and how Dax and O'Brien tried for months to recover him, until DS9 was abandoned to the Klingons, and Jake began a lifelong obsession to mount a rescue.

Adult Jake Tony Todd
Korena Galyn Gorg
Captain Nog Aron Eisenberg
Melanie Rachel Robinson

Hipppocratic Oath

Stardate 49066.5: When Bashir and O'Brien are captured by Jem'Hadar soldiers, the leader wants the doctor to find a cure for their Dominion-induced drug addiction so they can escape the latter's rule.

Goran'Agar Scott MacDonald
Arak'Taral Stephen Davies
Temo'Zuma Marshall Teague


No Log: When a Cardassian prisoner ship disappeared six years before, Kira lost a close friend. Evidence emerges that the ship survived - and Kira mounts a rescue mission, reluctantly taking a Cardassian representative whom she learns is Gul Dukat. Sisko is worried that Kassidy is getting serious about their relationship.

Kasidy Yates Penny Johnson
Gul Dukat Marc Alaimo
Razka Roy Brocksmith
Ziyal Cyia Batten


No Log: Dax is reunited with Doctor Lenara Kahn, the wife of one of her previous hosts. An old attraction is revived...and Dax tells Sisko she is in love with Lenara, something that is taboo for any Trill host.

Lenara Susanna Thompson
Bejal Tim Ryan
Pren James Noah
Lt Cmdr Eddington Kenneth Marshall

Little Green Men

Stardate 49201.3: Quark receives a shuttle from his cousin. He takes it into Earth's system but it has been designed to malfunction and he cannot take it out of warp. After an emergency landing, Quark, Nog and Rom awake to find themselves in an examining room in a military base in Rosswell, New Mexico in 1947.

Nurse Garland Megan Gallagher
Denning Charles Napier
Rom Max Gródenchik
Nog Aron Eisenberg
Carlson Conner O'Farrell

Starship Down

Stardate 49263.5: The Defiant is in a remote system of the Gamma Quadrant for a trade discussion when the delegate's ship is attacked by Jem'Hadar warships. The Defiant pursues the warships into the deadly atmosphere of a nearby planet where it is attacked and crippled. Sisko is seriously injured and an enemy torpedo lodges itself into the hull, primed to detonate.

Hanok James Cromwell
Muniz F J Rio
Stevens Jay Baker
Carson Sara Mornell

The Sword Of Kahless

Stardate 49289.1: Dax is accompanying her old friend Kor on his quest to find the legendary Sword of Kahless. Worf joins them, but once found, the artifact has a strange effect on the Klingons.

Kor John Colicos
Toral Rick Pasqualone
Soto Tom Morga

Our Man Bashir

Stardate 49300.7: A malfunctioning holosuite programme (once more) pitches Bashir and his colleagues into a 1960s secret agent adventure where the Earth is threatened with destruction. Bashir has to keep the program running as ending it could means the end of his crewmates' lives.

Rom Max Gródenchik
Eddington Kenneth Marshall
Garak Andrew Robinson
Mona Luvsitt Marci Brickhouse
Caprice Melissa Young

Homefront (Part 1 of 2)

Stardate 49170.65: Sisko is placed in charge of Starfleet security on Earth after a bomb, apparently placed by a Changeling, kills 27 people at a Federation/Romulan diplomatic conference. Further proof of Changeling infiltration leads Sisko to doubt even his father. After Earth's power-relay station is sabotaged, Sisko has to convince the President to declare a state of emergency on Earth and prepare for war with the Dominion.

Leyton Robert Foxworth
Jaresh-Inyo Herschel Sparber
Lt-Cmdr Benteen Susan Gibney
Cadet Nog Aron Eisenberg
Joseph Sisko Brock Peters

Paradise Lost (Part 2 of 2)

No Log: While preparing Earth for war, Sisko is brought into confrontation with Admiral Leyton. Leyton forces Sisko to have a blood test which proves Sisko himself is really a Changeling.

Cpt Benteen Susan Gibney
Riley Shapard David Drew Gallagher
Security Officer Mina Badie
(Rest of cast as before)


No Log: Unable to admit his feelings for Kira, Odo becomes increasingly distraught as he watches Kira become attracted to her ex-comrade Shakaar, and he seeks counseling from Quark.

Shakaar Duncan Regehr
Sarish Bruce Wright

Return To Grace

No Log: Kira meets her old nemesis Dukat as she travels to a Cardassian outpost which is then destroyed by Klingons, killing all the Cardassian and Bajoran representatives. Kira and Dukat then trick the Klingons into reappearing, but find the Cardassian leaders no longer want revenge.

Dukat Marc Alaimo
Tora Ziyal Cyria Batten
Damar Casey Biggs

Sons Of Mogh

Stardate 49556.2: Worf's brother arrives on the station and asks that Worf kill him to save him a life of dishonour. Outside, the Klingons are becoming more unfriendly by attempting to cut off the Bajoran system from the Federation.

Kurn Tony Todd
Noggra Robert DoQui
Tilikia Dell Yount

Bar Association

Stardate 49563.1: Quark's ill-treated brother, Rom, rallies the bar employees to form a union which promptly goes on strike for better conditions. The arrival of Liquidator Brunt of the Ferengi Commerce Authority only makes matters worse for a beleaguered Quark.

Rom Max Grodénchik
Leeta Chase Masterson
Grimp Jason Marsden
Frool Emilio Borelli
Brunt Jeffrey Combs


Stardate 49600.7: The return of the legendary Bajoran, Akorem Laan, after a 200-year absence causes problems for Sisko when the former claims he is the Emissary. Only a trip into the wormhole will reveal the truth. For O'Brien, the return of his wife Keiko after a year's absence means changing his "bachelor" ways again.

Keiko O'Brien Rosalind Chao
Vedek Porta Robert Symonds
Kai Opaka Camille Saviola
Molly O'Brien Hana Hatae
Akorem Laan Richard Libertini

Rules Of Engagement

Stardate 49665.2: Worf is prosecuted by the Klingons for having deliberately destroyed a Klingon passenger ship while in command of the Defiant.

Ch'Pok Ron Canada
T'Lara Deborah Strang
Helm Officer Cristopher Michael

Hard Time

No Log: An alien race implants false memories of a prison sentence into O'Brien's mind, making him think he's been imprisoned for twenty years. He starts to go over his life, and feels guilty for the fellow inmate who didn't survive their incarceration.

Ee'char Craig Wasson
Keiko O'Brien Rosalind Chao
Rinn Margaret Rose
Molly O'Brien Hana Hatae
Muniz F J Rio

Shattered Mirror

No Log: The third of the series' crossover stories in which an evil Worf now presides over the mirror universe, and he plans to destroy the real DS9. Jennifer Sisko crosses over to kidnap Jake and force his father to help the human resistance in the mirror universe.

Garak Andrew Robinson
Jennifer Sisko Felicia M Bell
Nog Aron Eisenberg
Klingon Officer Carlos Carrasco

The Muse

Stardate 49702.2: Lwaxana Troi arrives on the station heavily pregnant and running away from her husband. She, inevitably, turns to Odo for comfort and protection. Jake Sisko meets a mysterious woman with a predilection for artists. His writing skills immediately attract her.

Lwaxana Troi Majel Barrett
Onaya Meg Foster
Jeyal Michael Ansara

For The Cause

Stardate 49729.8: Sisko begins to worry about Kassidy Yates' activities when he starts to suspect she may be a member of the Maquis, and is passing information to them gained from him.

Kassidy Yates Penny Johnson
Garak Andrew Robinson
Lt Eddington Ken Marshall
Ziyal Tracy Middendorf

To The Death

Stardate 49904.2: After a vicious attack on DS9, Sisko finds himself having to become temporary allies to the Jem'Hadar to prevent a renegade group running amuck.

Omet'iklan Clarence Williams
Toman'torax Brian Thompson

The Quickening

No Log: Dax and Bashir visit a planet in the Gamma Quadrant where the entire population are destined to die from a genetic disease released in a biological war.

Trevean Michael Sarrazin
Ekoria Ellen Wheeler

Body Parts

No Log: A runabout accident leaves pregnant Keiko injured, and Bashir is forced to transfer the baby into Kira's womb. Quark believes he is dying, and auctions his body.

Rom Max Grodénchik
Nog Aron Eisenberg
Keiko O'Brien Rosalind Chao
Garak Andrew J Robinson
Molly O'Brien Hana Hatae

Broken Link

Stardate 49962.4: A mysterious illness cuts Odo down and only a trip to the Founder's new homeworld can save his life. As the Klingons offer their final threats to the Federation, pushing for war, Sisko takes the Defiant into Dominion space where Odo learns that his misfortune is less than coincidental.

Garak Andrew J Robinson
Gowron Robert O'Reilly
Female Shapeshifter Salome Jens
Amat'igan Andrew Hawkes
With: Jill Jacobson and Leslie Bevis


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