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Season One

Broken Bow (Part 1)

No Starlog: The starship Enterprise is ready for its first interstellar mission. That mission arrives in the form of a Klingon on the run from the Suliban - genetically engineered mercenaries. Archer is given the task of returning the Klingon home, but he is lumbered with a Klingon science officer, and he's not sure if he can trust her. (Starfleet officers Williams, Leonard and Forrest were a nod of recognition to William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and DeForest Kelley, from the original Star Trek.)

Commander Williams Jim Fitzpatrick
Admiral Forrest Vaughn Armstrong
Doctor Zefram Cochrane James Cromwell
Soval Gary Graham
Klaang Tom "Tiny" Lister
Admiral Leonard Jim Beaver
TOS Thomas Kopache
Crewman Byron Thames
Carlos Ricky Luna
Crewman Fletcher Jason Grant Smith

Broken Bow (Part 2)

Starlog Date 16th April 2151: Archer seems to have become involved in some kind of temporal war. Gaining a few allies along the way he and his crew manage to rescue their Klingon guest and return him home. In doing so, they gain a small mark of respect from the Klingon High Command. Satisfied with the performance of his ship and crew, Archer heads them off into uncharted territory (well, it's mostly on the Vulcan charts, but it's uncharted by human terms).

(Cast as before)

Fight Or Flight

Starlog Date 6th May 2151: Two weeks into their voyage of discovery and the crew of the Enterprise have made no first contacts of note. Then they find a drifting ship with apparent weapons damage and a dead crew who are being drained. The sight of these corpses causes Hoshi to voice doubts about her suitability for space flight. Her confidence is severely dented, and it takes a life or death confrontation with the perpetrators of the massacre to persuade her that she does have a great deal of worth.

Alien Captain Jeff Rickets
Crewmen Brett Baker and Max Williams

The Andorian Incident

No Starlog: Now nine weeks and four days into their voyage, Archer visits a Vulcan monastery only to find it has been taken over by paranoid, hostile Andorians. Good-humoured needling between Trip and T'Pol continues as the captain is tortured while the Andorians try to discover the whereabouts of secret Vulcan monitoring equipment they claim exists. A diplomatic incident follows which could kickstart the humans' reputation for honesty.

Shran Jeffrey Combs
Vulcan Elder Bruce French
Tholos Steven Dennis
Keval Jeff Ricketts
Vulcan Richard Tanner
Tactical Crewman Jamie McShane

Strange New World

No Starlog: An away team embark on a mission to an apparently uninhabited planet, and some decide they should stay over for the night. Without knowing, they are exposed to hallucinogens when a storms blows in, and a tense situation follows between Trip and T'Pol when the humans in the team spot "rock people" living in the walls of the caves within which they are seeking refuge. (The character of Crewman Cutler later appeared in the episodes Dear Doctor, and Two Days And Two Nights.)

Elizabeth Cutler Kellie Waymire
Ethan Novakovich Henri Lubatti
Crewman Rey Gallegos


No Starlog: After aiding an alien ship with a power problem, Trip shares a friendly encounter with one of the alien ship's female engineers. Along the way he witnesses the first holodeck, a bit of a technological wonder by Earth standards. A few days later he finds himself in a bit of a shock predicament - he's pregnant, the first human male to become so. It means tracking down the alien ship, but some unwelcome and hostile Klingon intervention may spoil things.

Ah'Len Julianne Christie
Trena'L Randy Oglesby
Klingon Captain Christopher Darga
Klingon First Officer Regi Davis
Alien Man T L Kolman

Terra Nova

No Starlog: Enterprise investigates a human colony which has been lost for seventy years. What Captain Archer finds is a devastated and abandoned colony. Then, heading underground, he and the away team discover the colony's few surviving descendants, frightened cave-dwellers who are slowly dying. Archer must convince them he can move them to a location on the planet where they will be able to survive, but they think that people from Earth attacked their parents in the first place, so trust is not forthcoming.

Jamin Erick Avari
Nadet Mary Carver
Athan Brian Jacobs
Akary Greville Henwood

Breaking The Ice

No Starlog: While the crew researches a newly discovered comet, Archer has to deal diplomatically with a Vulcan starship which has been shadowing them. He feels the Vulcans are just waiting for the humans to make a mistake, and it is duly forthcoming when Reed and Mayweather become stranded on the comet when their shuttle crashes. T'Pol, undergoing a crisis of her own, decides to abandon her arranged marriage in favour of pecan pie and sharing the humans' voyage of exploration.

Vanik William Utay


Starlog Date 31st July 2151: Enterprise makes contact with a society on an eighteenth century level. As yet, Starfleet has no protocols governing such first contact situations, so T'Pol finds the captain a cornfield to land in. He, the Vulcan, Trip and Hoshi explore the nearby city to discover an alien incursion which threatens the natives' lives. Archer gains the help of the attractive Riaan, and shares more than he'd planned with her.

Riann Diane DiLascio
Garos Wade Andrew Williams

Fortunate Son

No Starlog: Enterprise meets with unexpected hostility when its crew aid an Earth freighter which has been attacked by pirates. The Nausicaans have been attacking the now outdated warp 1.8 cargo vessels for some time, and some humans are ready to fight back, seeing Starfleet's increasing presence as another obstacle to their former freedoms. With the captain of the Fortunate unconscious, the first officer, Ryan, decides to track a stricken Nausicaan back to its base.

Captain Keene Charles "Chip" Lucia
Matthew Ryan Lawrence Monoson
Shaw Kieran Mulroney
Admiral Forrest Vaughn Armstrong
Nausicaan Captain Danny Goldring
Nausicaan Prisoner D Elliot Woods

Cold Front

No Starlog: The crew come across a stellar nursery and some visiting pilgrims. Archer welcomes them on board, but one of their number is a saboteur. Luckily, Enterprise also has a time traveller masquerading as a ship's steward, and he is there to help the captain. A battle ensues between the two mutually hostile sides in a cold war which continues from the pilot episode.

Daniels Matt Winston
Silik John Fleck
Captain Fraddock Michael O'Hagan
Prah Mantoos Joseph Hindy
Sonsorra Leonard Kelly-Young
Alien Pilgrim Lamont D Thompson

Silent Enemy

Starlog Date 1st September 2151: With Reed's birthday approaching, Archer orders Hoshi to discover the armoury officer's favourite food, so that a celebration dinner can be organised. While Hoshi continually hits a brick wall in her mission, Enterprise is being tracked and attacked by an unfamiliar vessel. The ship refuses any hails, and destroys two recently launches sunspace amplifiers. Archer has to learn to fight dirty before he can gain the upper hand in the increasingly deadly combat. 

Mary Reed (Mother) Jane Carr
Stuart Reed (Father) Guy Siner
Madeline Reed (Sister) Paula Malcomson
Mark Latrelle John Rosenfeld

Dear Doctor

No Starlog: The crew find a planet inhabited by two humanoid species, one of which, the Valakians, is in need of medical and scientific assistance. They are suffering from a genetic disease that will destroy them in a few centuries and leave the lesser humanoid species to inherit the planet. With Doctor Phlox's intervention, Archer struggles with the decision to help or hinder nature. Phlox, narrating a long letter to a human correspondent who is practicing medicine on Denobulan, describes his efforts to aid the dying Valakians, and also the interest shown in him by the attractive Crewman Cutler.

Crewman Elizabeth Cutler Kellie Waymire
Esaak David A Kimball
Alien Astronaut Chris Rydell
Larr Karl Wiedergott

Sleeping Dogs

No Starlog: Reed, Hoshi and T'Pol enter a damaged vessel only to find it is Klingon. They are ambushed and their shuttle is stolen, leaving them, and the stricken ship, sinking towards the high gravity atmosphere of a gas giant. Archer has to try and persuade the Klingon woman they manage to capture that they can help each other and still retain Klingon honour.

Bu'Kah Michelle C Bonilla
Klingon Captain Vaughn Armstrong

Shadows Of P'Jem

No Starlog: Diplomatic repercussions from the Andorian Incident break out. Vulcan-Starfleet Joint Fleet operations are suspended and T'Pol is ordered off Enterprise. While on an away mission with her, Archer tries to persuade her to fight the recall while she's also fighting the local terrorists who have kidnapped them. When a group of Andorians help them and a group of Vulcans turn up, too, all hell threatens to break loose.

Shran Jeffrey Combs
Soval Gary Graham
Sopek Gregory Itzin
Tholos Steven Dennis
Admiral Forrest Vaughn Armstrong
Coridan Chancellor Barbara J Tarbuck
Traeg Jeff Kober

Shuttlepod One

Starlog Date 9th November 2151: Tucker and Reed are marooned in space in a damaged shuttlepod with limited air remaining and no way of reaching civilisation in time. Having seen what they think are the crashed remains of Enterprise, they must weigh up their options while they share their last few hours of oxygen together. (We also learn that there are still British, Italian, Serbo-Croatian, and North American cultural divisions on Earth.)

(No guest cast)


No Starlog: A very old model of Vulcan civilian vessel meets and greets Enterprise. "Vulcans without logic," its crew are practicing an existence without the total dependence on logic which most Vulcans strive to perfect. T'Pol is persuaded to partake in the experiment, but finds the experience disturbing, and is put off further trying it by the poorly masked anger in her Vulcan tutor.

Tolaris Enrique Murciano
Tavin Robert Pine
Admiral Forrest Vaughn Armstrong
Kov John Harrington Bland

Rogue Planet

No Starlog: Archer is mesmerized by visions of a woman who pleads for help in saving her race from a group of hunters. The small planet Archer's away team is visiting is used by a select band who visit regularly to hunt the local game. The two parties meet up, but Archer's continuing visions persuades him to try and prevent any more hunting. 

Woman Stephanie Niznik
Burzaan Conor O'Farrell
Shiraht Eric Pierpoint
Damrus Keith Szarabajka


No Starlog: In a story which rips apart established continuity (in that the Enterprise crew of The Next Generation state that no one has met a Ferengi), a Ferengi ship manages to disable Enterprise's crew and boards the vessel, with a view to stripping it of all valuable equipment. Only Trip manages to escape unconsciousness, and sets about winning Enterprise back.

Krem Jeffrey Combs
Ulis Ethan Phillips
Muk Clint Howard
Grish Matt Malloy


No Starlog: While exploring an apparently deserted crashed vessel on a desolate planet, the crew are haunted by ghostly figures. They find that some of the ship's crew seem to have survived. Just how many of them are actually real is something Trip, who gets close to the captain's daughter, Leana, has to find out, if he can weather a pointed ribbing from T'Pol.

D'Marr Tom Bergeron
Ezral Rene Auberjonois
Liana Annie Wersching
Kuulan Rudolph Willrich
Maya Claudette Sutherland


No Starlog: Archer and Mayweather unwittingly enter a restricted zone and are arrested by an alien race which is at war with the Suliban. Archer gets himself involved in how the captive, and mostly innocent, non-augmented, Suliban are being treated, and plans a prison break-out.

Colonel Grat Dean Stockwell
Sajen Christopher Shea
Narra Jessica D Stone
Danik Dennis Christopher
Major Klev David Kagen

Vox Sola

No Starlog: An alien organism invades the ship, ensnaring crewmembers in its web and absorbing them slowly. T'Pol and Hoshi try to communicate with it, while Reed just wants to fire things at it. Either way, its a race against time to save the captain and Trip.

Kreetassan Captain Vaughn Armstrong
Rostov Joseph Will
Kelly Renee Goldsberry

Fallen Hero

Starlog Date 9th February 2152: The Enterprise has to escort a Vulcan ambassador back home after she is accused of criminal misconduct. Chased by Mazarites criminals, Archer forces the ambassador to reveal the true reasons for her hasty exit, and must conduct a field test on the warp engines under emergency conditions as he is chased to his rendezvous with a Vulcan warship.

V'Lar Fionnula Flanagan
Admiral Forrest Vaughn Armstrong
Mazarite Captain John Rubinstein
Mazarite Official J Michael Flynn
Vulcan Captain Dennis Howard

Desert Crossings

Starlog Date 12th February 2152: Enterprise is back on course for Risa when Archer and Trip are invited to a desert planet by an alien leader who is classed a terrorist by the opposition government on his planet. The Enterprise crewmembers get caught up in the conflict and have to flee into the desert without any provisions.

Zobral Clancy Brown
Trelit Charles Dennis
Alien Man Brandon Karrer

Two Days And Two Nights

Starlog Date 18th February 2152: The crew finally make it to Risa (about 90 light years from Earth) and draw lots to see which half of them get to visit the planet. The doctor attempts to hibernate for a couple of days, while Trip and Reed explore the livelier nightlife, Hoshi investigates new languages, and Archer is beguiled by a spy (see Detained). (Sadly, the actress who played Crewman Cutler, Kellie Waymire, passed away on 13th November 2003, at the age of thirty-six, of a previously undiagnosed medical condition.)

Crewman Elizabeth Cutler Kellie Waymire
Keyla Dey Young
Freebus Dennis Cockrum
Dee'Ahn Male Geoff Meed
Ravis Rudolf Martin
Dee'Ahn Female DonnaMarie Recco
Latia Male Stephen Wozniak
Rostov Joseph Will
Risan Man James Ingersoll
Alien Woman Jennifer Williams

Shockwave (Part 1 of 2)

No Starlog: After apparently causing the obliteration of an alien colony, Enterprise is ordered to return to Earth. Someone has violated the Temporal Accord - the colony was never supposed to have been destroyed - and the late Crewman Daniels isn't actually dead, he's part of the Temporal Cold War. Earth of the future is suddenly a devastated wasteland and Enterprise could be destroyed by a swarm of Suliban vessels.

Silik John Fleck
Daniels Matt Winston
Admiral Forrest Vaughn Armstrong
Humanoid Figure James Horan
Receptionist Stephanie Erb
Tactical Crewman David Lewis Hays

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