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Season Two

Shockwave (Part 2 of 2)

No Starlog: Archer, stranded in the 31st century, finds that the future has changed. Enterprise has been captured and boarded by the Suliban, and T'Pol is tortured for information. When Archer makes contact across the centuries with the imprisoned Enterprise crew, they begin to plot an escape which involves Hoshi and some narrow EPS conduits.

Silik John Fleck
Raan Keith Allan
Suliban Soldier Michael Kosik

Carbon Creek

No Starlog: T'Pol recalls over the captain's dinner how Vulcans first made contact with humans, well before the well-known meeting between than and Zephram Cochrane. T'Pol's great-grandmother, T'Mir, was second-in-command on a survey mission to Earth which crashed, killing the captain. The three survivors are forced to integrate with primitive humans to survive. After some months of this, one of their number may have become too close to some humans and decides to stay on Earth.

T'Mir Jolene Blalock
Mestral J Paul Boehmer
Maggie Ann Cusack
Jack Hank Harris
Businessman Paul Hayes
Stron Michael A Krawic
Captain Tellus Ron Marasco
Vulcan Captain David Selburg
Billy Clay Wilcox


No Starlog: Enterprise runs into a minefield. The aggressive defending ship declares Enterprise has strayed into a system controlled by something called the Romulan Star Empire, and must leave immediately, despite the damage the ship has suffered and the fact that it has another mine attached to its hull. Reed goes outside to dismantle it, but its defensive programming locks it more securely to the hull by sending a spike through Reed's leg, pinning him down. Reed is prepared to sacrifice his life to save the ship, but Archer won't hear of it. (While trying to free Reed, Archer notes that the England football team made it through to the World Cup Final. He doesn't mention the result, but surely 200 years is too long to wait for another win!)

Med Tech Tim Glenn

Dead Stop

No Starlog: A unique power source is discovered four days after Enterprise escaped the Romulan minefield. Archer and his crew come across an automated repair station which asks an apparently paltry fee in return for fixing all the ship's faults with technology way in advance of Earth's. But perhaps, for all this magnanimity, there is a hidden surcharge to pay.

(No guest cast)

A Night in Sickbay

No Starlog: Captain Archer's dog falls sick with a deadly alien virus after a diplomatic trip with his master to a new race of aliens. While Archer was trying to negotiate the trade of some badly-needed plasma coils, his dog also deeply offended the aliens by doing what comes naturally up against a sacred tree. The aliens demand a public apology while Archer nursemaids his sick dog. He also has to fight off sexual frustration in the form of dreams about the very attractive T'Pol.

Kreetassan Captain Vaughn Armstrong


No Starlog: A mining community is threatened by Klingons. They are taking the pick of the miner's deuterium and paying paltry prices. Archer is determined to put a stop to these bullies and begins to teach the reluctant miners how to fight back.

Korok Robertson Dean
Maklii Steven Flynn
E'lis Bari Hochwald
Klingons Wayne King and Peewee Piemonte
Tessic Larry Cedar
Q'Ell Jesse James Rutherford

The Seventh

No Starlog: Archer leaves Trip in charge of the ship. T'Pol has been given a second chance to capture a rogue Vulcan undercover agent whom she failed to capture some years ago. Although the mission is supposed to be top secret, T'Pol requests Archer's valued assistance. Perhaps more happened last time than T'Pol can remember, although these memories are starting to come back to her, and they are very disturbing...

Menos Bruce Davison
Huge Alien Vincent Hammond
Vulcan Officer Coleen Maloney
Vulcan Captain Stephen Mendillo
Dockmaster David Richards
Jossen Richard Wharton

The Communicator

No Starlog: Archer and Reed return to a pre-warp society on the verge of a war after the latter finds he's lost his communicator. The pair are almost immediately captured and try to pass themselves off as genetically-enhanced spies. Unfortunately, this earns them a death sentence. Trip tries to fix the captured Suliban pod so that he can mount an invisible rescue, although he also manages to make himself semi-invisible doing it.

Alien Barman Dennis Cockrum
Gosis Francis Guinan
Lieutenant Pell Tim Kelleher
Doctor Temec Brian Reddy
Soldier Jason Waters


Starlog Date 14th August 2152: As the ship heads into danger, the crew become irrationally obsessed with apparently simple tasks - apart from T'Pol, who takes responsibility for saving the ship from oblivion. Enterprise is heading towards a black hole which is flanked by a trinary star system, and the radiation is affecting their concentration.

Cunningham Matthew Kaminsky

Vanishing Point

No Starlog: A series of eerie events happen to Hoshi. She and Trip have to be evacuated from the ruins of an extinct civilisation by transporter. It's her first experience of this, and Hoshi doesn't feel at all right afterwards. The crew seem to be ignoring her, sometimes failing even to acknowledge her existence. Then she vanishes, and things get even weirder.

Crewman Baird Morgan H Margolis
Alison Carly Thomas
Hoshi's Father Keone Young
Aliens Gary Riotto and Ric Sarabia

Precious Cargo

Starlog 12th September 2152: Trip develops a fiery relationship with an exotic alien after he rescues her from kidnappers...although at first he's actually kidnapped alongside her, with Enterprise light years away and searching for him. Trip and Kaitaama escape their captors to take refuge in a swamp. Then Trip has his Captain Kirk moment with his beautiful companion...

Firek Goff Scott Klace
Kaitaama Padma Lakshmi
Firek Plinn Leland Crooke

The Catwalk

Starlog 18th September 2152: Aliens try to hijack Enterprise. Warned by a trio of aliens who are seeking refuge, Archer realises a storm front is approaching that the ship can't outrun. Archer decides the crew must take shelter in the heavily shielded catwalk for the next eight days. Then a technical glitch occurs and Trip heads back to Engineering to find an alien crew trying to power up the vessel. They seem to have a history of stealing ships in this way, and they are also chasing some fugitives, three individuals in total.

Tagrim Scott Burkholder
Renth Zach Grenier
Guri Aaron Lustig
Alien Lieutenant Brian Cousins
Alien Captain Danny Goldring
Female Crewmember Elizabeth Magness
Alien Crewman Sean Smith


No Starlog: Trip is stranded on the dark side of a moon and forced to work with an alien whom he cannot understand and who, initially, tries to kill him. The series does its take on the film Enemy Mine as Trip struggles to cope with life on the hostile moon. Once he has escaped from the alien's captivity, he sets about turning the tables and working out a way of surviving in the increasing heat. Enterprise does its usual job of tracking down its missing crewmember at the last moment, and rescuing him and his newfound friend from a heated death.

Khata'n Zshaar Brad Greenquist
Zho'Kaan Gregg Henry


No Starlog: The crew attend an interspecies medical conference, and Phlox sounds out the Vulcan representatives to try and secretly find a cure for T'Pol's ongoing illness. One of Phlox's three wives is on board Enterprise to help Trip set up a neutron microscope, but her attentions are very much on Trip himself. Unfortunately for T'Pol, the Vulcans discover she is infected with a disease spread by "unnatural" mind-melding. The first step towards some level of tolerance may have to be taken.

Doctor Oratt Michael Ensign
Feezal Melinda Page Hamilton
Doctor Yuris Jeffrey Hayenga
Doctor Strom Bob Morrisey
Vulcan Doctor Lee Spencer

Cease Fire

No Starlog: The Andorians are fighting off attacking Vulcans and are in danger of losing their battle. They call in Captain Archer to act as an intermediary in peace negotiations. The Andorians are claiming sovereignty over a moon which is strategically important to Vulcan. Archer is persuaded to take the Vulcan ambassador down with him in the negotiations, but their shuttlecraft is shot down...

Muroc John Balma
Andorian Soldier Zane Cassidy
Tarah Suzie Plakson
Telev Christopher Shea

Future Tense

No Starlog: The crew discover what appears to be a human corpse on board a strange, abandoned vessel. The vessel is also badly damaged, with no visible method of propulsion, and a sealed airlock. When Trip manages to gain access he finds the ship is bigger on the inside. The Suliban turn up and try and snatch the ship. Archer has to use the future database to discover the ship is from 900 years into the future. Then another claimant turns up, demanding the ship be handed over. Battle commences.

Suliban Soldier Cullen Douglas


No Starlog: Archer and Trip are arrested. The first anyone on Enterprise knows about this is when they find their abandoned shuttle. Archer and Trip have been charged with smuggling and are being transported to a penal colony. Just as Enterprise has managed to arrange for their release, a fellow prisoner stages a breakout which changes everything.

Prisoner John Hansen
Nausicaan Michael McGrady
Enolian Guard Brian Morri
Enolian Official Holmes R Osborne
Kuroda Mark Rolston
Zoumas Sean Whalen

The Crossing

No Starlog: The ship is engulfed by another, much larger, vessel which has no visible life signs aboard it. There is something, as is proved by an away mission. Trip has an experience which is out of his world. The vessel's occupants are an ethereal crew who can experience real life by inhabiting human bodies, displacing their own minds and consciousnesses. Initially cooperative, the beings become more and more enamoured of life aboard Enterprise, and start to plan a takeover.

Cook Steven Allerick
Crewmen Alexander Chance and Matthew Kaminsky
Female Crewman Valerie Ianniello
Rostov Joseph Will


No Starlog: Captain Archer is on trial for his life, but his defence counsel, an aged Klingon lawyer named Kolos, has no interest in the case. Archer has to persuade him to take an interest, and uncovers a once-active and well-meaning Klingon. Unfortunately, his best efforts only see a death sentence on Archer commuted to penal servitude for life in the dilithium mines of Rura Penthe. For his own outburst at such a sentence, Kolos is sent there for a year. Escape for one of them will be remarkably easy. (Kolos was played by the actor behind General Martok in Star Trek Deep Space Nine. Orak was played by John Vickery, Alit Neroon in several episodes of Babylon 5.)

Klingon First Officer Helen Cates
Kolos J G Hertzler
Duras Daniel Riordan
Asahf Victor Talmadge
Magistrate Granville Van Dusen
Orak John Vickery
Guard Danny Kolker
Cell Guard D J Lockhart


Starlog 10th January 2153: Trip tries to convince T'Pol to attend a screening of Frankenstein, while Mayweather takes the opportunity of a diversion to observe planetary volcanoes to pay an overdue visit to his parent, but before he can reach them he receives news of his father's death, with the latter's disapproval of his Starfleet career choice still unresolved. Travis' family aren't entirely welcoming of him either, especially when they hit trouble with raiders, and Travis' training comes to the fore.

Paul Mayweather Corey Mendell Parker
Rianna Mayweather Joan Pringle
Nora Nicole Forester
Juan Philip Anthony-Rodriguez
Alien Captain Ken Feinberg
Nichols Adam Paul

The Breach

No Starlog: Phlox helps an Antaran with a grudge when the latter is injured. All aliens are being forced to flee a planet which is closing its borders, and some departing ships are being fired upon to hurry them up. The grudge is a general and vitriolic one against Denebula and the war it waged against his people 300 years ago. It seems neither side has entirely forgiven or forgotten. Trip, Mayweather and Reed have to go pot holing to rescue a team of Denebulan scientists who don't know about the evacuation order, but the journey proves troublesome, especially when the departure deadline is fast approaching.

Zepht D C Douglas
Trevix Laura Putney
Hudak Henry Stram
Crewman Jamison Yang
Yolen Mark Chaet


No Starlog: Whilst exploring the edges of a hypergiant star, the crew meet a fellow team of explorers, the Vissians. They have more advanced technology than Enterprise, so they are able to get much closer to the star. The two crews get on well, exchanging information and ideas. Trip is especially intrigued by their mating habits when he is introduced to a cogenitor - a sexually neutral being without personality. While Reed is getting intimate, and Archer is testing his piloting skills, Trip is brewing a political storm by teaching the cogenitor to read. (The Vissian captain was much better known as Ambassador G'Kar of Babylon 5.)

Cogenitor Becky Wahlstrom
Vissian Captain Andreas Katsulas
Calla Larissa Laskin
Traistana Stacie Renna
Vissian Engineer F J Rio
Vissian Woman Laura Interval


Starlog 1st March 2153: Frozen Borg are discovered in Earth's Artic Circle and are removed to a Starfleet research centre. Their bodies have been buried for a century (remnants from the encounter in Start Trek: First Contact), but now they miraculously start to repair themselves and reactivate. Soon, the research team are absorbed into the Collective and a heavily-modified ship heads off into space with Enterprise ordered to stop it. That's easier said than done as the Borg cause chaos with their parasitical nature.

Male Tarkalean Mark Chadwick
Commander Williams Jim Fitzpatrick
Rooney Bonita Friedericy
Researcher Adam Harrington
Female Tarkalean Nicole Randal
Foster Paul Scott
Drake John Short
Doctor Moninger Chris Wynne

First Flight

No Starlog: Archer learns about the death of a former rival. Before the launch of Enterprise, A G Robinson was one of the few men to work alongside Archer in beating the warp 2 barrier, but AG was assigned captaincy of the first NX vessel over Archer. He then caused the disastrous failure of a warp 2 test which threatened the whole project with cancellation. Archer, determined not to give up on his and his father's dreams, flew an unofficial test to prove his father's warp engine worked, and gained AG's captaincy. The telling of the tale to T'Pol helps him work through his mixed emotions at the news that AG has died without gaining a new captaincy of his own.

A G Robinson Keith Carradine
Ruby Brigid Brannagh
Vulcan Michael Canavan
Security Officer John B Moody
Flight Controller Victor Bevine


Starlog 21st March 2153: Archer is captured by a bounty hunter, and T'Pol, just returned to Enterprise from a planetary survey, is stuck in the decontamination chamber with Phlox while they try to remove a persistent microbe. Archer's kidnapper has been hired by the Klingons, who were angered by his escape from their prison planet. The Klingons also sent a second bounty hunter and a battle ensues, after which Archer is handed over to the Klingons. The microbe effects T'Pol, freeing her from inhibitions and triggering Pon'Farr.

Captain Goroth Michael Garvey
Skalaar Jordan Lund
Kago-Darr Robert O'Reilly
Gaavrin Ed O'Ross
Klingon Warrior Louis Ortiz

The Expanse

Starlog 24th April 2153: Enterprise is recalled when an alien probe attacks Earth. The probe - sent by an unknown race called the Xindi - cuts a huge swathe of destruction from Florida to Venezuela, causing about seven million casualties. On his way back, Archer is waylaid by the Suliban, and receives a stark warning from the Suliban's mysterious controller from the future. Apparently, Earth is about to be destroyed after a rival future faction has attempted to contaminate the time lines. After being waylaid again by the Klingon Duras - trying to restore his honour - Enterprise finally arrives home, where Archer argues his case for locating the Xindi homeworld before the final attack begins. Trip returns to his home neighbourhood in Florida to find it was in the Xindi firing line and has been totally destroyed, along with his younger sister. Ready to locate the Xindi and fitted with extra armaments, Enterprise heads on its way into a dangerous void known as the Delphic Expanse, having to deal with Duras again before the Earth ship enters hostile space.

Duras Daniel Riordan
Silik John Fleck
Ambassador Soval Gary Graham
Klingon Council Member Gary Bullock
Suliban Controller James Horan
Captain Ramirez Josh Cruze
Klingon Chancellor Dan Desmond
Doctor Fer'at Bruce Wright
Klingon Crewmen David Figlioli and L Sidney


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