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Modern Britain

Railway Relics in 2015

by Peter Kessler, 23 May 2017

Leaf through some of the leftover odds-and-ends from the golden age of railways, spotted during railway walks or other trips around the country in 2015. These photos follow no particular order or geographical location. They are simply offered as they are discovered, along with a brief history or description. Please feel free to submit your own odds-and-ends photos to this collection, as they are more than welcome.




Main Sources

Conolly, W Philip - British Railways Pre-Grouping Atlas and Gazetteer, Fourth Edition, Ian Allen, London, 1965

Course, Edwin - London Railways: Then and Now, B T Batsford Ltd, London, 1987

Online Sources

Abandoned Lines and Railways

Clifton Rocks Railway

Railfaneurope.net Picture Gallery


Taunton Trains



Images and text copyright © P L Kessler except where stated. An original feature for the History Files.