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Finding Your Style as a College Student: 7 Tips That Work

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Most teenagers don't have a certain style yet. They pick up anything they like at stores, mix and match pieces to fit into trends, and use various peers and celebrity outfits for inspiration. But the catch is, this way, you probably would never find your style.

But why is finding your style important anyway? Well, in today's internet era, the value of a personal brand has grown exponentially. And college is the best time for you to choose your style that will associate with your personal brand because professional life starts right here.

You can opt for custom assignment writing services to have professional paper writers write my essay cheap or help you with other homework and free some time to explore styles.

So, if you are on your quest to find your style, read on!

7 Tips to Help You Find Your Style as a College Student

Understand Different Styles

Your fashion sense should align perfectly with your lifestyle, circumstances, and the way you wish to express yourself through style. The right kind of fashion elements can easily elevate your personality.

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Try to learn more about these styles:

  1. Classic
  2. Relaxed
  3. Dramatic
  4. Creative
  5. Rebellious
  6. Feminine
  7. Elegant Chic

Browse through platforms like Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram to look for styling tips and outfit inspo in the above categories. Determining what kind of personality you want to embrace would make it easy to pick out styles you want to experiment with.

Know Your Body Type and Choose a Style That Flatters It

Everybody is different with their distinct features and body types. With zillions of clothing styles, it might get difficult to choose the things you look best in. Hence, take a little time out to learn about what your body type is and look for style inspo for you accordingly.

There are many college influencers who share such styling tips and information. You can look up College Fashion, coco bassey, Justin Livingston, etc, for inspiration.

Check What You Already Have and What Style You're Most Drawn to

When you browse fashion styles and influencers, you would naturally find yourself drawn toward some looks more than others. Keep account of the outfits, color themes, and other aspects of styles that you like the most.

The next step is to tidy up your closet and separate clothing pieces that you can use to create new styles. And whenever you buy a new item, ensure that it aligns with your developed taste. It will prevent your budget drain from mindless shopping just like you save money by using promo codes while hiring an essay writer or a writing service. If you are looking for one now, check this essayservice.com review to find the right homework helper.

Add and Remove Elements According to Weather and Occasion

You would certainly need to style, keeping the weather and occasion in mind. Once you know your personal preferences well, you can easily modify your look as and when needed while keeping your style statement intact.

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For example, if your approach to dressing is classy and aesthetic, you can look for layering elements in neutral and pastel colors for winter and fall. Similarly, adding pretty, but not bold, prints and patterns for the summer and spring seasons would keep your style cohesive.

Ensure That Your Style Is Also Functional and Comfortable

One of the common mistakes students make is they often keep comfort and functionality aside to fit into fashion trends. Contrarily, comfortable clothes add a pleasing flair and confidence to your personality.

Your style should also not be deprived of functionality either. Wearing a bodysuit with high-waisted pants on a whole-day event will only add more struggle to your washroom runs.

Experiment With Hairstyles and Accessories and Pick the Best Ones

Graceful dressing is a combination of apparel, hairstyle, and accessories. So, pay equal attention to the way you do your hair and accessorize. You can experiment with haircuts and hairdos recommended for your face shape.

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Also, try to see what kind of accessories would help you elevate your fashion sense and enhance your personality. Also, ensure that it blends well with your overall lookbook and doesn't stand out weirdly.

Always Keep Your Basics Sorted

Basic pieces can come to your rescue when you can't decide on your outfit on any particular day. Invest in some good quality solid-colored tees, pants, tank tops, and overcoats.

When in doubt, opt for layering. You can throw a plaid shirt on a white tee, a printed shrug on a flared dress, or a blazer on a basic shirt for a dash of a professional look. If you pair wisely, you can rock an all-basics outfit effortlessly and still look the most stylish in the room.

To Summarize

Style is a journey that often upgrades as you grow, and so do your basic likes and dislikes. Shift to conscious shopping and pick items to add versatility to your wardrobe. Once you find your style, it will be easy to dress according to your mood, occasion, and weather while maintaining your personality.

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