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The History of Online Slot Gaming

Online slot games have been around for years and are enjoyed by millions of players every year. Ever since the internet really took off, online slots have been a mainstay in the gaming genre and haven't looked back. Each year there's more and more developers making slot games and publishing them online, meaning there's never been more choice for players than there is now.

Developers have started to introduce new ways of playing such as mixing with other games like bingo or adding new mini games within the slot game to add additional content. This wasn't always the case however as early in slot games life, the games were very basic with just standard paylines and reels and only the possibility to just spin without any additional content.

In this article we'll be taking a look at the history of online slot gaming, how this has changed over the years and what the online slot scene looks like today.

Different games

Originally, online slot games were what they said on the tin, simple short and sweet slot games that didn't do anything more. They had minimal pay lines and reels, with only one button to spin and that's it. In recent years, developers have created new games that bring the best from other games such as bingo.

This game is called Slingo and takes aspects from both slots and bingo to create a great fun game for players to play. The aim of the game is players will spin the slot machine as usual, however the numbers that are spun will be ticked off a bingo sheet. You'll be competing against other players and the first player to get all their numbers ticked off wins.

Better graphics

As peoples computers have increased in speed and power over the years, this means developers can increase the quality of their games as peoples computers are able to handle it. If you tried to play today's slot games on computers from ten years ago, you wouldn't have a chance. However these days, even peoples smartphones have the capability to run slot games meaning more players than ever are able to play.

This increase in technology can only be a good thing as it opens up the possibility for so many players, when years ago, families may not have been able to afford a family computer. Even most basic smartphones are capable of running the most high end and flashy slot games available. This gives developers more freedom to do what they want with games and not have to worry about players' technical restraints and not being able to play.

Developers have also started to introduce virtual reality slot games, meaning you can get the experience of playing in an actual casino from the comfort of your own home. This is a great addition as people who may want to experience a real life casino but aren't able to visit one can still get to experience it from home.

Additional content

Developers have started to introduce new content into their games to keep players interested. These additional pieces of content include such things as mini games within the slot game. For example players playing an Egypt themed game may be taken into an Egypt themed mini game such as running through pyramids or a game with hieroglyphics.

The aim of these mini games is usually for the player to earn additional items for their slot game such as additional spins, multipliers or even cash deposits. These keep the player interested and take them away from the slot spinning for a short break and breather, allowing them to focus on something else then come back to the slot game with a fresh mind.

These additional in game mini games are only possible due to the increase in technology and have only really come into games in recent years.

Bonuses and promotional offers

As more and more players start playing online slots, more companies have started to develop their own games. This means there is more competition between websites to attract players across. To entice players in, most websites will now offer promotions or bonuses when players sign up.

This is a great feature for players and it's one lots of people have taken full advantage of, securing multiple promotions from different websites.

Online slots have grown massively in recent years and there's no sign of it slowing down any time soon. With technology growing at its current rate, there's no end to what developers can bring to the table and add to slot games. With all the improvements over even the last couple of years, it's really exciting to see what new ideas and new features that they will be adding in the near future.

What's your favourite feature about slot games?

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