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How to Stay Safe Online & Enjoy Worry-Free Gaming

The internet has, in essence, connected people from around the world to both each other and different cultures and ways of life and moreover, allows individuals to discover as much information about a particular subject with a tap of the screen.

You will no doubt already be aware of the growing dangers surrounding cybercrime and hacking and personal internet users are at just as much of a risk of falling foul to these criminals as large international businesses.

With that being said, continue reading to learn how to keep yourself safe online and enjoy worry-free scrolling and gaming.

Social media

Whether you only sporadically check Facebook when someone has sent you a direct message or else you spend an inordinate amount of time maintaining your social media profiles on Instagram and TikTok, social media safety is essential.

Remember, contrary to what you may think, absolutely any piece of information, photograph, video or even results to an online quiz you share on your page no longer belongs to you and even the most stringent privacy settings are still relatively simple to hack.

Stay safe on social media by:
1. Using a completely different password for each platform
2. Never accept a friend or message request from someone you do not know
3. Always log out when you have finished a session
4. Never reveal any sensitive information (even in a private message to a friend) online

Online gambling

When registering for a new casino account, make sure you do your research and only play with an established and accredited gaming site, such as wolf winner casino.

Furthermore, as soon as you have successfully registered, you also need to make sure you set responsible gambling limits, which can either be a deposit limit on a daily, weekly or monthly basis or else a time limit whereby you will be automatically logged out.

Make sure any online casino you use has strong security measures in terms of data protection, comes with a fair play assurance and crucially, should you experience regular glitching or freezing of games, this is a sign that the game may be rigged.

Only ever use secure payment methods when depositing, the simplest and safest method being a credit card, as the payment is traceable.

Web browsing

Browsing the web can be a useful and educational exercise for everyone, from university students conducting research for their dissertation to film buffs initiating a deep dive for information on cast disputes behind the scenes.

Always use a secure internet connection and where possible, avoid using the internet on public Wi-Fi or if you have no choice, then look into installing a VPN (Virtual Private Network), which will encrypt the data sent over the unsecured network.

Unsafe web browsing can cause a huge range of financially and emotionally damaging problems, including cyberbullying, being scammed in a romantic context, identity theft, becoming the unwitting holder of illegal images and videos and serious breaches of your sensitive data.

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