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Churches of the British Isles & Europe

Welcome to the Churches section of the History Files. This section hosts a growing compendium of great photos, revealing audio recordings, and detailed text covering an increasing number of the churches of the British Isles on a region by region basis.

It also goes further afield, exploring the country of Estonia in depth, as well as highlighting several churches in other European countries.

Please feel free to submit your own photos, text, or sound recordings. You can find details of how to do this here: contact us.

The main index pages can be found here. From them you will be able to access all available regions or countries.

Churches Churches of Britain
A rapidly growing index of churches which aims to cover all denominations in the British Isles.

Churches Churches of Europe
An index of churches in the many countries which form Continental Europe with a special focus on Estonia.

A checklist of those churches in Britain and Estonia which have already been photographed is available. If the name of a church is not on the list, then it has not yet been photographed for inclusion.