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The History Files still needs your help. As a non-profit site, it is only able to support such a vast and ever-growing collection of information with your help, and this year your help is needed more than ever. Please make a donation so that we can continue to provide highly detailed historical research on a fully secure site. Your help really is appreciated.





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Browsers continue to be updated and, while it may not always be possible to meet the latest specifications at the drop of a hat, the History Files website will continue to be refined so that it offers the best possible browsing experience.

If your browser cannot display specific areas of the site - especially where audio or video media is concerned - error messages will inform you of this where appropriate.


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Firefox is the primary recommended web browser for use with this site, although Chrome will deliver almost exactly the same experience. Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge are both deeply flawed and are not recommended for use. Samsung Android native browsers usually shown the site as intended. Other browsers are also available although it has not been possible to test them.

If making sure that you have the latest version of your browser installed does not solve your viewing problem, or you are using a non-Windows platform such as Linux, then you may need to alter your security or JavaScript settings.

For more detailed help with this issue visit the page:

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The RSS feed which lists all of the latest site-wide publications is available throughout the History Files website, via the orange icon in the top navigation bar.

You can also subscribe to existing pages.

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Social bookmarking with popular sites such as StumbleUpon is now available for all pages in the History Files website.

As an example, simply click on the icon at the foot of each page to share that page or bookmark it in your online StumbleUpon account.

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