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The History Files

Archived Front Pages

The History Files has been online since the beginning of 1999.

1999-2002: In the early days changes to the front page were intermittent, while most of the work effort was being directed towards building the king lists. Lacking any real differences, these earlier pages are not particularly exciting to look at.

2003-2007: From 2002 regular changes began to be made to the new list of latest developments. Initially this list was placed at the foot of the page, but in November 2003 the front page was re-styled and the list was moved to the sidebar, beginning a style that remained in use for some years.

2007-2012: With the beginning of a large-scale overhaul of the entire site from the start of 2007 (something which continues into the present day as various developments in mobile browsing make increasing demands on page styling), and the advent of 'banner features', things became very different. Since then, there have been several new banner features per year - sometimes as many as two a month in 2007! - and the archives filled out as a result.

Look out for the beginnings of the 'sharing' toolbar at the foot of each page. It's certainly evolved since its first appearance on 04.03.2007!

2012-2017: This front page style was established at the end of 2012 (with the last new banner feature of that year), and continued in use until the end of 2017 with only minor changes. It proved very easy to edit - vital with a site so big and with such frequent updates.

2018-Present: The latest front page style is less of a revolution and more of an evolution. With the previous version having proved to be so amenable to updating, the same basic function was retained, but with some improvements in the way the most prominent links were displayed.


Archived front pages are indexed by year and date. Click on the link for a particular date and the page will open in a new window or tab. Unfortunately there are some gaps in the archives, noticeably for 2005 where front pages are completely unavailable. For much of that year the style used in 2004 was maintained, until it was replaced with a new style late in the year which was maintained throughout 2006.


Please note that some links on older pages may no longer be valid.

Some browsers may not display some older pages correctly, and some mobile platforms especially may have difficulty in rendering older pages properly. Mozilla Firefox seems to be the ideal method of viewing archived front pages, but even this may not render them exactly how they originally appeared.

Mobile users may see a white bar at the foot of the archive table instead of grey horizontal scroll bars. You can still use this white bar to scroll to the right and then return to the left.

Dates shown in blue are front pages taken from one of the mobile display versions.

* No front pages from 2005 (or much of 2004) are available. If you have access to any of these then please contact us.

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