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The History Files still needs your help. As a non-profit site, it is only able to support such a vast and ever-growing collection of information with your help, and this year your help is needed more than ever. Please make a donation so that we can continue to provide highly detailed historical research on a fully secure site. Your help really is appreciated.





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If you have any comments to make about the content on the History Files site, if you wish to request use of any of the material for your own work, or if you wish to contribute either a feature or data for the king lists, then please use this page to let us know.

If you wish to send us your photos of historical items for inclusion in a gallery or feature, please contact us first and we will let you know how best to do it.

For anyone who wishes to send in photos or audio to the new series, 'Churches...' or 'Castles', please visit the guidelines and contact page here.


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* If you have a feature or king list data to submit, please let us know the format your text is stored in: Word document, html page, text document, etc, and we will reply to you as soon as possible about how to send it.
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