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The History Files still needs your help. As a non-profit site, it is only able to support such a vast and ever-growing collection of information with your help, and this year your help is needed more than ever. Please make a donation so that we can continue to provide highly detailed historical research on a fully secure site. Your help really is appreciated.





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Contacting us about the churches and castles photo galleries

The 'Churches...' series of photo galleries and short features has aroused considerable interest and has resulted in many contributions. To make things easier for anyone wishing to send in their own photos or audio files, we've put together a few requirements for you.

At this point, you can either carry on reading, or skip to the contact form!


If your photos are suitable, they will appear in one of the galleries of church or castle photos. Historical information about the building will be included alongside them. Two or three good (landscape) photos for each church building would be ideal, plus its name and location and any relevant details and dates for the description. Landscape photos work best, but portrait shots are also acceptable. You will be fully credited for whatever we can use.

If you have audio recordings of church bells to go with your photos, these can be used on all gallery pages. AVI or MP3 formats are preferred. Video material can also be used on feature pages.*

Page formats

The page formats come in three styles, and your photos will appear on whichever is most suitable for them:

  • General gallery page: a gallery page of six or ten photos, usually with one or two individual images of each place of worship, along with historical notes on the building. This requires two or three good photos, but always take more if you can so that the best can be selected for use. Please note the name of the church and its location, so that if you don't wish to write your own notes, we can do it for you. Audio recordings can be added to the page.
  • Cathedral gallery page: a gallery page concentrating on one particular cathedral (or castle, manor house, palace, or even church). This requires between six and ten useable photos, so please take as many as you can so that there's a good choice to select from. Again, you can either write your own notes for each photo, or we can do it for you. Audio recordings can be added to the page.
  • Feature page: you can write an article, either long or short, concentrating on a single building. This will also carry a few of your best photos of the subject alongside the text. Video or audio can be added to the page.

Gallery and feature sample pages
These are sample pages showing a gallery page of ten photos (on the left) and a feature page (on the right)

All churches or other places of worship are valid, whether they are still in use or not, and whether they still exist or not - they all have some historical value. If you haven't any photos of picturesque churches and other buildings, why not go out and take some this weekend.


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