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The History Files has been online since the beginning of 1999.

In the early days changes to the front page were intermittent, while most of the work effort was being directed at building the king lists. Lacking any real difference, these earlier pages are not particularly exciting to look at. From 2002 regular changes began to be made to the new list of latest developments. Initially this list was placed at the foot of the page, but in November 2003 it was moved to the sidebar, beginning a style that remains in use to this day.

With the largescale overhaul of the entire site from the start of 2007, and the advent of 'banner features', things became very different. Since then, there has been at least one new banner feature per month - sometimes more - and the archives have filled out as a result.


Archived front pages are indexed by year and date. Click on the link for a particular date and the page will open in a new window or tab. Unfortunately there are some gaps, noticeably for 2005, where front pages are completely unavailable. For much of that year the style used in 2004 was maintained, until it was replaced with a new style late in the year which was maintained throughout 2006.


Please note that some links on older pages may no longer be valid. Google Chrome may not display some older pages correctly as these were published before this browser was available. You are advised to use Mozilla Firefox to view archived frontpages.

* No front pages from 2005 (or much of 2004) are available. If you have access to any of these please contact us.

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