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Napoleonic Europe

Armies of 1815

by Peter Kessler, 1 April 1999



The Anglo-Allied Army of 1815

Field Marshal Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington
Lt-General Sir Henry Pagett, Earl of Uxbridge
Colonel Sir William de Lancey (QMG, acting C of S)
HRH William Prince of Orange
Deputy: Sir Alexander Dickson, RHA
Asst: Lt-Colonel Sir Charles Broke

Foot Command: Colonel Sir George Adam Wood RA
Horse Command: Colonel Sir Augustus Frazer RHA

Colonel Charles Fox Canning (d.18th)
Colonel James Stanhope
Lt-Colonel Sir Alexander Gordon (92nd Highlanders) (d.18th)
Major Henry Percy
Captain Lord Arthur Hill
Sir James Shaw Kennedy
Colin Campbell

Staff of 1,240 (including Royal Staff Corps)


Commander of Intelligence: Colquhoun Grant
Military Secretary: Lt-Colonel Fitzroy Somerset
Commisary General: Thomas Dunmore
Deputy Inspector Medical Dept: Doctor John Hume
Ostend Transport Service: Senior Officer John Hill

Austria - General Baron Vincent
Prussia - Major-General Baron von Müffling
Russia - Pozzo di Borgo
Spain - General Alava

I CORPS (Strength 31,500 men, 64 guns)
II CORPS (Strength 27,250 men, 40 guns)
GENERAL RESERVE (Strength 23,000 men, 56 guns)
RESERVE CAVALRY (Strength 11,800 men, 30 guns)
HANOVARIAN RESERVE CORPS (Strength 9,000 men, 0 guns)
GARRISONS (Strength 13,000 men, 26 guns)

TOTAL:107,000 men, 216 guns



I Corps (Strength 32,369 men, 64 guns)
Commanded by Prince William of Orange
Chief of Staff: General Constant de Rebeque
ADCs: Sir Henry Webster (9th Lt Dragoons)
Lord March (Duke of Richmond's son)
HQ Guard: Guides te Paard (1)

1st British Guards Division: Major-General Sir George Cooke (4,995)
     1st Guards Brigade: Major-General Sir Peregrine Maitland (2,080)
     ADC: Ensign James Lord Hay (1st Foot Guards) (d.16h)
          2/1st Rgmt of Foot Guards (1) (Major Henry Askew)
          3/1st Rgmt of Foot Guards (1) (Major Hon William Stewart
                                                    with Captain F Powell)
     2nd Guards Brigade: Major-General Sir George Byng (2,295)
          1/1st Rgmt of Foot Guards (1) (Lt-Colonel MacDonnell)
          2/2nd Rgmt of Foot Guards (Coldstream) (1) (Major A G Woodford)
          2/3rd Rgmt of Foot Guards (1) (Major Francis Hepburn)
     Division Artillery: Adye
          Sandham's Foot Battery RA: 5 x 9pdr, 1 x 5.5" howitzer (395) (Cpt Charles F Sandham)
          2nd Horse Artillery Battery KGL: 5 x 9pdr, 1 x 5.5" howitzer (225) (Major Kühlmann)

3rd Anglo-German Division: Lt-General Count Charles von Alten (8,432)
     2nd (KGL) British Brigade: Colonel Baron Ompteda (d.18th) (2,147)
          1st Light Btn KGL (1) (Lt-Colonel L Bussche)
          2nd Light Btn KGL (1) (Major G Baring)
          5th Line Btn KGL (1) (ar. 420) (Lt-Col W B Linsingen)
          8th Line Btn KGL (1) (ar. 420) (Major Schroeder)
     5th British Brigade: Major-General Sir Colin Halkett (2,360)
          2/30th Rgmt of Foot (1) (Major Morris William Bailey)
          33rd Rgmt of Foot (1) (Lt-Colonel William Keith Elphinstone)
          2/69th Rgmt of Foot (1) (Lt-Colonel Charles Morice)
          2/73rd (Highland) Rgmt of Foot (1) (Lt-Colonel William George Harris)
     1st Hanovarian Brigade: Major-General Graf von Kielmansegge (3,315)
          Feld-Jäger Corps (2 cos) (321) (Captain von Reden)
          Leichte-Btn Lüneberg (1) (595) (Lt-Colonel von Klencke)
          Leichte-Btn Grubenhagen (1) (621) (Lt-Colonel Wurmb)
          Feld-Btn Bremen (1) (512) (Lt-Colonel Langrehr)
          Feld-Btn Verden (1) (533) (Major de Schkopp)
          1st Feld-Btn Herzog von York (1) (607) (Major Baron Bülow)
     Division Artillery: Williamson
          Lloyd's Foot Battery RA: 5 x 9pdr, 1 x 5.5" howitzer (395) (Major William Lloyd)
          1st Foot Battery KGL (215) (Captain A Cleeve)

2nd Dutch-Belgian Division: Lt-Gen Baron Hendrik George de Perponcher-Slednitsky (8,141)
Chief of Staff: Colonel van Zuylen van Nyevelt
     1st Brigade: Major-General W F Count de Bylandt (3,233)
          27th (Dutch) Jäger Btn (1) (809) (Lt-Colonel J W Gunebosch)
          7th (Belgian) Line Btn (1) (701) (Lt-Colonel F C Vandensande)
          5th (Dutch) Militia Btn (1) (482) (Lt-Colonel J J Westenberg)
          7th (Dutch) Militia Btn (1) (675) (Lt-Colonel H Singendonck)
          8th (Dutch) Militia Btn (1) (566) (Lt-Colonel W A de Jongh)
     2nd Brigade: Major-General HRH Prinz Bernhard von Saxe-Weimar (4,431)
          2nd Rgmt of Nassau (2) (89/2,738) (Colonel F W van Goedececke)
          2nd Rgmt Landwehr Btn (1) (Total included above)
          28th (Oranien-Nassau) Line Rgmt (2) (42/1,593) (Colonel the Duke of Saxe-Weimar)
          Nassau Volunteer Jager Co (169) (Captain E Bergmann)
     Division Artillery: Major van Opstal
          Dutch Horse Battery: 6 x 6-pdrs, 2 x 5.5" howitzer (219) (Käpitan A Byleveld)
          Belgian Foot Battery: 6 x 6-pdrs, 2 x 5.5" howitzer (258) (Käpitan E J Stievenaar)

3rd Dutch-Belgian Division: Lt-General David Henry Baron Chass‚ (7,146)
     1st Brigade: Colonel H Ditmers (3,088)
          35th (Belgian) Jager Btn (1) (605) (Colonel D P J Arnold)
          2nd (Belgian) Line Btn (1) (471) (Lt-Colonel J Speelman)
          4th (Dutch) Militia Btn (1) (519) (Colonel R van Heeckeren v. Molencate)
          6th (Dutch) Militia Btn (1) (492) (Lt-Colonel H A van Thielen)
          17th (Dutch) Militia Btn (1) (534) (Lt-Colonel N van Molz Wieling)
          19th (Dutch) Militia Btn (1) (467) (Major H Boellaerdt)
     2nd Brigade: Major-General Count A K J G d'Aubrem‚ (3,581)
          36th (Belgian) Jager Btn (1) (633) (Colonel Goethals)
          3rd (Dutch) Line Btn (1) (629) (Lt-Colonel E P L'Honneux )
          12th (Dutch) Line Btn (1) (431) (Colonel D O Bagelaar)
          13th (Dutch) Line Btn (1) (664) (Lt-Colonel F N L Aberson)
          3rd (Dutch) Militia Btn (1) (592) (Lt-Colonel F E Baron van Lawick von Pabst)
          10th (Dutch) Militia Btn (1) (632) (Lt-Colonel G F Brade)
     Division Artillery: van der Smissen
          Belgian Horse Battery: 6 x 6-pdrs, 2 x 5.5" howitzer (210) (Kpt C F Krahmer de Bichin)
          Belgian Foot Battery: 6 x 6-pdrs, 2 x 5.5" howitzer (267) (Käpitan J H Lux)

Corps Cavalry Division: Lt-General Baron Jean Alphonse de Collaert (d.18th) (3,655)
     1st (Heavy) Dutch-Belgian Brigade: Major-General Jonkheer A D Tripp (1,237)
          1st (Dutch) Karabineer Rgmt (446) (Lt-Colonel L P Coenegracht)
          2nd (Belgian) Karabineer Rgmt (399) (Colonel J B de Bruijn)
          3rd (Dutch) Karabineer Rgmt (392) (Lt-Col C M Lechleitner)
     2nd (Light) Dutch-Belgian Brigade: Major-General Baron C E de Ghigny (1,086)
          4th (Dutch) Light Dragoon Rgmt (647) (Lt-Colonel J C Reno)
          8th (Belgian) Hussar Rgmt (439) (Lt-Colonel Baron L L Pavivier)
     3rd (Light) Dutch-Belgian Brigade: Major-General J B van Merlen (d.18th) (1,082)
          5th (Belgian) Light Dragoon Rgmt (441) (Lt E A J G de Merex )
          6th (Dutch) Hussar Rgmt (641) (Lt-Colonel W F Bereel)
     Division Artillery
          Dutch Horse Half-Battery: 3 x 6pdr, 1 x 5.5" howitzer (120) (Käpitan A Petter)
          Dutch Horse Half-Battery: 3 x 6pdr, 1 x 5.5" howitzer (121) (Kpt A R W Geij van Pittius)



II Corps (Strength 27,250 men, 40 guns)
Commanded by Lieutenant-General Lord Rowland Hill
ADC: Captain Horace Churchill (1st Foot Guards)

2nd Anglo-German Division: Lt-General Sir Henry Clinton (8,153)
     British Light Brigade: Major-General Frederick Adam (3,002)
          1/52nd Rgmt of Foot (1) (Lt-Colonel Sir John Colborne)
          1/71st (Highland) Rgmt of Foot (1) (Lt-Colonel Thomas Reynell)
          2/95th Rgmt of Rifles (1) (549) (Colonel Sir Andrew F Barnard)
          3/95th Rgmt of Rifles (1) (inc Kincaid)
     1st British Brigade: Colonel C G A du Plat (d.18th) (2,168)
          1st Line Btn KGL (1) (ar. 420) (Major W Robertson)
          2nd Line Btn KGL (1) (ar. 420) (Lt-Colonel J C von Schroder)
          3rd Line Btn KGL (1) (ar. 420) (Lt-Colonel F de Wissell)
          4th Line Btn KGL (1) (ar. 420) (Major F Reb)
     3rd Hanovarian Brigade: Colonel Hew Halkett (2,541)
          Landwehr Btn Bremervörde (1) (632) (Lt-Colonel Schulenberg)
          Landwehr Btn Osnabrück (1) (612) (Major Count Munster)
          Landwehr Btn Quackenbrück (1) (588) (Major Baron C W von dem Hunefeldt)
          Landwehr Btn Salzgitter (1) (622) (Major von Hammerstein)
     Division Artillery: Gold
          Bolton's Foot Battery RA: 5 x 9pdr, 1 x 5.5" howitzer (217) (Captain Samuel Bolton)
          1st Horse Battery KGL: 5 x 9pdr, 1 x 5.5" howitzer (225) (Major A Sympher)

4th Anglo-German Division: Lt-General Sir Charles Colville (8,322)
     4th British Brigade: Colonel Harry Mitchell (2,030)
          3/14th Rgmt of Foot (1) (Lt-Colonel Francis Skelly Tidy)
          1/23rd Rgmt of Foot (1) (Lt-Colonel Sir Henry W Ellis)
          1/51st Rgmt of Foot (1) (Lt-Colonel Hugh Henry Mitchell)
     6th British Brigade: Major-General Johnstone (2,639)
          2/35th Rgmt of Foot (1) (Major C McAllister)
          1/54th Rgmt of Foot (1) (Lt-Colonel J Earl Waldergrave)
          1/59th Rgmt of Foot (1) (Colonel Austin)
          1/91st Rgmt of Foot (1) (Lt-Colonel Sir W Douglas)
     6th Hanovarian Brigade: Major-General Sir James Lyon (3,146)
          Feld-Btn Lauenburg (1) (553) (Lt-Colonel Benort)
          Feld-Btn Calenburg (1) (634) (Major Schnehen)
          Landwehr Btn Nienburg (1) (625) (Major Hollenfer)
          Landwehr Btn Hoya (1) (629) (Lt-Colonel Grote)
          Landwehr Btn Bentheim (1) (608) (Major Croupp)
     Division Artillery: Hawker
          Brome's Foot Battery RA: 5 x 9pdr, 1 x 5.5" howitzer (269) (Brome)
          Hanovarian Foot Battery: 5 x 9pdr, 1 x 5.5" howitzer (238) (Rettburg)

1st Dutch-Belgian Division: Gen Stedman (HRH Prince William C Frederick nominal CO) (6,389)
     1st Brigade: Major-General B d'Hauw (3,469)
          16th (Dutch) Jager Btn (1) (Lt-Colonel S R van Hulstein)
          4th (Belgian) Line Btn (1) (Lt-Colonel E de Man)
          6th (Dutch) Line Btn (1) (Lt-Colonel P A Twent)
          9th (Dutch) Militia Btn (1) (Lt-Colonel) J J Simons)
          14th (Dutch) Militia Btn (1) (Lt-Colonel W Poolman)
          15th (Dutch) Militia Btn (1) (Lt-Colonel P C Colthoff)
     2nd Brigade: Major-General D J de Eerens (3,168)
          18th (Dutch) Jager Btn (1) (Lt-Colonel Prince van Aremberg)
          1st (Belgian) Line Btn (1) (Lt-Colonel W Kuijek)
          1st (Dutch) Militia Btn (1) (Lt-Colonel F A Guicherit)
          2nd (Dutch) Militia Btn (1) (Lt-Colonel A W Senn van Bazel)
          18th (Dutch) Militia Btn (1) (Lt-Colonel F W van Ommeren)
     Division Artillery: Käpitan P Wynands
          Dutch Foot Battery: 6 x 6-pdrs, 2 x 5.5" howitzer (Käpitan P Wynands)

Independent Indonesian Brigade: Lt-Gen CHW Anthing (HRH Prince Frederick nom CO) (3,583)
          5th (Dutch Colonial) Rgmt (2) (Major-General G M Bosman)
          10th West Indian Jager Btn (1) (Colonel H W Rancke)
          11th West Indian Jager Btn (1) (Lt-Colonel F Knotzer)
          1st Flank Btn (European Cos of 19th-24th Btns East India Rgmts) (1) (Lt-Col W Schenck)
      Brigade Artillery
          Dutch Foot Battery: 6 x 6-pdrs, 2 x 5.5" howitzer

Corps Cavalry (Attached to the cavalry reserve at Waterloo)
     1st Hanovarian Cavalry Brigade: Colonel Baron Estorff (1,747)
          Husaren-Rgmt Prinz Regent (4) (596) (Lt-Colonel Kielmansegge)
          Husaren-Rgmt Bremen-Verden (4) (589) (Colonel Bussche)
          Husaren-Rgmt Herzog von Cumberland (4) (497) (Colonel Hacke)



General Reserve (Strength 23,000 men, 56 guns)
Commanded by The Duke of Wellington

5th Anglo-German Division: Lt-General Sir Thomas Picton (d.18th) (6,925)
Chief of Staff: General Gomm
ADCs: Major J Tyler, Captain Newton Chambers, Ensign Rees Howitzerell Gronow
     8th British Brigade: Lt-General Sir James Kempt (1,990)
          1/28th Rgmt of Foot (1) (557) (Lt-Colonel Sir Charles P Belson)
          1/32nd Rgmt of Foot (1) (662) (Lt-Colonel John Hicks)
          1/79th (Highland) Rgmt of Foot (1) (703) (Lt-Colonel Neil Douglas)
          1/95th Rgmt of Rifles (1) (Lt-Colonel Sir Andrew F Barnard)
     9th British Brigade: Major-General Sir Denis Pack (1,765)
          3/1st Rgmt of Foot (1) (604) (Major Colin Campbell)
          1/42nd (Highland) Rgmt of Foot (1) (526) (Colonel Sir Robert Macara d.16th)
          2/44th Rgmt of Foot (1) (455) (Lt-Colonel Gregory)
          1/92nd (Highland) Rgmt of Foot (1) (588) (Lt-Colonel John Cameron)
     5th Hanovarian Brigade: Colonel von Vincke (2,670)
          Landwehr Btn Hameln (1) (669) (Major von Strube)
          Landwehr Btn Gifhorn (1) (617) (Major G von Hammerstein)
          Landwehr Btn Peine (1) (611) (Major Westphalen)
          Landwehr Btn Hildesheim (1) (617) (Major von Rheden)
     Division Artillery: Heisse
          Roger's Foot Battery RA: (263) (Major Rogers)
          Hanovarian Foot Battery: 4 x 9-pdrs, 2 x 5.5" howitzer (Hauptmann von Rettberg)*
                    *(Possibly exchanged for Brown's bty of the Hanovarian Reserve)

6th Anglo-German Division: Lt-General Sir Galbraith Lowry Cole (Lambert) (6,136)
Assist QMG: Sir Harry Smith
     10th British Brigade: Major-General Sir John Lambert (2,808)
          1/4th Rgmt of Foot (1) (Lt-Colonel Francis Brooke)
          1/27th Rgmt of Foot (1) (Captain John Hare)
          1/40th Rgmt of Foot (1) (Major Arthur R Heyland)
          2/81st Rgmt of Foot (1) (Commander not known)
     4th Hanovarian Brigade: Oberst Best (2,669)
          Landwehr Btn Verden (1) (621) (Major de Decken)
          Landwehr Btn Lüneberg (1) (624) (Lt-Colonel de Ramdohr)
          Landwehr Btn Osterode (1) (677) (Major Baron Reden)
          Landwehr Btn Münden (1) (660) (Major de Schmidt)
     Division Artillery: Bruckmann
          Unett's Foot Battery RA: 5 x 9pdr, 1 x 5.5" howitzer (264) (Major George Unett)
          Sinclair's Foot Battery RA: 5 x 9pdr, 1 x 5.5" howitzer (395) (Captain James Sinclair)

British Reserve Artillery: Drummond (1,545)
          Morrison's Foot Battery RA: 4 x 18pdr (395) (Captain Morrison)*
          Hutchesson's Foot Battery RA: 4 x 18pdr (395) (Captain Thomas Hutchesson)**
          Ilbert's Foot Battery RA: 4 x 18pdr (395) (Captain Ilbert)**
          Ross' Horse Battery RHA: 5 x 9pdr, 1 x 5.5" howitzer (180)
                    (The Chestnut Troop) (Lt-Colonel Sir Hew D Ross)
          Bean's Horse Battery RHA: 5 x 9pdr, 1 x 5.5" howitzer (180) (Major George Bean, d.18th)
                      * Not used at all during the campaign.
                    ** Not used at Waterloo.

Independent Nassau Brigade
Detached from Hanoverian Reserve: Major-General A H E von Kruse (2,974)
          1st Rgmt of Nassau (2) (71/2,974) (Oberst von Steuben)
          1st Rgmt Landwehr Btn (1) (Total included above)
     Brunswick Division: William Duke of Brunswick (d.16th) (7,570)
     Second-In-Command: Oberst Olfermann
     ADC: Major von Wachholtz
          Avantgarde: Major von Rauschenplatt (690)
          Gelernte Jäger (2 cos)
          Leichte-Infanterie (2 cos)
          Leichte-Infanterie-Brigade: Colonel von Buttlar (2,965 or 3,455)
          Leib-Bataillon (1) (Major von Prostler)
          1st Leichte-Infanterie-Btn (1)
          2nd Leichte-Infanterie-Btn (1)
          3rd Leichte-Infanteri-Btn (1)
          Linien-Infanterie-Brigade: Specht (2,075)
          1st Linien-Infanterie-Btn (1) (Major Metzner)
          2nd Linien-Infanterie-Btn (1)
          3rd Linien-Infanterie-Btn (1)
     Cavallerie-Brigade: Major von Cramm (979)
          Husaren-Regiment (727) (Major Cramm)
          Uhlanen-Escadron (1) (246) (Major Pott)
     Division Artillery: Mahn
          Feld-Artillerie-Battery: 8 x 6pdrs (205) (Major von Moll)
          Chevau-Artillerie-Battery: 8 x 6pdrs (167) (Captain von Heinemann)
          Artillerie Train
          Polizei Husaren (1 commando) (17)



Reserve Cavalry (Strength 11,800 men, 30 guns)
Commanded by Lt-General Lord Henry Paget, Earl of Uxbridge
ADCs: Captain Horace Seymour (60th Rifles)
Captain Wedderbun-Webster (9th Lt Dragoons)
     1st Household Brigade: Major-General Lord Edward Somerset (1,416)
          1st Rgmt of Life Guards (228) (Lt-Colonel Samuel Ferrion)
          2nd Rgmt of Life Guards (231) (Lt-Colonel Hon Edward P Lygon)
          The Rgmt of Royal Horse Guards (The Blues) (237) (Lt-Colonel Sir Robert C Hill)
          1st Rgmt of Dragoon Guards (530) (Lt-Colonel William Fuller)
     2nd Union Brigade: Major-General Hon Sir William Ponsonby (d.18th) (1,369)
     ADC: Major De Lacy Evans
          1st Rgmt of Dragoons (3) (394) (Lt-Colonel Arthur B Clifton)
          2nd Rgmt of Dragoons (Royal Scots Greys) (3) (391) (Lt-Colonel James I Hamilton)
          6th Rgmt of Dragoons (3) (396) (Lt-Colonel Joseph Muter)
     3rd (Light) Brigade: Major-General Sir William B Dörnberg (1,485)
          23rd Rgmt of Light Dragoons (Lt-Colonel the Earl of Portarlington)
          1st Rgmt of Light Dragoons KGL (Lt-Colonel J Bülow)
          2nd Rgmt of Light Dragoons KGL (Lt-Colonel C de Jonquieres)
     4th (Light) Brigade: Major-General Sir John Ormsby Vandeleur (1,337)
          11th Rgmt of Light Dragoons (Lt-Colonel James Wallace Sleigh)
          12th Rgmt of Light Dragoons (Lt-Colonel Hon Frederick C Ponsonby)
          16th Rgmt of Light Dragoons (Lt-Colonel James Hay)
     5th (Light) Brigade: Major-General Sir Colquhoun Grant (1,495)
          7th Rgmt of Hussars (Lt-Colonel Sir Edward Kerrison)
          15th Rgmt of Hussars (Lt-Colonel Leighton C Dalrymple)
          2nd Rgmt of Hussars KGL (Lt-Colonel Lingingen)
     6th (Light) Brigade: Major-General Sir Hussey Vivian (1,615)
     ADC: Captain Arthur Shakespear (10th Hussars)
          10th Rgmt of Hussars (Lt-Colonel George Quentin)
          18th Rgmt of Hussars (Lt-Colonel Hon Henry Murray)
          1st Rgmt of Hussars KGL (Lt-Colonel A Wissell)
     7th (Light) Brigade: Colonel Sir F V Arentschildt (1,331)
          13th Rgmt of Light Dragoons (Lt-Colonel Patrick Doherty)
          3rd Rgmt of Hussars KGL (Lt-Colonel F L Meyer)
     Reserve Horse Artillery: Lt-Colonel A MacDonald
          Webber-Smith's Horse Battery RHA: 5 x 6pdr, 1 x 5.5" howitzer (107)
                     (Lt-Colonel James W-Smith)
          Gardiner's Horse Battery RHA: 5 x 6pdr, 1 x 5.5" howitzer (180)
                     (Lt-Colonel Sir Robert Gardiner)
          Mercer's Horse Battery RHA: 5 x 9pdr, 1 x 5.5" howitzer (180)
                     (Captain Alexander Cavalié Mercer)
          Bull's Horse Battery RHA: 6 x 5.5" howitzer (180)
                     (Major Bull)*      *Credited with firing the first Allied shot at Waterloo.
          Ramsay's Horse Battery RHA: 5 x 9pdr, 1 x 5.5" howitzer (180)
                     (Major W N Ramsay, d.18th)
          2nd Rocket Troop RHA: 5 x 6pdr, 1 section Congreve Rockets (181)
                     (Captain Edward C Whinyates)


Hanovarian Reserve Corps (Strength 9,000 men, 0 guns)
Commanded by Lt-General von der Decken
(Detached to Garrisons. Not at Waterloo)
     1st Reserve Brigade: Lt-Colonel von der Decken
          Feld-Btn Hoya (1)
          Landwehr-Btn Mälln (1)
          Landwehr-Btn Bremerlehe (1)
     2nd Reserve Brigade: Lt-Colonel von Beaulieu
          Landwehr-Btn Nordheim (1)
          Landwehr-Btn Ahlefeldt (1)
          Landwehr-Btn Springe (1)
     3rd Reserve Brigade: Lt-Colonel Bodecker
          Landwehr-Btn Otterndorf (1)
          Landwehr-Btn Celle (1)
          Landwehr-Btn Ratzeburg (1)
     4th Reserve Brigade: Lt-Colonel Wissel
          Landwehr-Btn Hannover (1)
          Landwehr-Btn Uelzen (1)
          Landwehr-Btn Neustadt (1)
          Landwehr-Btn Diepholz (1)
     Nassau Contingent: General von Kruse
          (Detached to General Reserve)

Reserve Artillery
          Hanovarian Foot Battery: 4 x 6pdr, 2 x 5.5" howitzer (von Weiring)
          Hanovarian Foot Battery: 5 x 9pdr, 1 x 5.5" howitzer* (263) (Captain von Braun)
                    *Due to losses, the guns were replaced on 18th by 5 x 6pdrs



Garrisons (Strength 13,000 men, 26 guns)
          2/78th Rgmt of Highlanders (1)

Dutch Fortress Troops
          17th (Dutch) Jager Btn (1)
          8th (Dutch) Line Rgmt (1)
          9th (Dutch) Line Rgmt (1)
          14th (Dutch) Line Rgmt (1)
          15th (Dutch) Line Rgmt (1)
          11th (Dutch) Militia Btn (1)
          12th (Dutch) Militia Btn (1)
          13th (Dutch) Militia Btn (1)
          16th (Dutch) Militia Btn (1)
          20th (Dutch) Militia Btn (1)

Dutch Troops In Training
          21st to 47th Militia Btns
          29th to 32nd Swiss Infantry Rgmts
          33rd Depot Btn
          34th Garrison Btn


Exiled Bourbon French

The rather bad tempered and authoritarian Duc de Berri commanded a Bourbon Cavalry Corps which consisted completely of French deserters of all units and ranks who intended to fight for Louis XVIII's cause: cuirassiers, grenadiers á cheval and chasseurs, line dragoons and lancers, officers and privates, and some of the new garde du corps. All of them wore their proper uniforms and sat on horses from their own units, whatever the differences in size. Squadrons were led by generals, and populated by all ranks.



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