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Far East Kingdoms

South Asia


Eastern Chalukyas (Vengi Chalukyas)
AD 624 - 1075

The Chalukyas formed a powerful southern dynasty which was founded in 543. At its height between the sixth and twelfth centuries the Chalukya kingdom ruled large areas of central and southern India, mostly towards the western coast. During this period, they ruled as three related, but individual dynasties. The earliest dynasty, known as the 'Badami Chalukyas', ruled from their capital at Vatapi from the middle of the sixth century. The Chalyukan king, Pulakeshi II, conquered territory corresponding to the coastal districts of modern Andhra Pradesh from the Vishnukundina kingdom in 615, and appointed his brother, Kubja Vishnuvardhana, as viceroy. Kubja very quickly declared his independence, ruling the Eastern Chalukyas as a separate kingdom.

The Eastern Chalukyan capital was at Vengi and their dynasty lasted for around five hundred years from the seventh century until 1075, when the Vengi kingdom fell to the Chola empire. They originally had a capital at Vengi, near Nidadavole in the West Godavari district, but this was later moved to Rajamahendravaram (Rajamundry).

(Information by Madhu Nimkar.)

615 - 641

Kubja Vishnuvardhana

Chalukyan viceroy who declared independence.


Kubja Vishnuvardhana declares his independence from his brother's Chalukyan kingdom, ruling the Eastern Chalukyas as a separate kingdom.

641 - 673

Jayasimha I



In the north, the last great power there, the Thaneshwar kingdom, begins to break up after a former minister seizes the throne. Little of note occurs in the Vengi (Eastern Chalukya) kingdom during Jayasimha's apparently peaceful reign.

The temple at Simhachalam
The incredibly detailed and striking hill temple at Simhachalam shows both Orissan and Chalukyan influences


Indra Bhattaraka

Brother. Ruled for one week.

673 - 682

Vishnuvardhana II



The accession of Mangi Yuvaraja heralds the beginning of the end of a series of weak or ineffectual rulers, as the kingdom now has to face up to the increasing aggression of the Rashtrakutas, who not only threaten the main Chalukyan kingdom, but also overrun the Vengi kingdom several times and have to be repulsed.

682 - 706

Mangi Yuvaraja


706 - 718

Jayasimha II Sarvasiddhi



Kokkuli Vikramaditya

Younger half-brother. Ruled for six months.


There is a succession war between Kokkuli Vikramaditya and Vishnuvardhana III. The former seizes the throne and holds it for six months until challenged by his half-brother, Vishnuvardhana III. The two reach a compromise with Kokkuli being allowed to rule Ellamanchi in eastern Kalinga.

719 - 755

Vishnuvardhana III

Elder half-brother.

755 - 772

Vijayaditya I


772 - 808

Vishnuvardhana IV



The Rashtrakuta king, Govinda III, campaigns to the south, defeating the antagonistic Eastern Chalukyas.

808 - 847

Vijayaditya II


847 - 849

Kali Vishnuvardhana V


849 - 892

Vijayaditya III Gunaga

Son. Died childless so Bhima succeeded him.


Yuddhamala I

Brother. Briefly seized the throne from his nephew.

892 - 921

Chalukya Bhima I

Nephew of Vijayaditya III.


Vijayaditta IV


921 - 927

Amma I / Vijayaditya V

Son. Overthrown by Tala I.


Tala I

Son of Yuddhamala I. Seized the throne.

927 - 928

Vikramaditya II

Killed Tala and ruled for eleven months. Assassinated by Bhima II.


Bhima II

Brother of Vijayaditya V. Killed by Yuddamalla II.

928 - 935

Yuddamalla II

Son of Tala I.

935 - 947

Chalukya Bhima II Rajmartanda

Son of Vijayaditya IV.


Having lost much territory to the Eastern Chalukyas, the Rashtrakuta king, Govinda IV, is deposed by his own vassals.

Map of India c.AD 900
India of AD 900 was remarkably unchanged in terms of its general distribution of the larger states - only the names had changed, although now there was a good deal more fracturing and regional rule by minor states or tribes (click or tap on map to view full sized)

947 - 970

Amma II

Son. Briefly overthrown by Badappa and Tala II and later deposed.


Tala II

Briefly ruled after overthrowing Amma II.

970 - 973


Brother of Amma II. Killed by Jata Choda Bhima.


The Western Chalukyas revive their power by overthrowing the Rashtrakutas. In the eastern kingdom, civil war looms as the sons of Danamava contest the throne.

973 - 1000

Jata Choda Bhima

Brother-in-law of Amma II. From the Telugu Choda family.

c.1000 - c.1011

The king's younger brother, Vimaladitya, flees the kingdom and takes refuge in the court of the Chola king, Rajaraja I. Rajaraja invades Vengi on behalf of the sons of Danarnava, and Jata Choda Bhima is killed in the ensuing war. The Vengi kingdom passes into Rajaraja's hands, a fact that is not appreciated by King Satyasraya of the restored Western Chalukyas of Kalyani. As a result, Vengi becomes a bone of contention between the Cholas and the Chalukyas of Kalyani. Vimaladitya strengthens his alliance with Rajaraja by marrying Rani Kundavai, his daugher.

1000 - 1011

Saktivarman I

Son of Danarnava. Made king by the Cholas.

1011 - 1018


Brother. m Rani Kundavai, dau of Rajaraja I of the Cholas.

1018 - 1061

Rajaraja Narendra

A Chola.

1061 - 1063

Saktivarman II

Son of Vimaladitya. Died fighting off the Cholas.

1063 - 1068

Vijayaditya VII


1068 - 1072

The ruler of the Vengi kingdom is unknown during this period. It seems that Vijayaditya is deposed or otherwise forced from the throne, either through internal instability or external pressure. After four years, he manages to make some sort of recovery, and regains the throne.

1072 - 1075

Vijayaditya VII


1073 - 1075

Almost as soon as Vijayaditya restores his kingdom, it is invaded by the Chedi king of Dahala, Yasahkarnadeva. Vijayaditya's death in 1075 sees the end of Chalukya resistance and the kingdom is extinguished. It seems that much of the Vengi territory is absorbed by the Cholas for a time.

1088 - 1099

The Western Chalukyan king, Vikramaditya, conquers major portions of the former Vengi kingdom, attaching it to his own great empire until it is retaken by the Cholas in 1099.

1118 - c.1130

Vikramaditya manages to recapture the Vengi lands and hold onto them until his death. Shortly after the accession of his son, the territory is again absorbed by the Chola empire, although it seems that native Eastern Chalukyas may still govern the region under Chola protection and domination.


The Vengi territory is defeated by the Hoysalas and the Yadavas.

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