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Far East Kingdoms

South Asia


Silharas of Kolhapur (Karad / South Maharashtra)
AD 940 - 1212

The Silharas (or Shilharas) ruled the modern regions of Konkan, Satara, Kolhapur and Belgaum in India, and were divided from an early stage into three branches. One ruled North Konkan (near Mumbai, former Bombay), the other South Konkan (AD 765-1029), while the third ruled regions of Satara, Kolhapur and Belgaum between AD 940-1215 until they were displaced by the Chalukyas.

This, the third branch of the Silharas, was under the rule of Rashtrakuta king Krishna III (and governed in south Maharashtra). Their capital was Karad (later Kolhapur, with the hill fort of Panhala as their royal residence), and they worshipped the Goddess Mahalaxmi. Their loyalty initially lay with the Rashtrakutas, but this was later transferred to the increasingly dominant Chalukyas. Their official language was Kannada, anf they were mainly Shaivites (worshippers of Lord Shiva).

(Information by Abhijit Rajadhyaksha.)

940 - 960

Jatiga I

Founder of the South Maharashtra Silharas & Rashtrakuta vassal.

960 - 980


980 - 1000


1000 - 1020

Jatiga II


Jatiga defeats the Chalukyas and declares himself king, ruling from Fort Panhala at Kolhapur.

Fort Panhala
Part of Fort Panhala at Kolhapur

1020 - 1050

Gonka I

1020 - 1029

The Chalukya king, Jayasimha, takes direct control of the South Konkan kingdom and re-takes Kolhapur. Gonka accepts Chalukya suzerainty and retains his kingdom. He later captures Karad, Miraj, and parts of Konkan which are under Chalukyan overlordship.

1050 - 1075


Son. Ruled from Fort Kilagila as his capital.

1075 - 1085



1085 - 1100

Bhoja I


1100 - 1108


May have ruled alongside Bhoja for a time.

1108 - 1138


1138 - 1175



Vijayaditya defeats King Jayakesin II of Goa who had earlier defeated his Silhara counterpart of Thane. He assists Bijjala, the minister of his Chalukyan overlord, Taila II, to usurp power. But only after the death of Bijala is he able to become the undisputed king of Konkan.

1175 - 1212

Bhoja II


Bhoja is the last of the powerful Silhara rulers in Kolhapur. He is defeated by Singhana II of the newly dominant Yadavas.


Kolhapur becomes the capital of a minor Maratha state under the deposed and exiled Shivaji II, son of Raja Ram.

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