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Bloody British History

Selected chapters by The History Press

Bloody British History

Bloody British History


This section has been developed and published in cooperation with The History Press, The Mill, Brimscombe Port, Stroud GL5 2QG, England, and with their full cooperation. External link: The History Press.


The features listed here are sample chapters of titles published by The History Press. Not all chapters are available online, and each section is a title that may be purchased from The History Press.


Return of Napoleon Bonaparte

Waiting for Napoleon

CHELMSFORD: AD 1789-1815, Britain had to make preparations for a possible French invasion.

Arthur Wellesley MP

Run Over by a 'Rocket'

LIVERPOOL: AD 1830, a tragic claim to fame is linked to the duke of Wellington and Stephenson's 'Rocket'.

Pilgrims on the Mayflower

To Be a Pilgrim

PLYMOUTH: AD 1579-1620, surviving the ordeal of settling in the New World, which was far from guaranteed.

Drake's Island in Plymouth

Under Siege

PLYMOUTH: AD 1625, with King Charles I trying several failed schemes to rebuild his finances.