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Listed by author, title, and publisher where possible (1999-2012)



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A list of main sources up until 2012. From that point onwards, sources are shown in the respective pages only.




Archaeology Info

Visit the website.


BBC Science

Visit the Human Evolution section.

Hominid Evolution Summary

Gens Europæa

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Homo Floresiensis

Gens Europæa

Visit the website.


Smithsonian Museum

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Evolutionists vs Creationists


Visit the website.

Scarre, Chris (Ed)

Past Worlds - The Times Atlas of Archaeology

Human Origins section (Guild Publishing, London 1989).



Dunn, Christine

Britain in Old Photographs: Kent

Useful source of information and unusual views of landmarks (Sutton Publishing Ltd, 1996).

Freeman-Grenville, G S P

Atlas of British History

Covering the Roman Invasion to 1978 (Rex Collins, London, 1979).

Jessup, Frank W

Kent History Illustrated

Detailed overview with maps of Kent (Kent County Council, 1966).

Montague-Smith, Patrick W

The Royal Line of Succession

The British Monarchy from Cerdic to Queen Elizabeth II in genealogy trees covering the entire British Isles (Pitkin Pictorial Publications, 1986).

Smith, Lesley M (Editor)

The Making of Britain:
The Dark Ages

Good overview of Britain from the Romans to the Vikings. From a Channel 4 series in the UK, unlikely to be in print (Channel 4/Macmillan, 1984).


De la Bédoyère

Roman Britain: A New History

A fresh and fully updated look at Roman Britain and how the latest archaeological finds are influencing the interpretation of its history, along with maps, black and white and colour photos, and lists of governors, cities, and top officials (Thames & Hudson, London, 2010).

Salway, Peter

Roman Britain

Part of The Oxford History of England series. Detailed look at the Roman occupation of Britain and related events on the European continent. Essential reading for an understanding of the period (Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1986).

Spry, Nigel

Glevum - The Roman Origins of Gloucester

A detailed look at the early days of Gloucester, delivering a good, detailed overview of the rise and decline of the Roman city. Website no longer available.

Thayer, Bill

The Geography of Claudius Ptolemy

Book II Chapter 2 of an English language translation of the work covering details regarding the British Isles (Published in English translation by Dover Publications, 1991). Visit the website.


Alcock, Leslie

Aberford Dykes; the first defence of the Brigantes?


Burke, John

Roman England

The English Tourist Board's Discover England series. Good overview (Guild Publishing, London, 1983).

Celtic Devon

Dewnans Celtic Devon

A site dedicated to the Celtic heritage of Devon. Website no longer available.

Chadwick, Nora

The Celts

Overview of Celtic origins in Europe and Britain. Detailed look at Celtic progress and survival post-Rome (Pelican, 1971).

Delaney, Frank

Legends of the Celts

Many of the Irish and Welsh myths and legends told in modern form, including nine of the eleven Mabinogion stories (Grafton, 1994).

Egbers, John H

An Elmet Inquest: A Mystery of the Ancient Kingdom of Elmet

A dramatic novel involving fictional events within the factual background of the kingdom of Elmet in the sixth century. The book reproduces a map of Britain from the History Files itself (Yorkshire Publishing Group, 2011). The book, shown in the sidebar, right, can be purchased from Amazon via its website.

Faull, M L

Roman and Anglian Settlement Patterns in Yorkshire


Faull, M L
& Moorhouse, S A

West Yorkshire: An Archaeological Survey to AD 1500


Giles, J A / Gildas

De Excidio Brittaniae et Conquestu (On the Ruin of Britain)

Edited and translated, 1841. Published as part of Six Old English Chronicles (London, George Bell & Sons, 1900).

Giles, J A / Nennius

Historia Brittonum (The History of the Britons)

Edited and translated, 1841. Published as part of Six Old English Chronicles (Henry G Bohn, London, 1848).

Ingram, James

The Annales Cambriae

Taken from the Harleian manuscript, the earliest surviving version (London, Everyman Press, 1912).

Jones, G R J

Early Territorial Organization in Gwynedd and Elmet


McCarthy, Mike

Rheged: An Early Historic Kingdom near the Solway

An archaeological examination of the evidence of Rheged's existence either side of the Wall which, despite proposing that Rheged existed around the Solway alone, can give useful insight into the territory to the west of Carlisle (Proc Soc Antiq Scot 132 (2002), pp 357-381).

Monmouth, Geoffrey of

The History of the Kings of Britain

Translated with introduction by Lewis Thorpe (Guild Publishing London, 1982).

Myres, J N L

The English Settlements

Part of The Oxford History of England series. Essential detail on the settlement period (Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1986).


Historia Brittonum (The History of the Britons)

J A Giles, Six Old English Chronicles (Henry G Bohn, London, 1848).

Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland

Mote of Mark

Reports on the condition of and finds taken from this site, which was fortified in the sixth century and destroyed by fire in the seventh. Visit the website.

Silchester Insula IX

The 'Town Life' Project

A good introductory view of Calleva Atrebatum, the Roman civitas for the former tribe of that name. Visit the website.

Smith, A H

Place Names of The West Riding of Yorkshire


Stenton, F M

Anglo-Saxon England


Thomas, Charles

Celtic Britain

Excellent broad view of Celts today and from post-Roman period onwards. Part of the Ancient Peoples and Places series (Thames & Hudson, 1986).

Wood, Michael

In Search of the Dark Ages

Centring on key figures covering the whole age from Boudicca (SIC) to William the Conqueror. Good general introduction (Ariel Books / BBC, 1981).


Academy of Saint Gabriel Report 1338

Origin of the Name Colgrin

An examination of the name of Geoffrey of Monmouth's Saxon leader who fought against 'King' Arthur (1998). Visit the website.

Ashe, Geoffrey

The Landscape of King Arthur

A tour of Arthur's Britain through photographs and text (Guild Publishing, London, 1987).

Ashe, Geoffrey (Editor)

The Quest for Arthur's Britain

Detailed examination of the truth behind Arthur, featuring Leslie Alcock, CA Ralegh Radford & Philip Rahtz (Paladon Books, Grafton, 1968).

Barber, Richard

King Arthur: Hero & Legend

Detailed examination of Arthur's history (The Boydell Press, 1961).

Morris, Dr John

The Age of Arthur: A History of the British Isles, 350-650

An attempt to establish a credible Arthur in historical terms, treating the entire period as one to be examined in terms of the available historical and archaeological data, but rather uncritical in his use of sources (Weidenfeld & Nicolson, reprint edition, 1989).


Pognat, Jean-Michel

Brittany: Many Kingdoms or One?

A critical study of sources for the history of the 5th-9th century Breton kings in an attempt to establish an historical king list. Originally available online but now unavailable.


O'Brien, Jacqueline & Harbison, Peter

Ancient Ireland: From Prehistory to the Middle Ages

A broad study of medieval Ireland with notes on some events and stories before that period (George Weidenfeld & Nicolson Ltd, London, 1996).

Weeks, T H & A Weeks

Pictish Chronicle

A translation and commentary of the various versions of the Pictish Chronicle. Website no longer available.


Archbishop of Canterbury

The Archbishops from Augustine to Williams

The official site of the archbishop with details on some twentieth century holders of the office, plus a small biography of Augustine. Visit the website.

(Leo Sherley-Price translation - revised by R E Latham)

A History of the English
Church and People

Essential for understanding the viewpoint of an eighth century Anglo-Saxon of Britain's history. Surprisingly accurate in the treatment of its material, especially Anglo-Saxon matters after c.600. Good grounding on the traditional Celtic history of pre and post-Roman Britain (Penguin Classics).

Davidson, Hilda Ellis & Fisher, Peter

Saxo Grammaticus - The History of the Danes [Books I - IX]

Humble, Richard

The Fall of Saxon England (BCA)

Jones, Gwyn

A History of the Vikings

(Oxford University Press, London, 1968).

Leahy, Kevin

The Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of Lindsey

Detailed examination of the archaeology of the kingdom of Lindsey with a broef look at the small available historical content (The History Press, Gloucestershire, 2010).

Leeuwen, Geoffrey van

Ivarr The Boneless

Internet article with additional text by Mick Baker.

Morley, Henry

English Writers: An Attempt Towards a History of English Literature. Volume: 2

Contributors: Henry Morley - author. A vital bit of background to the Old English epic poem, Widsith (Cassell, London, 1888). Visit the website containing a publication of the book.

Myres, J N L

The English Settlements

Part of The Oxford History of England series. Essential detail on the settlement period (Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1986).

Song, Maggie

York University English 2110 and Beyond

A look at early English language and influence. Visit the website.

Stenton, Sir Frank

Anglo-Saxon England

Part of The Oxford History of England series. Essential detail on the settlement period and later Anglo-Saxon England (Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1987).

Stuart, D M

The Boy Through the Ages

Viking re-enactment society

Vikings of Middle England

Visit the website.

Witney, K P

The Kingdom of Kent

A detailed view of the foundation and make-up of the Jutish kingdom of Kent. A little outdated in places but still very valuable (Phillimore & Co Ltd, London, 1982).

Wroot, Herbert E

Yorkshire Abbeys and the Wool Trade


Bennett, Michael S

Richard III On Trial For Murder

Cunningham, Shaun

Richard III - A Royal Enigma

Drewitt, Richard & Redhead, Mark

The Trial of Richard III

Fields, Betram

Royal Blood - King Richard III and the Mystery of the Princes

Gill, Louise

Richard III and Buckingham's Rebellion

Gillinham, John

Richard III - A Medieval Kingship

Jenkins, Elizabeth

The Princes In The Tower

Kendall, Paul Murray

Richard III

Macalpine, Joan

The Shadow Of The Tower

Pollard, Anthony J

Richard III and The Princes In The Tower

Potter, Jeremy

Good King Richard?

Stanyon, Annie

Prove It! - Investigations in History

Weir, Alison

The Princes In The Tower


Cobb, G

The Old Churches of London

Guide to the City of London's churches (Batsford, London, 1942).

Conolly, W Philip

British Railways Pre-Grouping Atlas and Gazetteer

Vital map coverage of all of Britain's railway lines prior to the 'Big Four' grouping and the Beeching cuts (Ian Allen, 1958).

Course, Edwin

London's Railways Then & Now

An intriguing look at the changes in London's railway network between the 1960s and 1980s, showing many lost lines and stations (B T Batsford Ltd, London, 1987).

Hart, Brian

The Canterbury & Whitstable Railway

A very detailed examination of the entire history of southern Britain's first passenger-carrying railway (Wild Swan Publications Ltd, Didcot, 1991).

Huelin, Gordon

Vanished Churches of the City of London

Highly important for discovering the lost churches in the City of London (Guildhall Library Publishing, London, 1996).


History And Tour

List and brief details for each prime minister of Great Britain. Visit the website.


United Kingdom Parliament

Brief details of important dates for parliament. Visit the website.


Harris, Rifleman Benjamin (Edited by Eileen Hathaway)

A Dorset Rifleman

Memoirs of a soldier of one of Britain's best regiments of the wars, covering his tome with the Rifles from 1803-1814 (Shinglepicker Publications, Swanage, 1995).

Mercer, General Cavalié

Journal of the Waterloo Campaign

One of the very few journals by an artillery man, this gives excellent insight into the military methods and thinking of a crucial period (Da Capro Press, New York, 1995).


Atterbury, Paul

Discovering Britain's Lost Railways

Uncovering the surviving remnants of several lost lines around Britain (A A Media Ltd, Basingstoke, 1995).

Buchanan, Angus & Cossons, Neil

Industrial History in Pictures: Bristol

A fascinating pictorial record of Bristol's industrial past (David & Charles Picture History Series, Newton Abbot, Devon, 1970).

Burrow, J (Ed)

Official Guide to the Metropolitan Borough of Poplar, Issued by Authority of the Poplar Borough Council

Useful for uncovering details about the Homerton to Poplar line in East London (J Burrow & Co Ltd, Cheltenham, 1927).

Conolly, W Philip

British Railways Pre-Grouping Atlas and Gazetteer

Showing railway lines in map form before 1924, an excellent resources for confirming the existence of lines that are no longer in use (Fourth Edition, Ian Allen, London, 1965).

Course, Edwin

London Railways: Then and Now

Detailed coverage of some of the lost lines of London, showing comparison photos (B T Batsford Ltd, London, 1987).

Curtis, Peter

In Times Past: Wood Green and Tottenham with West Green and Harringay

Postcards and photos of Victorian and Edwardian London with detailed descriptions (Third Edition, Hornsey Historical Society, London, 1996).

Dale, Peter

Lost Railways

A series of pictorial booklets detailing lost railway lines and stations in Britain on a county-by-county basis (Stenlake Publishing, Ayrshire, 2001).

Davies, Reg

Rails to the People's Palace

Booklet history of the Northern Heights railway lines in North London (Second Edition, Hornsey Historical Society, London, 1985).

Harding, Peter A

The Rye & Camber Railway

Booklet history of the line in East Sussex, along with some details covering the Rye Harbour freight line (Peter A Harding, Surrey, 1985).

Hart, Brian

The Canterbury & Whitstable Railway

Fully detailed history of the earliest passenger-carrying railway in southern Britain (Wild Swan Publications Ltd, Didcot, 1991).

Hornsey Historical Society

Various Publications

The Old Schoolhouse, 136 Tottenham Lane, Hornsey, London N8 7EL.

Ratcliffe, R L

The Canterbury & Whitstable Railway, 1830-1980 Pictorial Survey

A detailed examination of the line along with then and now photos for comparison (The Locomotive Club of Great Britain, London, 1980).




Country Profiles

Full profiles provide an instant guide to history, politics and economic background of countries. Visit the website.


Cassius Dio

Roman History

Online material covering large swathes of Roman history, including various campaigns against barbarian tribes. Visit the website.

Christogenea Christian Identity Forum

The Herulli/Herulf possibly the ancestors of the Icelanders

Online material about the Heruli which also covers mentions of them by Jordanes and Procopius. Visit the website.

Newark, Tim

The Barbarians

Warriors & Wars of the Dark Ages, colour illustrations by Angus McBride. Good overview (Blandford Press, Poole, Dorset, 1985).

Pritchard, James Cowles

Research into the Physical History of Mankind

A brief outline of the Celtic tribes and their locations which is highly useful for compiling the various names used for each tribe by various ancient authors (Third Edition, Volume III, Part 1, London, 1841).

Rickard, J

Commius of the Atrebates, fl.57-50 BC

An online article covering the time Commius spent in command of the Atrebates in Europe (27 March 2009). Visit the website.



Online material. Visit the website.



Online material. Visit the website.


New History

Online material. Visit the website.



The Mysterious Etruscans

A good source of information on this early civilisation in central Italy. Visit the website.


1902 Encyclopaedia


Covering much of the history of Rome from the earliest times to the Middle Ages. Articles from the Encyclopaedia Britannica, 9th Edition (1875) and 10th Edition (1902). Visit the website.

Fairley, William

Notitia Dignitatum

One of the most commonly available translations of the Latin text (Translations and Reprints from Original Sources of European History Vol 6 No 4, University of Pennsylvania Press, Philadelphia, 1894).


Everyman Series: The History of Rome Volume 1

A highly-accessible translation of the original Latin text by Titus Livius, translated by Rev Canon Roberts (Editor Ernest Rhys, J M Dent & Sons Ltd, London, 1905). Read the online version of this text on this website.

Maenchen-Helfen, J Otto

The Langobards and the 'Vulgares' in Historia Langobardorum

A look at the early history of the Langobards (p 127-129 of Chapter II. History. Attila's Kingdom, 'The World of the Huns, Studies in their History and Culture', University of California Press, 1973, Ed. Max Knight). Visit the website.



Another highly-accessible translation, this one of the original Latin text by Strabo, translated by H C Hamilton, Esq, W Falconer, M A, Ed (George Bell & Sons, London, 1903). Read the online version of this text on this website.


Tolkein, J R R
(Ed Alan Bliss)

Finn and Hengest - The Fragment and the Episode

The tale of two fifth century heroes, Finn and Hengest, told in Beowulf and reconstructed by Tolkein (HarperCollins, London, 2006).


Duby, Georges

Atlas historique mondial

Classic historical atlas vital for its maps of the evolution of the Frankish kingdoms (Larousse, 1978).

Wenzler, Claude

Genealogy of the Kings of France

Handy slim volume covering the creation of the French monarchy and each successive king (Editions Ouest-France, Rennes, 2008).

FRANCE - NAPOLEONIC: (See also Britain - Napoleonic Wars)

Chandler, David

The Campaigns of Napoleon

The one book that every Napoleonic student should read, covering the whole of the wars from Napoleon's earliest career to 1815 (Weidenfeld & Nicolson Ltd, London, 1996).

Nicolson, Nigel

Napoleon 1812

Overview of the events leading to 1812 and detailed critical chronicle of the campaign itself (Weidenfeld & Nicolson, London, 1985).

Nosworthy, Brent

Battle Tactics of Napoleon and his Enemies

Vital for understanding the method of warfare used during the Wars from the smallest skirmisher chain to grand tactics of whole divisions and armies (Constable, London, 1995).


Pivka, Otto von

Hessen-Darmstadt & Hessen-Kassel

Basic background to Hesse's history with an emphasis on its involvement in the Napoleonic Wars (Osprey Publishing Ltd, London 1982).



The Four Oldest Churches of Tallinn

Details and full colour photos of four of Tallinn's most historic churches (Morgan Studio, Estonia, 2006).


Life in Estonia

Former website now unavailable.

Helme, Mart (Compiler)

Guide to Castles in Estonia

A tour of many of the castles of Estonia with an outline of their histories (Kunst, Estonia, 2003).

Helme, Mart and Säre, Peeter

Guide to Churches in Estonia

A tour of many of the churches of Estonia with an outline of their histories (Kunst, Estonia, 2002).

Kiaupa, Zigmantas, with Ain Mäesalu, Ago Pajur, and Gvido Straube (compilers)

The History of the Baltic Countries

Superb introduction to the complex history of the Baltic states from the earliest inhabitants up to the modern age (AS Bit, Estonia, 2008).


Kven Sweden

A detailed overview of the existence of Kvenland before it was absorbed into Norway, Sweden and Finland, although with some content that is of dubious reliability. Visit the website.


Medieval Castles of Latvia

A gallery of castles built by the victors of the Northern Crusade. Visit the website.

Praust, Valdo

Most Beautiful Manors and Castles

Details and full colour photos of many of Estonia's manor houses and strongholds (Grenader Grupp, Estonia, 2004).

World Statesmen

National Leaders

Full lists of the leaders of nations. Visit the website.


Archaeology in Gela

Examination, conservation and promotion of Thracian fortress Gradishte and early Byzantine basilica in the region of Gela village, Bulgaria

Vital detail on the tribal Bessoi in ancient Thrace that seems to be unavailable anywhere else. Visit the website.

Bryn Mawr College

Earliest Prehistory of Cyprus

An interesting, archaeology-led look at the early cultures which formed and were lost on Cyprus. Website no longer available.

Flow of History

Early Athens to 500 BC

A Dynamic and Graphic Approach to Teaching History', with detailed events of the first two centuries of early Classical Athens. Visit the website.

Grubb Kent, Ronald

A History of Thessaly: From the Earliest Historical Times to the Accession of Philip V of Macedonia

A detailed account of Thessaly in ancient Greece (Press of the New Era Printing Company, 1904). Now available at the Internet Archive. Visit the website.

(E V Rieu translation)

The Iliad

Essential reading for anyone interested in ancient Greece. Written c.850 BC and describing events around 1195-1185 BC, it portrays the heroic age in Greek warfare (Penguin, 1950).

Hughes, Bettany

The Minoans

Television documentary produced for Channel 4 in the UK delivering a detailed overview of Minoan civilisation and its fall.


Dimini Archaeological Site

One of the few online views of the archaeological site of Iolkos. Website no longer available.

Sturz, Friedrich Wilhelm (Ed)

Hellanicus of Lesbos

'Hellanici Lesbii fragmenta. E variis scriptoribus collegit, emendavit, illustravit commentationem de Hellanici aetate' by Hellanicus. Published in 1826 in Latin.


Keegan, John

The First World War

A clear and detailed look at the events surrounding the First World War, its beginnings and the chaos and change which concluded it (Hutchinson, London 1998).



Beckman, Gary

Hittite Diplomatic Texts

Information on the Hittites and their international dealings, especially useful for understanding Arzawa's later history (Second Edition, Scholars Press, Atlanta, 1999).

Bryce, T

The Kingdom of the Hittites

Information on the Hittites (1998).

Cahin, M

The Kingdom of Armenia

List of Armenian rulers, which has a gap for the period 628-806, and Lesser Armenian rulers (Dorset Press, New York, 1991).

Gordon, Bruce R

Regnal Chronologies

List of Armenian rulers 628-806. Visit the website.

Gurney, O R

The Hittites

List of Hittite rulers (Penguin Books, 1952, 1962, 1991).

Hansen, Hester V

Attalids of Pergamon

Rulers of Pergamum (1971).

Haywood, John

Historical Atlas of the Ancient World, 4,000,000 to 500 BC

Good map of Mitanni kingdom (Barnes & Noble, 2000).


Information about the Hittites

A mine of detailed information on the Hittites and their neighbours. Website no longer available.

Josephus, Flavius

Jewish Antiquities

Highly informative account of the Old Testament's contents, and the Jewish revolt against Rome in AD 66. Also contains a traditional list of Phoenician kings (Translated by William Whiston, with Niese's new reference system added, Wordsworth Editions Ltd, London 2006).

Kuhrt, Amélie

The Ancient Near East, c.3000-330 BC

List of rulers for Mitanni and Urartu, plus some information on the Hittites (Routledge, 2000, Volumes I & II).

Mazar, Amihai

Archaeology of the Land of the Bible: 10,000-586 BC

Details of the Phoenician influence on ancient Israel, as well as other areas of Israelite civilisation (Doubleday, 1992).

McEvedy, Colon

The Penguin Atlas of Ancient History

Misses the period 1600 to 1300 but shows a Mitanni kingdom in 1300-1000, by which time it had certainly disappeared (Penguin Books, 1967, revised 2002).

Quartz Hill School of Theology

Israel and the Aramaeans

A detailed look at Samaria's history, especially in relation to Damascus. Visit the website.

Redgate, A E

The Armenians

List of rulers of Urartu (Basil Blackwell, 1998, 2000).

Road, Michael

Cultural Atlas of Mesopotamia and the Ancient Near East

List of Mitanni rulers, good map (Facts on File, 2000).

Ross, David


A specific (and perhaps slightly controversial) focus on this obscure Anatolian kingdom. Website no longer available.

Roux, Georges

Ancient Iraq

List of Hittite & Mitanni rulers (Penguin Books, 1992).

Runciman, Steve

A History of the Crusades, Volume III, The Kingdom of Acre and the Later Crusades

Gives more Lesser Armenian rulers but these are poorly dated (Cambridge, 1987).

Schwartz, Glenn

Hidden Tombs of Ancient Syria

Details of the series of archaeological excavations at Tell Umm el-Marrra, probably the site of ancient Tuba. Website no longer available.

Tsetskhladze, Gocha R

The Greek Colonisation of the Black Sea Area: Historical Interpretation of Archaeology

Detailed look at Iron Age Anatolia (Franz Steiner Verlag, 1998). Available online. Website no longer available.

Wilhelm, Gernot

The Hurrians

General details (Aris & Philips Warminster 1989).


Ancient Mesopotamia and the Near East

List of Old Babylonian rulers, Sealand rulers, and early Kassites. Website no longer available.

Ascalone, Enrico

Mesopotamia: Assyrians, Sumerians, Babylonians (Dictionaries of Civilizations 1)

List of Assyrian rulers (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2007).

Buccellati, Giorgio & Kelly-Buccellati, Marilyn

Naming Names: The 2004 Season of Excavations at Ancient Urkesh

The 2004 discovery of the name of a previously unknown king of Hurrian Urkesh. Visit the website.

Charpin, D & J-M Durand

The Ancient Name of Tell Rimah

Detailed information on small city states in northern Mesopotamia (Journal of Assyriology and Eastern Archaeology 81/2, 1987, p 125-146).

Dalley, Stephanie

Mari and Karana: Two Old Babylonian Cities

Detailed information on small city states in northern Mesopotamia (London & New York, 1984).

Dalley, S, C B F Walker, & J D Hawkins

The Old Babylonian from Tablets Tell al Rimah

Detailed information on small city states in northern Mesopotamia (British School of Archaeology in Iraq, 1976).

Edwards, Iorwerth Eiddon Stephen

The Cambridge Ancient History

Volume II, The Middle East & the Aegean Region c.1800-1380 BC. Now a little outdated but useful for many obscure details (Cambridge University Press, 1973), available online. Visit the website.

Ember, Melvin & Peter N Peregrine

Encyclopaedia of Prehistory

Entries on each major archaeological tradition. An overview of human history from two million years ago onwards (Springer, 2002).

Grayson, Albert Kirk

Assyrian and Babylonian Chronicles

Assyrian rulers (1975).

Glassner, Jean-Jacques

Chroniques Mésopotamiennes

Assyrian rulers (1993 - translated as Mesopotamian Chronicles, 2004).

Gordon, Bruce R

Regnal Chronologies

List of Elamite rulers. Visit the website.

Healy, Mark

The Ancient Assyrians

Assyrian rulers (1992).

Heimpel, Wolfgang

Letters to the King of Mari: A New Translation, with Historical Introduction, Notes, and Commentary

Concentrates on the Mari texts of Zimri-Lim and his relations with other Mesopotamian states; especially minor ones in the north (Eisenbrauns, 2003).

Leick, Gwendolyn


Assyrian rulers (2003).

Lloyd, S

The Archaeology of Mesopotamia

Early Mesopotamian cultures (London, 1984, revised ed).

Nardon, Don

Assyrian Empire

Assyrian rulers (1999).

Podany, Amanda H

A Middle Babylonian Date for the Hana Kingdom

Vital for details on the city state of Terqa / kingdom of Hana in northern Mesopotamia (Journal of Cuneiform Studies, Vol 43, pp 53-62, American Schools of Oriental Research, 1991-1993).

Postgate, C, D Oates & J Oates

The Excavations at Tell Al Rimah: The Pottery

Detailed information on Qattara/Karana (Warminster, 1997).

Postgate, J N

Early Mesopotamia: Society and Economy at the Dawn of History

Sumerian and Amorite urban and rural Mesopotamia (Routledge, 1994).

Postgate, J N

The First Empires

Sumerians and contemporaries (Oxford 1977).

Roux, Georges

Ancient Iraq

List of Babylonian, Hittite, & Mitanni rulers (Penguin Books, 1992).

van der Mieroop, Marc

A History of the Ancient Near East c.3000-323 BC

Solid, detailed overview of the course of Middle Eastern history, with basic lists of rulers and maps (Blackwell Publishing, 2004, 2007).

Van der Toorn, Karel

Family Religion in Babylonia, Syria and Israel: Continuity and Change in the Forms of Religious Life

Brief mention of Qattara (E J Brill, New York, 1996).


Encyclopædia Britannica Eleventh Edition


Ancient Worlds

Mesopotamia's Region of Sumer[ia]

Visit the website.

Black, J A, Cunningham, G, Fluckiger-Hawker, E, Robson, E, and Zólyomi, G

The Sumerian Kings List: Translation

List 2 of Sumerian rulers (via The Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature, Oxford, 1998). Website no longer available.

Gerts, L C

Earth's Ancient History: A Theory About Ancient Times

List 4 of Sumerian rulers (Chapter 12: The Sumerian king list, 2002).

Gordon, Bruce R

Regnal Chronologies

List of Eshnunna's rulers, providing some names missing from the Clemens Reichel list. Visit the website.

Kramer, Samuel Noah

The Sumerians: Their History, Culture, and Character

List 1 of Sumerian rulers (The University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 1963).

Love, Anthony Michael

Ancient History

List 3 of Sumerian rulers at Sarissa.org. Visit the website.

Lindemans, Micha F


A feature from the Encyclopaedia Mythica. Visit the website.

Reichel, Clemens

Political Change and Cultural Continuity in Eshnunna from the Ur III to the Old Babylonian Period

List of Eshnunna's rulers, providing some names not on the Bruce R Gordon list, part of a dissertation proposal presented to The Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations at the University of Chicago (11 June 1996). Visit the website.

Scarre, Chris (Ed)

Past Worlds - The Times Atlas of Archaeology

Mesopotamian section (Guild Publishing, London 1989).

van Tulleken, Kit (Ed)

The Age of the God-Kings

Sumerian overview (Time Life Books, Amsterdam 1987).

University of Alabama

Images from History

Minor details, and many photos of Sumerian artefacts. Visit the website.



Atlas of the Bible Lands

Source for Jo Amdahl's research into the Medes (Hammond Inc, Maplewood NJ, USA, 1959).

Alexander, Pat (Ed)

The Lion Encyclopaedia of the Bible

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Indo-Greek Kings and their Territories

A detailed look at Bactrian and Indo-Greek rulers. Website no longer available.

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The Handwriting on the Wall

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Evidence that Demands a Verdict

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More Evidence that Demands a Verdict

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Saladin and his Cairo

Focussing on Saladin's early life, his military career, and his creation of a dynasty of rulers (online article).

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Kerma - Black Africa's Oldest Civilisation

A detailed look at Nubia's first kingdom (Impressions Magazine, 2007). Visit the website.

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Early Dynastic Egypt

Details of Predynastic Egypt (Routledge, 2001).


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List of Ethiopian rulers (1928: Anthropological Publications, Oosterhout, the Netherlands, 1970).

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Nubia Museum: Islam in Nubia

A detailed look at the poorly documented medieval era in Nubia. Website no longer available.

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List of Ethiopian rulers (University of California Press, 1994).

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List of Kongo rulers (three volumes, Milan, 1982-83), Vol 3, pp.11-14).


1758 manuscript

List of Kongo rulers (Instituto Histórico e Geografico Brasileiro, Rio de Janeiro).




Country Profiles

Full profiles provide an instant guide to history, politics and economic background of countries. Visit the website.

Coins & History of Asia


Numismatic evidence for the Kushanshah rulers of Afghanistan in the third and fourth centuries AD. Website no longer available.

Krysstal Language Pages

The Indo-European Family of Languages

A detailed breakdown of the various branches of Indo-European peoples and the languages they carried with them. Visit the website.


Bhawan Singh Rana

Maharana Pratap

List of rulers of Mewar.

Free India


Detailed retelling of tales about the Chedi kingdom of Kalinga. Visit the website.


Indo-Greek Kings and their Territories

A detailed look at Bactrian and Indo-Greek rulers in India. Website no longer.

Kumar, Sanjeev

The Shivlee Collection

A superb collection of images of coins from the Gupta dynasty in India. Visit the website.

Rajadhyaksha, Abhijit

Indian History

The driving force behind the History Files' own India section, this author also publishes his material on his own blog. Visit the website.



History of Japan

Basic overview of the separate periods in Japanese history. View the website.




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Full profiles provide an instant guide to history, politics and economic background of countries. Visit the website.

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The White House

List of presidents of the USA. Visit the website.

World Statesman

Facts & Figures

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