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Modern Britain

Railway Walks: Cowley to Princes Risborough

by Peter Kessler, 30 March 2013. Updated 3 December 2016

The Great Western Railway was the first to reach Oxford, in 1844, and work started on a London & North Western Railway connection to Oxford on 13 June 1848. To the south of the GWR station (which remains in use today), a branch line joining Buckinghamshire to Oxford was completed in 1864. Initially run by the Wycombe Railway, it was taken over by the GWR in 1867. Despite being a fairly important line, it was single track for much of its length, with modest stations that included a high number of minor halts. Its route allowed passage to all but the heaviest locomotives and despite its usefulness, the 30 kilometre line was closed to passengers on 7 January 1963. The track between Morris Cowley and Thame was lifted in 1969, while the rest was removed in the early 1990s.

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