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Modern Britain

Railway Walks: Millwall Junction to North Greenwich

by Peter Kessler, 6 February 2021

The London & Blackwall Railway opened its line from Limehouse to North Greenwich on 18 December 1871, with connections from Fenchurch Street station. The line had experienced a troubled beginning, having first been proposed by the railway company only to be rejected by the East & West India Dock Company in 1863. The Great Eastern Railway took control of the L&BR in 1864 and tried to push through its own scheme, but the financial crash of 1866 put paid to that.

By 1868 financing and a building scheme had been agreed for this line of one mile 49 chains in length (2.6 kilometres). The Millwall Junction connection was added to the existing line at Poplar. Initial operation was fractured due to safety concerns because of the large timber yards spread along the route. Through services pulled entirely by steam locomotive only started in 1880. Never a particularly popular route, it was closed to passengers in 1926, with the General Strike ending it a little earlier than expected.

Main set of photos taken in 2013.

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National Library of Scotland OS Maps



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