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How Gambling Cultures Differ Around the World

One of the most extraordinary things about the world today is how far and wide cultures are shared. From eating cuisines unlike anything usually found in your country to sharing life with friends across the globe via technology, culture has drifted across borders from one country to another.

However, all countries have specific areas where the culture in the country remains steadfast and unchanging. One of these areas is the joyous pastime of wagering something to get much more in return (if you're lucky enough).

We've delved deep into the cultures of some of the biggest gambling nations in the world to see what makes punters in these areas tick.

United Kingdom

The UK has one of the most unyielding gambling cultures of any region. While the legality of gambling has fluctuated since 1845, the culture surrounding gambling has changed very little.

For one, to many, visiting a casino is more than just an everyday affair. As such, you'll be hard-pressed to find anyone dressed overly casually in a casino. Instead, most punters will be dressed in a smart casual outfit - which is a good thing considering many casinos in the UK have a strictly enforced dress code for visitors, and the general populace is known to get upset about inappropriate gambling attire.

Aside from having dress codes, casinos in the UK are also very subdued compared to those found in other countries. While they will hold promotions and events, these are generally less flashy than those in different regions and don't try to detract from the point of being there - to gamble.

Another thing that makes the UK gambling culture unique is what most players consider their favourite game. While many gamblers abroad would favour poker or slots, roulette is the game of choice in the UK.

Using the standard European version of the game (with limited casinos also offering the American version), roulette is the most widely played game for land-based casinos. As for online casinos, the game is also vastly played, though slots likewise have a solid presence in the hearts of British punters.

United States of America

When thinking of gambling, many people automatically think of the USA. After all, as home to Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and Reno, the US is home to some of the largest and flashiest casinos anywhere on the planet.

Unlike the UK, however, gambling in America is a much more casual activity. For the most part, casinos will allow anybody (of legal age) entry to the gambling floor - regardless of what they are wearing.

Despite that, the gambling culture in the US is also one of the flashiest anywhere in the world. With casinos offering endless shows, performances, events, promotions, and bonuses - all heralded by as much fanfare as possible - subdued gambling is not something ever thought about.

Aside from flashier gambling, Americans also prefer slots over any other type of casino game. Because of this, they can even be found inside airports while travellers wait for their flights. Second to slots is blackjack - one of the most popular forms of casino games.


Actively advertised as a common practice, Australia has a massive population of gamblers. Despite this, not many people outside the country know what a roaring trade gambling is down under.

While Australians may be known to party hard, they are slightly more subdued regarding their gambling - falling more in line with the UK than the US. One way this is shown is the dress code of Aussie casinos, which require a smart casual appearance from guests.

Also, like the UK, Australian casinos are slightly less flashy and vivacious than US casinos. Instead of putting on a big show, Aussie gamblers simply want to try their luck and see if they can strike it rich - without any unnecessary theatrics.

When it comes to game choices, however, Australian gambling culture is very similar to that of America, and casino floors will remind an American native of gambling in New Jersey casinos. This is because slots (or pokies) dominate the floors. A close second, like in the US, is blackjack.

South Africa

Despite having a massive gambling industry, South Africa is often overlooked as a large gambling hub. However, the chance to place a wager is a large part of early African cultures and still exists today, with over 10% of the country's population engaging in the activity.

In contrast to the countries listed above, South African casinos offer a mixed culture of subdued and extravagant atmospheres. This almost half-hearted approach to being over the top works well for the residents, who are only interested in hitting the jackpot.

While dress codes in SA casinos aren't actively discussed, the culture in the venues dictates that people dress appropriately - although smart casual is not a must, and comfort is always favoured over style.

Like other countries, however, slots are at the top of the list for any South African and are usually the first game punters will look for. Next are blackjack and roulette, which are featured in almost all casinos.


Although gambling in Japan is illegal, the country still has a massive gambling culture. However, with a lack of casinos due to their prohibition, the culture of gambling is one of secrecy and deception.

In fact, gambling in the country can easily be found by looking at any Pachinko room - which may not offer traditional casino games or prizes but can certainly help scratch a gambling itch. There are also many illegal casinos dotted throughout the country. These are operated by the Yakuza (Japanese mafia) and offer black-market games like mahjong.

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