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The Oldest Football Clubs In British History

In the history of British sports, football ranks as one of the most cherished and dates back centuries. As the game developed into a profession from the 1800s and beyond, the number of clubs started to increase. So, which are Britain's oldest clubs?

Sheffield FC

Sheffield FC holds the title of the world's oldest football club, and Sheffield city is seen as the home of football. 'The Club' was founded in 1857, and plays its home games at Coach & Horses Ground in Dronfield. In the main, the club competes in English football's non-league divisions.

Notts County

Of the two professional football clubs in Nottinghamshire, Notts County is the older of the two, having been established in 1862. The Magpies have witnessed the highs and lows of football over their 160-year history and can boast some of the most loyal and passionate fans in the country. Their home ground is Meadow Lane, and they are presently competing in EFL League 2.

Stoke City

Established in 1863, Stoke City considered themselves the oldest professional football club until Notts County regained their EFL status. Stoke is yet another club that has experienced both glory and defeat in professional football. Known for surprising victories, such as those against Arsenal. Hence the reason they are always a popular choice for anyone looking at betting on premier league games.

Wrexham AFC

Wrexham AFC is a football club that, unbelievably was conceived in 1864. The Welsh club is nearly 160 years old. Despite playing mostly in lower leagues, they are showing real signs of progression. Their new owners, Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, lead this promising phase. Let's hope that it is just the start of a bright chapter in Wrexham's rich football legacy.

Nottingham Forest

They may not be the oldest football club in Nottingham, but Nottingham Forest remains one of the oldest football clubs around, having been formed in 1865, putting them on the verge of being 170 years old. Forest have a wealth of history compared to many other clubs. They are finally back in English football's highest league and performing well.

Sheffield Wednesday

Like Nottingham Forest, Sheffield Wednesday is regarded as one of the country's traditional football clubs. Started in 1867, the club is known as the Owls. They have a proud history, including playing at the top level. And even though they have not been in the Premier League for over twenty years, there is no doubt fans will keep supporting the club and wait for success.

A lot of British football clubs have long histories. The ones mentioned stood out because they started sooner. Looking at what they've achieved, and their challenges throughout the years, is intriguing.

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