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Around The UK in 80 Days

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Around the UK in 80 days? Why would you want to do that, you might ask? Well, whether you live in the UK or not, how much of its beauty have you seen? Compared to many countries, unlike the UKs European neighbours, the UK doesn't have a good reputation. We're known for being a cold, rainy, fish-and-chip-eating country. But today, that changed. We want to take you around the UK in 80 days.

We promise you, there's so much to see that, even if you live here, you won't have seen before.

Read on to find out more.

Starting off

Where should you start? Well, you can start anywhere, but we have our opinion on where we think some of the best places to start are.

You could start strong in the tranquil beauty of the English countryside. The Cotswolds, for example. It's like something out of a traditional storybook. There are rolling hills, limestone, villages, and thatched-roof cottages. It's just a beautiful place to see, especially in the summer. It's not a bad place to look at to start your journey.

Some people would then recommend driving to cities like London, but we know not everyone would want to drive around cities like London. Still, if you do, you can see the Tower of London or Westminster Abbey and the culture of the South Bank. You should visit Camden and Borough for the food market. The food is some of the best street food you'll ever have.

Going north is probably better. The historic city of York is stunning and more relaxed to drive around than cities like London or Birmingham. It's more of a rural city if that makes sense. There, you've got the Gothic cathedral, York Minster. You can also look at Viking history at the Jorvik Viking Centre.

From York, you can easily get to Manchester and Liverpool, two cities that have dramatically evolved from their industrial roots. Manchester's music scene and cultural institutions will blow your mind. The Manchester Art Gallery and the Imperial War Museum North are well worth a visit. So is Liverpool's waterfront. It's a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Welsh wonders

If we're talking a road trip style trip, Wales is one of the best places you can visit. The landscape is perfect for road-tripping. You've got the beauty of Snowdonia National Park, and the Welsh coast with its massive cliffs to blow your mind. Places like the Pembrokeshire Coast National are also incredibly beautiful.

You could also go to Caernarfon Castle or the fairy-tale turrets of Conwy Castle. These ancient stones tell good stories if you're into that sort of thing.

Dedicated road trip routes through Wales will take you through all the best locations. You can find them online with a quick Google search.

The Scottish expedition

If you're going to spend 80 days travelling around the UK, you obviously have to go to Scotland. You'll have enough time to get there, anyway. Driving in Scotland is special unless you go during its rainy season (almost all year), which doesn't feel as good. Still, even Scotland on a horrible rainy day is beautiful. You can find great motorhome hire Edinburgh companies that make it more fun to travel around. In our opinion, travelling around Scotland in a motorhome is a bucket list idea.

Edinburgh, Scotland's capital, has the historic Royal Mile, the imposing Edinburgh Castle, and its vibrant cultural scene. Glasgow is also good. It boasts a dynamic arts scene, outstanding architectural heritage, and a renowned gastronomic landscape.

From Edinburgh or Glasgow, you have to go to the Scottish Highlands. The scenery is some of the best in the world. And you'll find some of the best hikes in the world here. You can then go to Glencoe, with its dramatic vistas and haunting history.

The English Riviera and Cornwall's charms

The English Riviera might be pushing it, but some parts of the English coast are stunning in summer, especially if you go down to Devon.

The English Riviera in Devon, during the summer, is stunning. Towns like Torquay, Paignton, and Brixham are popular. They have sunny beaches, palm-lined promenades, and a mild climate. It can actually feel like you're in the Mediterranean down there.

Go further west to Cornwall and you'll find a coastline that's just as stunning. You've got Bodmin Moor and St Ives to explore - two of Cornwall's best. St Ives is such a quintessentially British seaside location.

Over 80 days, you'll experience the UK's incredible diversity. There's so many other locations for you to visit that we haven't mentioned. Do you think you could spend 80 days touring round the UK?

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