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5 Mind-Blowing Facts You Didn't Know about Casinos

You have probably heard about the casino myths and superstitions that can affect the players throughout the game and make your casino experience sound absolutely unbelievable. Some of these myths are so mind-blowing that the casinos feel the need to debunk them to save their reputation. However, you need to know how to separate casino facts from fiction and conspiracy theories that have nothing in common with how casinos truly work and how operators manage the casinos behind the scenes. Anytime you play at an online casino site, like the wazamba casino, you will hear myths.

For Czech players, these myths can directly impact the game's outcome. The players might get confused thinking about the alleged casino machinations that make winning impossible. They can also lose heart if they believe the casino's house edge is always against them, so the profits will be minimal. However, knowing the truth about an online casino is essential. Top casinos like vulkan vegas will provide an overview of how they work to achieve maximum transparency and fair play. Still, there are players who remain unconvinced that casinos do not use underhanded tricks just to gain an advantage. To satisfy their curiosity and make your gaming sessions the highlight of your day, we present these amazing casino facts to the gambling audience:

There are no magnets at the casino

Some players firmly believe that land-based casinos almost exclusively use a special magnet system to influence the outcome of the game and control the bets. Others have reported that they have seen weird sliding motions of dice while playing at one of the most expensive casinos on the planet, feeding into the rumor that casino establishments have most of their games rigged and manipulated to make the casinos even wealthier than they already are. However, this was officially confirmed to be another gambling myth, created by patrons who had an unlucky streak while visiting the casino and feeling the need to explain their losses by putting the blame on the casino management. Any casino caught using magnets in their dice and roulette tables will be shut down and lose their license in a matter of weeks.

Casinos use psychological tricks

However, you won't be wrong if you assume that casinos use elaborate psychological tricks to inspire the players and make them lose track of time. The ultimate goal of the casino is to make the players so immersed in the game that they prefer to bet for hours instead of taking breaks and going outside to get some air. There are many ways a casino can achieve this effect of 'timelessness' inside the casino that makes the players completely disregard their surroundings and focus on the game.

For example, you won't find any clocks inside the casinos, and the absence of windows makes you think you have just stepped into a world where time does not exist - therefore, you can stay here forever. Other casinos have admitted to using pleasant smells pumped into the air to enhance the euphoric sensations associated with sitting at the casino table. The abundance of color and sound makes you feel like you are in some kind of wonderland where anything is possible, your big wins included. Plus, the casinos are deliberately designed in a way that makes their interior look like a maze so that the players who have already stepped inside will have a hard time finding their way out if they are already losing their minds from all the crazy wins that they landed.

Casinos are guarded like banking institutions

The level of security associated with land-based casinos is that of a banking institution, with rigorously trained casino staff roaming the grounds of the establishment in search of any suspicious activity. Don't be fooled by the seeming absence of high-resolution cameras - in fact, you are being watched everywhere you go, even if casinos make it look like they don't monitor every movement of their patrons. Most casinos will also feature face recognition technology, so if you have been previously suspended for shady gambling activities, the casino will know that you need to be watched very closely. The gaming chips have radio frequency software to help the dealers determine fraudsters at their establishments and detect the players who are gambling with fake chips.

Las Vegas is not the gambling capital

Many people believe that Las Vegas is the absolute center of the casino world and has no rivals when it comes to choosing the best land-based casinos for players. However, this is a false notion, as Macau has recently become the gambling capital of the world and can compete with Vegas on more levels than one. Often dubbed the paradise for gamblers who want to spend their vacation as junket tourists, it proves worthy of its name by featuring the largest casino in the world. The Venetian Macao is a place where gamblers can stay forever - it has restaurants, hotel rooms, and hundreds of gambling tables to play all night long.

First casinos appeared in Italy

You might think that the invention of casinos as a concept belongs to Las Vegas enthusiasts who established the first casino in the world, but it is the Italian gamblers who we need to thank for the first casinos that appeared in the past. The original casinos resembled social clubs in the sense that they were the ultimate gathering places for people who wanted to interact with each other, share the latest news, and, of course, gamble as they drank a glass of wine or two. Later, the practice of having a casino in every major trading city spread through Europe, with more and more people seeing benefits in this entertaining pastime.

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