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Why a Self-Catering Holiday Helps You Experience West Cork

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West Cork is beautiful. There are a million words to describe it - its charm, breathtaking scenery, and cheery locals are some of the best you'll find in Ireland. Located on the southwest coast of Ireland, it's the perfect destination if you're coming from America. Yes, you can visit Dublin and the main attractions, but nothing does it quite like West Cork. And what better way to spend your time there than with a self-catering holiday. Why? Read on to find out.

Do West Cork your way

Self-catering holidays let you set your own pace when exploring West Cork - there aren't hotel dining hours or tour group itineraries that need sticking by! It's the freedom to come and go as you please, without anyone else, and with an embracing home feeling. And that's what you'll truly feel in Ireland - at home. Yes, hotels are lovely, but don't you want a place to yourself? There are tons of cafes, bars, and restaurants to eat at. Or, you can enjoy breakfast basking in the stunning scenery surrounding self-catering accommodation.

This type of accommodation allows visitors to live as though they were born & bred there - picking up fresh produce from bustling farmers' markets or stumbling upon a fair while out walking off dinner. That's West Cork. You'll find stunning, luxury self catering West Cork cottages and studios, the best you've ever had.

Irish charm & host hospitality

The welcome shown by hosts is often renowned as one of the highlights of any self-catering trips made through West Cork. These are usually locals taking pride in their area's hidden gems - whether it be best to hike routes or secret fishing spots, the coziest pub for an Irish music session, etc.

Many go above & beyond, making sure visitors feel at home during their stay - offering insider info about where to eat/drink/visit while sometimes even serving homemade treats! But we can't promise anything with the latter. Their friendliness encapsulates what makes this country so great.

Foodie/fun-tastic locations

West Cork is a food lover's paradise with its strong culinary heritage influenced by the wealth of fresh local produce from both land and sea.

Choosing self-catering gives you the perfect excuse to try cooking with some top-notch ingredients! Everything just feels more fresh and pure in Ireland. Head over to Clonakilty for a taste of their world-famous black pudding or pick up artisan cheeses from the farmer's market alongside freshly caught seafood, which can all be used to create a feast fit for kings back home.

For those days when eating out feels like the right thing to do, there are plenty of places around the region where one can find anything from quaint seaside cafes to gourmet restaurants featuring dishes made using only the finest locally sourced seasonal produce On the Pigs Back Cafe Deli and The Barn Gastro pub are some of the top-rated. Towns such as Kinsale are the food capitals.

How luxurious do you think a self-catering holiday sounds now? We promise it's one of the best ways to experience West Cork. Find your deal and book the holiday now!

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