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Recommendations On How To Write A Thesis With A Simple Guide

When students write a thesis, they often think about this paper as an obligatory final piece required to obtain a degree. However, you could reflect on the opportunities that this paper opens to you. For example, you could publish your research and receive academic recognition, or expand your professional collaboration thanks to work with other scientists.

The successful thesis must be effective in each part, in each chapter, including such a short one as a statement. Before we explain how to write a statement, we would like to share with you useful information about the company for writing a thesis. The company https://thesisgeek.com/ Thesisgeek.com offers all the services related to writing a thesis and other academic papers. You will find outstanding writers and researchers capable of composing an academic piece of any difficulty.

What is a thesis statement

One of the most frequent questions and doubts is how to begin a thesis statement. This perplexity is common among students who have their first experience in this activity. Another question often asked by future graduates is whether it's possible to use a thesis statement generator. We would like to warn you that when using a generator, you receive a basic proposition. You must customize and refine it according to your specific research question.

It's important to highlight that although there are different types of theses, the first chapter, the introduction, doesn't change. It means that this part must have the same characteristics: it must be clear, direct, and exhaustive. A thesis statement is written at the end of the introduction, and it's advisable to write it after you have finished the entire paper. It allows you to better formulate the main idea. The length of the introduction, however, doesn't impact on how long is a thesis statement. The ideal statement is one or two sentences in which you state the core idea and answer the question or prompt of your work. Moreover, its purpose is to link an introduction to the body in a flowing manner.

Types of thesis statement

The aim of the statement is to tell the reader what your thesis is about. There are three types of statements we would like to define and describe:

● Argumentative
You must provide evidence and support for your statement. You might insert the word “because”, for example, in the sentence. This means to give a reason why you think in this way, and argue your viewpoint. We invite you to visit the following page and look at argumentative thesis statement examples for you.

● Analytical
As it flows from the word, this type aims to analyze the single parts in which you can break down the statement. So, you can evaluate the origins of the idea, its positive or negative aspects, or analyze the cause of some event or outcome.

● Explanatory
It's advisable to avoid the usage of arguments in this type of statement, as your task is to explain the topic to the reader. You should avoid presenting your personal position, but describe why and what has happened.

You can find many websites and choose a suitable thesis statement template that you can use as a basis. Do not forget that such companies as Theisgeek.com are ready to assist you with your statement as well as any other chapter of your written work whenever you have difficulties.

How to write a thesis statement

As you know, the introduction is an important chapter of your thesis because it's the business card of your academic piece. When you compose this part, you must think on how to capture the reader's attention and interest. Keep in mind that you shouldn't expect to write a strong statement on the first attempt. Prepare several examples, and then, you can choose which statement best summarizes the central idea. Thus, a good thesis statement should include several elements:

1. Sound argument: your statement should contain a clear intention of your research. It should not be broad as it turns out to be difficult to persuade the audience.

2. Precise direction: avoid losing among various arguments. Opt for only one main point that helps readers understand your intentions; otherwise, one could lose the focus.

3. Provide evidence: when you write a thesis, you must support all the chapters and paragraphs with arguments and facts. The answer to the doubt 'can a thesis statement be a question', is no. As long as the statement presents your conviction, it must be an affirmative sentence.

If you are not convinced about the written thesis statement, reread it and try to understand if it answers the initial prompt or research question. Take into consideration new perspectives given to the reader or innovative ideas and indicate it in your statement too. Nevertheless, do not forget the answer given above: how long should a thesis statement be? It must be short but concise.

Thesis statement examples

In order to take a look at some successful thesis statement examples, you might refer to the writing centers at your university. You can also try to look through the literature stored in the library, not to talk to your advisor.

The point is that some subjects and topics can be more challenging to write about in one sentence. If you ask for students studying history about what is history thesis statement difficulty, you will hear the answer that it can be tough to interpret the evidence of a historical event in a concise manner. That's why it's important to have a point of reference when composing this little but important part of your thesis.

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