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FeatureSituated to the far west of Armorica, Leon was an exceptionally short-lived principality, one that seemingly lasted for no more than two generations in the sixth century before being absorbed into greater Brittany. Its name suggests that it may have been colonised by Britons from Lyonesse.

Curiously, the diminutive territory of Lyonesse was seemingly re-absorbed into Corniu in the mid-sixth century. This seems to be around the same time that the first of Leon's short list of kings appeared, when the territory retained very strong links with south-west Britain. Speaking very theoretically, perhaps the heir to Lyonesse was given British territory in Brittany in compensation for the loss of Lyonesse itself. After the Arthurian period (and perhaps also during it) the water levels were rising substantially, partially inundating the greater Scilly Isles and turning a single landmass into a chain of small islands. Overall it remained part of Dumnonia and ended up being unconquered but subjugated along with the remains of that kingdom, Cornwall. Irish raids may also have formed part of the problem, forcing the majority of Lyonesse's population to relocate to Leon.

(Additional information by Edward Dawson.)






The state ends with Ausoch.