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Churches of the British Isles

Gallery: Churches of the Scottish Borders

by Peter Kessler, 10 February 2020

Scottish Borders Part 1: Churches of Melrose & Tranquair

St Cuthbert's Parish Church of Scotland, Melrose, Scotland

St Cuthbert's Parish Church of Scotland, Melrose, is at the northern end of the lane which leads off St Mary's Road, about twenty metres from the junction with the High Street, and with the River Tweed at its back. The town of Melrose gradually replaced Old Melrose, four kilometres down river, following the Reformation, although the old parish church there continued in use for some time. Eventually, though, the new town required a more local parish church.

St Cuthbert's Parish Church of Scotland, Melrose, Scotland

The first St Cuthbert's building was opened in 1810. It was square in shape, with a central pulpit that was entered from the tower and large galleries. It was destroyed by fire in 1908. Only the tower, stamped 1810, survived and was incorporated into the present building which was was dedicated in 1911. To celebrate the Millennium various ancillary buildings were upgraded and improved. The church itself was completely redecorated in 1999, and then rededicated.

Traquair Kirk, Traquair, Scotland

Traquair Kirk is on the western side of the road about sixty metres south of the Kirkhouse Farm bus stop, and further south of the New Ball Burn crossing. There is reputed to have been a religious establishment at Traquair since 1116 in an older building. This was dedicated as St Bride's Church, whose holy well was in the glebe. The dedication was removed during the Reformation. The present church building was constructed in 1778, close to those historic foundations.

All photos on this page kindly contributed by Douglas Law via the 'History Files: Churches of the British Isles' Flickr group. Additional information by Douglas Law.



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