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Churches of the British Isles

Gallery: Churches of Cornwall

by Jo Lewis, 6 July 2024

Carrick (North & West) Part 17: Churches of Trevallas to Goonown (St Agnes)

Trevellas Bible Christian Chapel, Trevellas, Cornwall

The former site of Trevellas Bible Christian Chapel is reached by continuing north on the B3285 and taking the next sharp left, for Trevellas Porth. The aerodrome is on the right and the chapel site was located here, immediately before a track to the Catholic church (see below). Dating from at least the 1840s, it is believed that 'Zion House' was a meeting house. An 1873 document gives the address as Zion Chapel. It was destroyed by fire in 1909, no more a chapel.

St Agnes Roman Catholic Church, Trevellas, Cornwall

Slightly farther up the road and just before the cottages on the right was a track which led to the now-lost St Agnes Roman Catholic Church. It was probably cleared for the airfield construction in the 1940s but can be seen here, probably in the 1920s. Various references have a Catholic chapel being built in 1882 on Trevellas Downs. It is not marked on the 1888 maps, although a building does exist, but is certainly present by 1907. No further information exists.

Crosscombe Primitive Methodist Chapel, Crosscombe, Cornwall

Another lost chapel, Crosscombe Primitive Methodist Chapel, is located by travelling west from the airfield, towards Blue Hills. Turn right at the 'clear width limit' road sign. As the road curves left down to Blue Hills a gate on the right (with a campsite ahead) marks an entrance to Perranporth airfield. The chapel would have been over to the right, on land by the perimeter road. Built in 1836, it was refurbished in 1884, but was closed for requisitioning on 28 August 1942.

Goonbell Primitive Methodist Chapel, Goonbell, Cornwall

Goonbell Primitive Methodist Chapel still stands, fortunately. When approaching Goonbell from the east from Trevellas, it sits on the right, with a convenient car park next to it. The chapel can be seen on 1880 maps, being on the registration list of 1867 for Primitive Methodist chapels. Most likely it was built in 1850. It was rebuilt in 1956 and, from 1932 was known as Goonbell Methodist Church. It remained in use as such into the 1980s but is now residential.

Goonbell Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Goonbell, Cornwall

Slightly farther up the hill is a left-hand turn, now a track, marked as a footpath. Here sat Goonbell Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, on the right behind the fence. It is noted on maps of 1907 but not by the 1960s. It first appears on the Wesleyan preacher's plan (1850s) but, even then, only for a few years. A 1903 minute book entry referred to its dangerous condition: so bad that meetings had to be held at Goonown Chapel (below). It was repaired and is thought to have shut in 1916.

Goonown Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Goonown, Cornwall

For the former Goonown Wesleyan Methodist Chapel head towards central St Agnes, passing through Goonown and turning right into Goonown Lane. The chapel was on the left, built between 1785-1790. John Wesley last preached in St Agnes in 1785 and probably at this chapel. It was large, enough for 300, with a gallery. It later became the Sunday school for the St Agnes chapel (see links). Partial demolition followed in 1963 while the wall here is probably a remnant.

Four photos on this page by Jo Lewis.



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