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Churches of the British Isles

Gallery: Churches of Warwickshire

by Peter Kessler, 18 April 2010

South Warwickshire Part 7: Churches of Earlswood to Studley

Church of the Holy Ascension

The Church of the Holy Ascension, Mappleborough Green, is located well to the north of the village itself, on the eastern side of the Birmingham Road just above the junction with Common Lane. The village seems originally to have been known as the Hay Wood - the 'grove of Haia' - which, in 1201, Peter Corbizun granted to William son of Geoffrey, and which consists of a number of scattered settlements that must have originated in encroachments on the common from an early date.

Church of the Holy Ascension

The church was commissioned and financed by Sir William Jaffray Bart of Skilts, and designed by the architect J A Chatwin of Birmingham in the Early English style, which best suited its rural location, using Bromsgrove stone for the exterior and Hanbury stone with Bromsgrove stone dressings for the interior. The church opened on Wednesday 11 July 1888. Sir William continued to support the church both with hard work and generosity after its construction until his death in 1914.

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