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Churches of the British Isles

Introduction to the Churches of the British Isles


How to use the index

In this collection of photographs, text, and audio files, the English counties are grouped first into regions, and then are listed alphabetically.

The aim is to provide a tour which progressively leads across the country in an easily-followed trail, county by county.

The regions start with the capital and radiate outwards, as shown on the map below. Each section can be found in the main index in the same order as it is shown here. The other parts of the British Isles and Ireland follow on from this in alphabetical order.

The borders and county boundaries used are generally those as set in 2006, and which are reproduced in the Philip's Compact Atlas of Britain (3.3 miles to one inch), London 2006. Some updates to this format are applied when and where they become known and where possible, such as the 2019 changes to Dorset's country structure or the merging of two districts in Somerset.


Features / Lists

To go to the index for a region, click anywhere within its borders.

Regions of the British Isles & Ireland Regions of the British Isles & Ireland


Tour or list?

In the main index, you have the choice of taking a tour of all places of worship for each particular county, or viewing a list of all individual places of worship in a sub-index.

To take the tour, which will lead you through the churches one by one as if you were travelling around them yourself, click on the image or title (as shown below).

To see the full list of churches and other places of worship, click on the full list link (as shown below).

Links for a church-by-church tour starting from the main parish church (above) and for a full list of churches of that region (below)


Return to index

At any point, you can return from the gallery pages which display the photos to the appropriate index by clicking on the link on the right-hand side of every page, shown here.

Return to index link
The link to be found on every page of church photos which will lead back to the most relevant index page for those churches

Finally, remember that your own photos will help the collection grow, so please take some and send them in. You can contact us about submitting your photos here.