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Sights & Scenes of the British Isles

Herne Bay Breakwater, Kent

by Peter Kessler, 23 September 2022

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        Canterbury City Council's 'Coastal Management Policy' focussed on the district's coastal defences over a fifty year period. Herne Bay's seafront was identified as being in need of renewal owing to the potential for damage to the town's central area should the old sea defences fail.

        Those defences dated to various builds between the 1920s and 1960s along Central Parade, covering a length of some six hundred metres between the pier in the west to William Street in the east. The land behind it forms a natural basin which could be flooded in a storm or by surge water direct from the North Sea.

        Very early on it became clear that there was now an opportunity to fully upgrade and refurbish the seafront. A breakwater would also be constructed to add extra protection to the semi-natural harbour area on the eastern side of the pier.

        Construction of the breakwater started on 24 June 1991. All work was completed by the time of the official opening on 7 October 1992, including a period to allow the shingle-and-sand base to settle, and the concrete walkway to be laid in April 1992. Work on the rest of the seafront defences was completed by 1993.

        Main Credits

        Filmed by Peter Kessler

        Video post-production by Kessler Associates

        Other Sources

        South East Coastal Group: Herne Bay breakwater (1991 to 1992)

        Britain Express: Herne Bay


        Images and text copyright © P L Kessler except where stated. An original feature for the History Files.