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Between 1958 and 1979 there were 29 Carry On films made, most with variations of the same leading cast, plus many notable guests, the last of the regular series being Carry On Emmanuelle. A revival film, Carry on Columbus, was released in 1992. This listing puts the entire series of films in their correct running order.

The feature films are of varying lengths, and are shown on both BBC and ITV channels at various and oft repeated times. ITV and Channel 4 running times include commercial breaks. Director of all films was Gerald Thomas, who passed away in 1993, shortly after the mixed reception to the arrival of Carry On Columbus.


Carry On Sergeant

At Heathercrest National Service Depot, a crusty old drill sergeant in his last year before retirement must turn a bunch of National Service conscripts into a unit fit for action - a seemingly impossible task.

Sergeant Grimshawe William Hartnell
Mary Sage Shirley Eaton
Pvt Charlie Sage Bob Monkhouse
Cpt Potts "the Perfect" Eric Barker
Nora Dora Bryan
Corporal Coppin Bill Owen
Pvt Golightly Charles Hawtrey
Pvt Horace Strong Kenneth Conner
Pvt James Bailey Kenneth Williams
Pvt M Hayward Terence Longdon
Herbert Brown Norman Rossington
Pvt Andy Galloway Gerald Campion
Captain Clark Hattie Jacques
Sergeant Paddy O’Brien Terry Scott
With: Bernard Kay, Brian Jackson, Arnold Diamond,
  Gordon Tanner, Martin Boddey, Frank Forsyth,
  Ian Whittaker, Edward Judd, Jack Smethurst
and Cyril Chamberlain

(1958 ITV B&W)

Carry On Teacher

To persuade their anti-caning headmaster not to leave the school at the end of term, some of the pupils of Maudlin Street School take to sabotage in a big way, especially when a famous child psychologist and a schools inspector arrive.

Mr Adams Kenneth Conner
Mr Bean Charles Hawtrey
Mr Grigg Leslie Philips
Miss Alcock Joan Sims
Mr Milton Kenneth Williams
Miss Shaw Hattie Jacques
Felicity Wheeler Rosalind Knight
Mr Wakefield Ted Ray
Alf the Caretaker Cyril Chamberlain
Stevens the Saboteur Richard O’Sullivan

(1959 ITV 95-minutes B&W)

Carry On Nurse

Funny goings-on in Haven Hospital ensue when impatient Mr Bell ("ding-dong!") decides to go ahead with his own operation, with the help of a few similarly inebriated fellow patients.

Oliver Reckitt Kenneth Williams
Humphrey Hinton Charles Hawtrey
Dorothy Denton Shirley Eaton
Matron Hattie Jacques
Bernie Bishop Kenneth Conner
Nurse Dawson Joan Sims
Jill Thompson Jill Ireland
Edward York Terence Langdon
Percy Hickson Bill Owen
Jack Bell Leslie Phillips
Sister Joan Hickson
Mr Raven Harry Locke
Staff Nurse Ann Firbank
Mick Brian Oulton
The Colonel Wilfred Hyde White
Norm Norman Rossington
Jane Bishop Susan Shaw
Marje Hickson Irene Handl
Ginger Michael Medwin
Maisie June Whitfield
Nurse Nightingale Susan Beaumont

(1959 C4 95-minutes B&W)

Carry On Constable

Long-suffering police sergeant Wilkins (Sid James) finds his patience tested to near breaking point by a new bunch of coppers at the local station, who are sent as relief staff during a flu epidemic.

Sergeant Frank Wilkins Sidney James
Constable Benson Kenneth Williams
Sergeant Laura Moon Hattie Jacques
Inspector Mills Eric Barker
Constable Charlie Constable Kenneth Conner
With: Charles Hawtrey, Leslie Philips, Joan Sims, Terence Longden,
  Joan Hickson, Victor Maddern
and Esma Cannon

(1960 ITV 90-minutes B&W)

Carry On Regardless

Bert Handy runs the Helping Hands Odd Job Agency, and he’s recruiting new staff. But the people he gets from the Employment Exchange are inexperienced, and end up confused and bewildered as they mix up their respective tasks, as do the people they are supposed to help. They end up by demolishing a house they were contracted to repair.

Bert Handy Sidney James
Sam Twist Kenneth Conner
Francis Courtney Kenneth Williams
Gabriel Dimple Charles Hawtrey
Lily Duveen Joan Sims
Delia King Liz Fraser
Mr Weston Bill Owen
Mrs Panting Fenella Fielding
With: Stanley Unwin, Terence Longden, Betty Marsden, Nicholas Parsons,
   Victor Maddern, Esma Cannon
and Joan Hickson

(1961 ITV 105-minutes B&W)

Carry On Cruising

The first film of the series in colour. The SS Happy Wanderer is about to set off on a cruise when the captain discovers most of his crew are willing but not very able newcomers. Initially they perform their duties very badly, but when they discover their captain is due to be posted away, they pull out all the stops to persuade him to stay.

With: Sidney James, Kenneth Williams, Kenneth Conner,
  Liz Fraser, Dilys Laye, Lance Percival
and Esma Cannon

(1962 ITV 85-minutes)

Carry On Cabby

A cab war is inevitable when cab company owner Sid refuses to leave his work behind him when he comes home. But the all-women rival company finds it isn’t quite so easy as they first thought when their boss, Sid’s wife, is kidnapped during a robbery.

With: Sidney James, Hattie Jacques, Kenneth Conner,
  Charles Hawtrey, Peter Gilmore, Amanda Barrie
and Liz Fraser

(1963 B&W)

Carry On Spying

It’s panic stations at BOSH when formula ‘X’ is stolen by the agents of the subversive organisation known as STENCH. Barbara Windsor makes her first Carry On appearance.

Desmond Simkins Kenneth Williams
Daphne Honeybutt Barbara Windsor
Harold Crump Bernard Cribbins
Charles Bind Charles Hawtrey
Chief Eric Barker
Lila Dilys Laye
Carstairs Jim Dale
Cobley Richard Wattis
Doctor Crow Judith Furse
Head Waiter John Bluthal

(1964 BBC/ITV 85/90-minutes B&W)

Carry On Jack

The first Carry On costume comedy, and only the second in colour; mock mutinies, plank-walkings and general mayhem ensue as the Carry On team attempt to take on the might of the Spanish Armada. The year is 1805, and aboard the good ship Venus is Captain Fearless, who hates the sea and can’t stand violence. There is also a stowaway in the shapely form of Sally, who wants to find her long-lost love, but settles for midshipman Poop-Decker instead.

Albert Poop-Decker Bernard Cribbins
Sally Juliet Mills
Walter Charles Hawtrey
Cpt Fearless Kenneth Williams
Howett Donald Houston
Carrier Jim Dale
Hardy Anton Rodgers
Spanish Governor Patrick Cargill
Roger the Pirate Captain Peter Gilmore

(1964 BBC 100-minutes)

Carry On Cleo

Made the year after Liz Taylor’s box office flop on the same theme, this more entertaining version has a couple of captured Britons struggling to find a way home. Meanwhile, Mark Anthony has designs on the imperial throne, and on Cleopatra.

Caesar: Friends, Romans-
Mark Anthony: -Countrymen.
Caesar: I knoooww!!

Caesar Kenneth Williams
Mark Anthony Sidney James
Hengist Pod Kenneth Conner
Cleopatra Amanda Barrie
Horsa Jim Dale
Seneca Charles Hawtrey
Calpernica Joan Sims
Spencius Warren Mitchell
Gloria Julie Stevens
Senna Pod Sheila Hancock
Roman Citizen Wanda Ventham
Agrippa Francis de Wolff
Galley Slave Captain Peter Gilmore
Soothsayer Jon Pertwee
With: Victor Maddern, Brian Oulton, Tom Clegg and Michael Ward

(1964 ITV)

Carry On Cowboy

Way out west, the peace of Stodge City is shattered when the dreaded Rumpo Kid rides into town and guns down the sheriff. Knutt, a travelling salesman, finds himself suckered with the job of making the town safe, with some secret help.

Rumpo Kid Sidney James
Judge Burke Kenneth Williams
Belle Joan Sims
Marshal P Knutt Jim Dale
Charlie Percy Herbert
Annie Oakley Angela Douglas
Josh Davy Kaye
Little Heap Bernard Bresslaw
Big Heap Charles Hawtrey
Doc Peter Butterworth
Sam Sydney Bromley
Kitikata Sally Douglas
Sheriff Earp Jon Pertwee
Dolores Edina Rowney

(1965 ITV 105-minutes)

Carry On Screaming

The team tackle a blood-curdling missing persons investigation. Detective Sergeant Bung is led into the strange world of the mysterious Doctor Watt and his vampish sister Valeria. Bung finds a seven-foot tall monster, an angry Mummy, and Kenneth Williams’ nasal cry of "Frying tonight!"

Doctor Watt Kenneth Williams
Detective Sergeant Bung Harry H Corbett
Valeria Fenella Fielding
Dan Dann Charles Hawtrey
Albert Potter Jim Dale
Emily Bung Joan Sims
Detective Constable Slobotham Peter Butterworth
Doris Mann Angela Douglas
Sockett Bernard Bresslaw
Pathologist Jon Pertwee

(1966 BBC 95-minutes/ITV 100-minutes)

Carry On Don’t Lose Your Head

"Mon blooming dieu!" A send-up of the French Revolution, with attractive costumes and elegant staging - and just as vulgar as ever. Sir Rodney Ffing and Lord Darcy lend a hand to the noble heads of France during the revolution of 1789, but Citizen Camembert, head of the secret police, and his assistant Bidet, are soon on their trail.

Sir Rodney Ffing Sid James
Citizen Camembert Kenneth Williams
Lord Darcy Jim Dale
Duc de Pommfrit Charles Hawtrey
Desirée Dubarry Joan Sims
Citizen Bidet Peter Butterworth
Jacqueline Dany Robin
Robespierre Peter Gilmore
English Ladies Marianne Stone and Jacqueline Pearce

(1966 BBC 87-minutes)

Carry On Follow That Camel

When Sergeant Bilko was demobbed, Phil Silvers came to England to play Sergeant Nocker of the Foreign Legion in this high-spirited satire of adventure epics. Unjustly accused of being a cheat, Bertram Oliphant West joins the French Foreign Legion where he immediately falls foul of the obnoxious Sergeant Nocker and Sheikh Abdul Abulbul. Not originally a Carry On film, that title was added almost at the end of production, and didn’t even appear in the finished product. Nevertheless, with Kenneth Williams ("there’s many a good fiddle played on an old dune") and company in attendance, the film is a classic of the series.

Sergeant Nocker Phil Silvers
Bertram (Beau) Oliphant West Jim Dale
Simpson Peter Butterworth
Captain Le Pice Charles Hawtrey
Commandant Burger Kenneth Williams
Corktip Anita Harris
Zigzag Joan Sims
Abdul Bernard Bresslaw
Lady Jane Ponsonby Angela Douglas
Corporal Clotski John Bluthal
Riff Larry Taylor
Raff William Hurndell
Captain Humphrey Bagshaw Peter Gilmore

(1967 BBC 90-minutes)

Carry On Doctor

Or "Nurse carries on again". In this sequel to Carry On Nurse, Francis Bigger is a notorious charlatan who tours the country lecturing on mind over matter. During one of his performances he falls off the platform and is taken to the chaotic local hospital. Matron romances supercilious Doctor Tinkle, Mr Roper smokes under the bedclothes, Sandra May pops out of her nurse’s uniform, and Frankie Howerd makes his series debut. Sid James was genuinely bedridden for much of this production.

Francis Bigger Frankie Howerd
Charles Roper Sidney James
Doctor Tinkle Kenneth Williams
Mr Barron Charles Hawtrey
Doctor Kilmore Jim Dale
Nurse Clark Anita Harris
Sandra May Barbara Windsor
Chloe Gibson Joan Sims
Matron Hattie Jacques
With: Bernard Bresslaw, Peter Butterworth, Dandy Nichols, Peter Jones,
  Derek Guyler, Dilys Laye, Peter Gilmore, Harry Locke, Brian Wilde,
  Marianne Stone, Lucy Griffiths, Gertan Klauber
and Julian Holloway

(1968 BBC 95-minutes)

Carry On Up The Khyber

The villainous Khasi of Kalabar plans a rebellion against the Governor, Sir Sydney Ruff-Diamond, but the contents of Sir Sydney’s Highlanders’ kilts sees off the Khasi.

Sir Sydney Ruff-Diamond Sidney James
Khasi of Kalabar Kenneth Williams
Private James Widdle Charles Hawtrey
Captain Keene Roy Castle
Lady Ruff-Diamond Joan Sims
Bungdit Din Bernard Bresslaw
Brother Belcher Peter Butterworth
Sergeant Major MacNutt Terry Scott
Princess Jelhi Angela Douglas
Fakir Cardew Robinson
Major Shorthouse Julian Holloway
No.1 Wife Wanda Ventham
Private Ginger Hale Peter Gilmore
Khasi’s Wife Alexandra Dane

(1968 BBC 84-minutes)

Carry On Camping

When Sid Boggle and Bernie Lugg take their girlfriends to the Paradise Camp, the lecherous pair think their off to a nudist colony. They couldn’t be more wrong. Most memorable clippets include Mr Fiddler demanding a "Pound" or two at the camp gate, and Doctor Soper’s "No Barbara, tent up first, bunk up later!"

Sid Boggle Sidney James
Doctor Soper Kenneth Williams
Joan Fussey Joan Sims
Charlie Muggins Charles Hawtrey
Bernie Lugg Bernard Bresslaw
Peter Potter Terry Scott
Babs Barbara Windsor
Miss Haggard Hattie Jacques
Joshua Fiddler Peter Butterworth


Carry On Again Doctor

Or "Where there’s a pill there’s a way", or "The bowels are ringing". Doctor Nookey finds himself on the way to a tropical posting, but is lucky enough to find a miracle formula for weight loss. Back in Britain, he teams up with Mrs Moore, a wealthy widow, to form the Moore-Nookey Clinic. Unfortunately he’s reckoned without rival Doctor Carver in this poor addition to the series.

Doctor Frederick Carver Kenneth Williams
Doctor Jim Nookey Jim Dale
Gladstone Screwer Sidney James
Matron Soaper Hattie Jacques
Doctor Stoppage Charles Hawtrey
Goldie Locks/Maud Boggins Barbara Windsor
Mrs Moore Joan Sims
Miss Fosdyke Patsy Rowlands
Matron Pat Coombs
Doctor Henry Peter Gilmore
Mrs Beasley Patricia Hayes
Mr Pullin Wilfred Bramble
With: Peter Butterworth

(1969 ITV 90-minutes)

Carry On Loving

Or ‘It’s just one thing on top of another’. Sidney and Sophie Bliss run the Wedded Bliss Marriage Agency, but not very well. Sophie wants Sid to marry her, but he’s more interested in Esme Crowfoot - until her wrestler boyfriend shows up.

Sidney Bliss Sidney James
Percival Snooper Kenneth Williams
James Bedsop Charles Hawtrey
Esme Crowfoot Joan Sims
Sophie Plummet Hattie Jacques
Terence Philpot Terry Scott
Bertie Muffett Richard O’Callaghan
Gripper Barge Bernard Bresslaw
Sally Martin Jacki Piper
Jenny Grubb Imogen Hassall
Miss Dempsey Patsy Rowlands
Adrian Julian Holloway
With: Bill Pertwee, Joan Hickson, Bill Maynard and Kenny Lynch

(1970 BBC 86-minutes)

Carry On Up The Jungle

Or "Stop Beating About The Bush", or "Show Me Your Water Hole and I’ll Show You Mine". An ornithological expedition up the jungle in search of the legendary Oozalum bird finds more than expected. Lady Evelyn is searching for her long lost husband and son and finds them both, but one has turned into a poor man’s Tarzan, while the other is living the life of ‘luxury’ with the Lubbe Dubbe tribe of Amazons.

Mr Boozie Sidney James
Professor Inigo Tinkle Frankie Howerd
Lord Claude Chumley Kenneth Conner
Lady Evelyn Bagley Joan Sims
Ugg Terry Scott
Miss June Bung Jacki Piper
Upsadaisy Bernard Bresslaw
Tonka the Great Charles Hawtrey

(1970 ITV 96-minutes)

Carry On Henry

Or "Mind My Chopper". This film was based on a recently discovered manuscript by one William Cobbler which reveals that Henry VIII did in fact have two more wives. Although it was at first thought that Cromwell originated the story, it is now known to be definitely all Cobbler’s...from beginning to end.

Henry Tudor Sidney James
Sir Roger de Logerly Charles Hawtrey
Lord Chancellor Thomas Cromwell Kenneth Williams
Queen Marie Joan Sims
Cardinal Wolsey Terry Scott
Lady Bettina of Bristol Barbara Windsor
Lord Hampton of Wick Kenneth Conner
Duke de Ponteny Julian Holloway
Francis King of France Peter Gilmore
Count Philippe de Pizza Gertan Klauber
Farmer Derek Francis
Torturer’s Helper Dave Prowse
Charles, Earl of Bristol Peter Butterworth
Guy Fawkes Bill Maynard
The Former Queen Patsy Rowlands
A Plotter Billy Cornelius
Moisha Montmorency John Bluthal
Mistress Scrub Margaret Nolan
Farmer’s Daughter Marjie Lawrence
Page Larry Lamb

(1971 ITV 94-minutes)

Carry On At Your Convenience

Shop steward Vic Spanner finds himself at loggerheads with the management of W C Boggs & Sons toilet factory, and is suffering pangs of jealousy because Sid Plummer’s daughter is dating the manager’s son. Sid himself finds he’s on a lucky streak when he discovers that his wife’s hitherto speechless budgie has a very lucrative talent.

Sid Plummer Sidney James
W C Boggs Kenneth Williams
Charles Coote Charles Hawtrey
Chloe Moore Joan Sims
Beattie Plummer Hattie Jacques
Bernie Hulke Bernard Bresslaw
Vic Spanner Kenneth Cope
Myrtle Plummer Jacki Piper
Lewis Boggs Richard O’Callaghan
Miss Withering Patsy Rowlands
Fred Moore Bill Maynard
Benny Davy Kaye
Popsy Margaret Nolan
Bunny Waitress Shirley Stelfox
Agatha Spanner Renee Houston

(1971 BBC 85-minutes)

Carry On Matron

The fourth Carry On with a hospital background, and the 23rd in the series, concerns a plot by petty criminals Sid James, Kenneth Cope and Bernard Bresslaw to rob the local maternity hospital of contraceptive pills and sell them abroad. For Sid’s gang to gain entry to the hospital, his son Cyril has to pose as a nurse. Lots of jokes about expectant mums and cut-throat doctors, plus a funny turn from Joan Sims as the indigestion-prone mother-to-be.

Sid Carter Sidney James
Sir Bernard Cutting Kenneth Williams
Matron Hattie Jacques
Doctor Goode Charles Hawtrey
Susan Ball Barbara Windsor
Doctor Prodd Terry Scott
Mrs Tidey Joan Sims
Cyril Kenneth Cope
Ernie Bernard Bresslaw
Mr Tidey Kenneth Conner
Freddie Bill Maynard
Evelyn Patsy Rowlands

(1972 BBC 85-minutes)

Carry On Abroad

Or "What a package". Saucy carry-ons in the Mediterranean resort of Elsbels, when the party of a package holiday find their half-built hotel is falling apart at the seams, and there is only one thing to take their minds off it. Strange enough its not Floella the cook’s English menu. Series swansong for Charles Hawtrey.

Vic Flange Sidney James
Sadie Tomkins Barbara Windsor
Miss Dobbs Patsy Rowlands
Stuart Farquhar Kenneth Williams
Miss Lilly Plunkett Amelia Bayntun
Merge Carol Hawkins
Marge’s friend Sally Geeson
Stanley Blunt Kenneth Conner
Evelyn Blunt June Whitfield
Mrs Flange Joan Sims
Eustace Tuttle Charles Hawtrey
Brother Bernard Bernard Bresslaw
Papa Pepe Peter Butterworth
Georgeo Pepe Ray Brooks
Floella Pepe Hattie Jacques
Harry Jack Douglas

(1972 UK Gold 95-minutes)

Carry On Girls

A typically frantic tale about a beauty contest disrupted by Women’s Lib activists. Sidney Fiddler bullies the town council of a seaside resort into staging a beauty contest. But the idea meets with fervent opposition, and all sorts of dirty tricks are unleashed.

Sidney Fiddler Sidney James
Connie Philpotts Joan Sims
Frederick Bumble Kenneth Conner
Hope Springs Barbara Windsor
Peter Potter Bernard Bresslaw
Augusta Prodworthy June Whitfield
Admiral Peter Butterworth
William Jack Douglas
Mildred Bumble Patsy Rowlands
Mrs Dukes Joan Hickson
Paula Perkins Valerie Leon
Dawn Breaks Margaret Nolan
Debra Sally Geeson
Miss Bangor Angela Grant
Ida Downs Wendy Richard

(1973 BBC 85-minutes)

Carry On Dick

Packed with innuendo and ripe with double meanings, the Very Reverend Flasher leads a secret life as highwayman Dick Turpin in one of the best additions to the series.

Dick Turpin/Rev Flasher Sidney James
Captain Desmond Fancey Kenneth Williams
Harriet/Harry Barbara Windsor
Martha Hoggett Hattie Jacques
Madame Desiree Joan Sims
Sir Roger Daly Bernard Bresslaw
Constable Kenneth Conner
Tom ‘Doc’ Scholl Peter Butterworth
Sergeant Jock Strapp Jack Douglas
With: Patsy Rowlands, Bill Maynard, Margaret Nolan,
  Marianne Stone, Billy Cornelius
and Sam Kelly

(1974 BBC 90-minutes)

Carry On Behind

Professor Crump and visiting archaeologist Professor Vushka find themselves in a rickety old caravan on a dodgy old site whilst excavating Roman remains. Unfortunately, the site is riddled with old mining tunnels, and the weather is persisting down. When the other campers start to get that sinking feeling, they know they’re in the pits.

Professor Roland Crump Kenneth Williams
Professor Anna Vushka Elke Sommer
Fred Ramsden Windsor Davies
Ernie Jack Douglas
Mrs Ramsden Liz Fraser
Arthur Bernard Bresslaw
Clive Sam Kelly
The Dean David Hewlett
Mummy Patsy Rowlands
Daphne Barnes Joan Sims
The Major Kenneth Conner
Henry Barnes Peter Butterworth
The Girls Carol Hawkins and Sherie Hewson
The Doctor George Layton
With: Ian Lavender, Adrienne Posta and Billy Cornelius

(1975 UK Gold 90-minutes)

Carry On England

The personnel of a British anti-aircraft battery refuse to bring order to the mixed ranks of their unit, despite the best efforts of the CO. This is the film that dealt the series a mortal blow.

Captain S Melly Kenneth Conner
Sergeant Major ‘Tiger’ Bloomer Windsor Davies
Sergeant Len Able Patrick Mower
Sergeant Tilly Willing Judy Geeson
Bombardier Ready Jack Douglas
Pvt Alice Easy Diane Langton
Gunner Shorthouse Melvyn Hayes
Private Sharp Joan Sims
Major Carstairs Peter Butterworth

(1976 BBC 85-minutes)

Carry On Emmanuelle

The staff below stairs are witness to the saucy goings-on between the wife of the French Ambassador, various diplomats, Members of Parliament, and a football team in what amounts to a bawdy, soft-soft porn conclusion to the regular series.

Emmanuelle Suzanne Danielle
Emile Kenneth Williams
Lions Jack Douglas
Mrs Dangle Joan Sims
Leyland Kenneth Conner
Theodore Valentine Sam Kelly
Mrs Valentine Beryl Reid
Henry Hump Henry McGee
With: Victor Maddern

(1978 UK Gold 95-minutes)

Carry On Columbus

Lisbon 1492: Christopher Columbus sets sail with his brother Bart and a motley crew to discover a direct sea route to the Far East. He doesn’t realise that two spies, planted by the Ottoman Sultan, are on board. Despite the poor press, this is a fair enough finale for the series, at least until Chris reaches the New World.

Abdul the Benevolent Rik Mayall
The Wazier Nigel Planer
Wang Bert Kwouk
Fatima Sara Crowe
Christopher Columbus Jim Dale
Martin Martin Clunes
Bart Columbus Peter Richardson
Achmed the Shoemaker Alexei Sayle
Mordecai Mendoza Bernard Cribbins
Queen Isabella June Whitfield
King Ferdinand Leslie Phillips
Countess Esmerelda Maureen Lipman
Maria Holly Aird
Chiquita Rebecca Lacey
Duke of Costa Brava Jon Pertwee
Father Torquemada James Faulkner
Don Juan Felipe Richard Wilson
Don Juan Diego Julian Clary
Pepe the Poisoner Keith Allen
Tonto the Torch Daniel Peacock
Marco the Cereal Killer Jack Douglas
The Bosun Don Henderson
Governor of the Canaries Peter Gilmore
Pontiac Charles Fleischer
Hubba Chris Langham
Baba the Messenger Tony Slattery
Nina the Model Sara Stockbridge
Inquisitors James Pertwee and Toby Dale
Inquisitor with Ham Sandwich Don MacLean
Countess Joanna Su Douglas
Manservant John Antrobus
Meg Lynda Baron
Fayid Nedjet Salih
Mark Mark Arden
Cpt Perez Mark Sinden
The Chief Larry Miller
Shaman Peter Gordeno
HaHa Prudence Soloman

(1992 BBC 90-minutes)

All details are trademarked and copyrighted by their respective producers. All character and location names are also copyright. No infringement of any copyright is intended.