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The Guide

Episode guides to selected science-fiction and other programmes broadcast in the UK



The Guide

The Guide is an archived microsite representing over a decade of occasional notes made on episodes from selected tv series, with a format based on that of a well-known British publication.

This microsite requires an administrator to take it out of its archived status and make it live once more. If you are interested in taking on the duties of adding new material, please contact us.

There is little that is flashy or graphical on these pages. The sheer weight of text was already making some pages slow to load on some systems back when the site was still active. There is the occasional sound file, but simply copying the many photos found elsewhere on the internet was not something that was practiced in the Guide. What sound there is will not auto-play - you have to click on the headphones graphic to play it.


Alien Nation
Babylon 5
Babylon 5: Crusade
The Boy From Andromeda
Buffy: The Vampire Slayer
Century Falls
The Chronicles Of Narnia
Dark Season
Dear Life
Doctor Who
Earth 2
Escape From Jupiter
The Girl From Tomorrow/
Tomorrow's End

Highlander: The Series
Johnny And The Dead
Jupiter Moon
Kappatoo/Kappatoo II
The Last Train
Lavender Castle
Merlin Of The Crystal Cave
Mission Eureka
The New Adventures Of Superman
Ocean Odyssey (Ocean Girl)
The Outer Limits (1994-1998)
Rachel's Dream
Red Dwarf
Robin Of Sherwood
Round The Twist
SeaQuest DSV / SeaQuest 2032
Space: Above And Beyond
Space Island One
Space: 1999
Space Precinct
Stargate SG-1
Star Trek
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Star Trek: Enterprise
Star Trek: Voyager
Steven Spielberg's Amazing Stories
Time Riders
Time Trax
The Tomorrow People (1992-1995)
The Torch
Treasure Island In Outer Space
VR 5
The Wanderer
War Of The Worlds
Watt On Earth
The X-Files

The Beiderbecke Trilogy
Carry On Films
Danger Man
The Darling Buds Of May
Department S / Jason King
Inspector Morse
Natural Lies
Sara And Hoppity EXTERNAL LINK
Shooting The Past
The Sweeney


All details are trademarked and copyrighted by their respective producers. All character and location names are also copyright. No infringement of any of these copyrights is intended.

The contents of these pages are as precise as possible, but no guarantee is expressed or implied regarding the accuracy of the data.