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The Radio Times billed it as "a collection of fantastic tales of the bizarre and unusual, featuring a varying array of stars and directors..." This was a series that was made in 1986, before many of its 'stars' were actually that, and probably only made its belated appearance on these shores because of the potential audience pulling power of those names. Each week a different short story was featured, all of them containing the essential ingredients of a Spielberg tale: over-extended and weak scripting, too much emphasis on special effects, and rather corny story lines. Needless to say it scored relatively poorly in the Sunday afternoon ratings, and soon disappeared, only to reappear in various late slots as a schedule-filler on BBC1 over the next couple of years.


Creator/Writer: Steven Spielberg

41 colour episodes, pilot x 45-minutes, rest 25-minutes

The Mission (Pilot)

A courageous young Second World War gunner, trapped in the belly of a B-17 bomber, faces certain death when all efforts to release him prove fruitless. Then he realises he can draw his way out of trouble.

Cast: Kevin Costner and Kiefer Sutherland

Ghost Train
Fine Tuning
The Main Attraction
The Greibble
Alamo Joe
The Remote Control Man
The Sitter
One For The Books
Gather Ye Acorns
Santa 85
Grandpa's Ghost
Mr Magic
The Doll
Miss Stardust
Without Diana


Mirror, Mirror
Blue Man Down
Such Interesting Neighbors
The Pumpkin Competition
The Amazing Falsworth
Vanessa In The Garden
Hell Toupee
Moving Day
The 21-Inch Sun
No Day At The Beach
Guilt Trip
You Gotta Believe Me
What If..?
Magic Saturday
Mummy, Daddy
Welcome To My Nightmare
Life On Death Row
The Wedding Ring
Secret Cinema
The Eternal Mind
Go To The Head Of The Class
Dorothy And Ben

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