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Charles Wood's controversial drama, based on the experiences of Lieutenant Robert Lawrence during the Falklands War, was first broadcast in 1988, and was shown again in 1992 to mark the war's tenth anniversary. An Argentinean sniper shot and almost fatally wounded the 22-year-old Scots Guards officer within hours of the British victory. But for Robert and his family, the real battles lay ahead. Lawrence himself emphasised that: "The point that was missed in all the furore is that Tumbledown is a dramatisation. It depicts real events and the character has things in common with me - but he's portrayed by Colin Firth...I think what all the fuss really proved is that we hit the nail on the head." The play was directed by Richard Eyre and won several awards, including an RTS award, a Bafta award for Best Single Drama, and a Prix Italia.



Robert Lawrence Colin Firth   Hugh Mackessac Paul Rhys
John Lawrence David Calder   Jean Lawrence Barbara Leigh-Hunt
Sophie Emma Harbour   Nick Lawrence Rupert Baker
Christopher Lawrence Jack Fortune   George Stubbs Roddy Maude-Roxby
Helen Stubbs Ann Bell   Louise Stubbs Sophie Thompson
Prothero Dan Hildebrand   Sgt Brodick Tam Dean Burn
Lumpy Mark Williams   Fraser Ian Michie
Saltemarsh Paul Higgins   O'Rourke Stewart Porter
Lt Col Bill Kirke Timothy Carlton   Adj Stewart Inglis Mark Wing-Davey
Major Walsh Robin Dalglish   Padre Andrew McCulloch
Lt Peter Fyshe Edward Rawle-Hicks   Noble Lord Charles Milham
Harry Hebers Ben Cole   Terry Knapp Clive Russell


Writer: Charles Wood

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