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A very average tv adaptation of a gritty and violent feature film, RoboCop hit Sky One's screens in the spring of 1995, just about the same time the one year-old series was cancelled due to poor ratings in the States. The setting is Detroit in the 21st century, and RoboCop patrols a city rebuilt by his ruthless and greedy masters, OmniConsumer Product.

The main role was taken by Richard Eden, after the original cop pulled out following the second feature film. The show was standard cops-and-robbers fare, with a little science fiction thrown in for the 'near future' setting. The stories were not spectacular, but were entertaining, despite being overlaid with a humorous tone. A more interesting feature was the regular appearances of RoboCop's 'widow', Nancy Murphy, who was also a friend of his partner, Lisa Madigan. As the series progresses, and Nancy sees more and more of Murphy up close, her mind begins to nag at her that there is something vaguely familiar about what she can see of RoboCop's face. There is real emotion in their occasional meetings, and the viewer is left waiting for the day when Nancy finally recognises her husband. Given a second series, this probably would have happened.

Lead bad guy, or comical crook, was Pudface Morgan, a slightly loopy individual resurrected (literally) from the first feature film, and who now bore comic book scars of his bath in acidic waste. With a tight and arduous filming schedule, Richard Eden required a RoboCop stunt double to help him out on some of the riskier scenes, and two movement coaches were on set to coordinate his semi-robotic cyborg motions and gestures. The RoboCop costume was designed by Rob Bottin, and casting and filming was split between the USA and Canada. The pilot episode, a double-length feature, was written by RoboCop's creators, and, within a tv budget and format, remained basically true to the first film in its style and concept, even down to its musical score.



RoboCop/Officer Alex Murphy Richard Eden   Detective Lisa Madigan Yvette Nipar
Sergeant Parkes Blu Mankuma   Diana Andrea Roth
OCP Chairman David Gardner   Gadget Sarah Campbell
Bo Harlan Dan Duran   Rocky Crenshaw Erica Ehm
Nancy Murphy Jennifer Griffin   Jimmy Murphy Peter Costigan
Charlie Lippencott Ed Sahely


Based on characters created by: Edward
and Michael Miner
Executive Producers: Stephen Downing,
  Brian K Ross
and Kevin Gillis
Producer: J Miles Dale
Co-Producer: John Sheppard (Not Pilot)
Line Producer: Robert Wertheimer
Executive Creative Consultants: Frank
and Larry Sanitsky
Creative Consultant: Jon Davison
Music by: Jon Stroll and Kevin Gillis


Season One

The Future Of Law Enforcement

RoboCop has been introduced to the world and must now set about cleaning up the mess, especially with the insane Pudface Morgan, the sole, (almost-) human remains of Clarence Boddecker's gang. He faces more than he bargained for when Pudface teams up with a corrupt scientist who plans to control Delta City's new power supply.

Chip Chayken John Rubinstein
Dr Mollardo Cliff de Young
Little Jimmy Murphy Jordan Hughes
Dogtown Boy Jonathan Scarfe
Pudface Morgan James Kidnie

Prime Suspect

A scientist of dubious morals wants to turn the cryogenically frozen bodies of veteran soldiers into more RoboCop police officers. But public opinion, led by a bunch of crooked evangelists, is turning against the idea, and, with criminal backing, Murphy is framed for murder and force to go on the run.

Doctor Robert Yung Richard Comar
With: Richard Paul

Trouble In Delta City

Madigan is arrested for dangerous driving, and RoboCop discovers she is hooked on a new super-slimming drug, VMN, which is addictive and cuts prohibitions to a dangerous level. Recently escaped lunatic and criminal, Pudface Morgan, is planning to dump a concentrated solution of the drug into the city's water supply.

Doctor Cray Mollardo Cliff de Young
Pudface Morgan James Kidnie

Officer Missing

OCP institutes cost-cutting nightly power blackouts which bring out roving night gangs. RoboCop is given a great deal of trouble by one of them when he offers the OCP Chairman a ride-along on his patrol route.

Worker Maurice Dean Wint
Joe Avery Ted Dykstra
Ami Avery Jane Spidell
Josh Avery Dov Tienfenbach

What Money Can't Buy

RoboCop enters the high-priced world of organ transplants when Josh Avery comes up for his lung replacement operation. A robbery at the organ bank puts the operation in extreme doubt.

Josh Avery Dov Tienfenbach
Joe Avery Ted Dykstra
Ami Avery Jane Spidell
With: Gregory Scott Cummins and Ann Turkel

Ghosts Of War

OCP's weapons division is raided by a band of mentally unstable war veterans, and one of the company's top executives is implicated when the technology is sold to aid the Amazon War effort.

Eugene Omar Jon Cypher
Frank Uno Roger Earl Mosley

Zone Five

'Fun' is a new guilt-free drug causing havoc on the streets. RoboCop has to deal with it, but he finds himself hampered by an OCP-regulated street vigilante group.

OCP Representative Scott Colomby

Provision 22

Murphy discovers his former wife is on benefit, and is leading protests against a crooked corporation and its unorthodox security force.

Young Jimmy Murphy Jordan Hughes
Bea Jackie Richardson
With: Sondra Currie and Geraint Wyn Davies

Faces Of Eve

Evil Pudface Morgan and his gang use OCP's latest cosmetic creation, Eve, to unleash a crime wave.

Pudface Morgan James Kidnie
With: David Hemblen

When Justice Fails

Murphy and Madigan race to save the lives of four astronauts.

(Guest cast unknown)

The Human Factor

Murphy's father, a retired cop who put away an anti-corporate bomber, is just one target when the bomber escapes from jail to wage a war of terror against his old bosses.

Cpt Russell Murphy Martin Milner
Dorothy Murphy Nonnie Griffin
Felix Webber Robert Morelli

Inside Crime

An OCP reporter gets the scoop on Pudface Morgan at the expense of the cops on TV’s hit "reality show".

Rochelle Carney Marla Sucharetza

RoboCop v Commander Cash

When sales of products based on the popular Commander Cash cartoon character reach an all-time high, so does the juvenile crime rate.

Martina Marx Catherine Swing
Young Jimmy Murphy Jordan Hughes


RoboCop guards the chairman of OCP against a mysterious assassin. Meanwhile, Madigan falls under the spell of a handsome young magician who may be the killer.

The Magician Cali Timmins
Edward Foster Richard Waugh

The Tin Man

Armed ice cream and snack food vans wage an all-out gang war for the control of local gambling. To win, one side uses an old colleague of Murphy's, now technologically enhanced.

Stitch Molotov Hrant Alianak
Umberto Ortega Patrick McKenna
Trent Ron Lea
Tin Man Daniel Kash
With: Kim Coates

Sisters In Crime

When his sexist views anger feminists, the OCP chairman is kidnapped by a band of rebels and is forced to do the housework.

Ms Carney Marla Sucharetza
Chip Chayken John Rubinstein


A ruthless criminal steals a deadly weapon developed by Omni that uses microwaves to kill.

With: Stephen Shellen

Mother's Day

Gadget becomes caught up in a custody battle and leaves Sergeant Parks to be reunited with her real mother. At the same time, the US and Russia are involved in an increasingly bitter trade war.

With: Camilla Scott and Rosemary Dunsmore


Officer Madigan is crippled in a crash when a city bus mysteriously goes out of control. The race is on to save her life as RoboCop discovers a plan hatched by a former Internal Revenue agent.

With: Victor A Young

Corporate Raiders

RoboCop and Officer Madigan have their hands full trying to track down a mysterious gang of hi-tech bandits.

With: Martin Milner and Gwynyth Walsh

Midnight Minus One

RoboCop is placed in temporary quarantine after a deadly biotoxin is released by the crooks he is pursuing. He must race against the clock to prevent an execution before it can take place on live television.

With: David Orth and Chuck Shamata

Public Enemies

RoboCop faces the criminal trio of Dr Mollardo, Chip Chayken and Pudface Morgan as they team up to finally defeat him. Stage one is to destroy RoboCop's spare parts warehouse.

Chip Chayken John Rubinstein
Pudface Morgan James Kidnie
Dr Cray Mollardo Cliff de Young

All details are trademarked and copyrighted by their respective producers. All character and location names are also copyright. No infringement of any copyright is intended.