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"MI5, not 9 to 5". So ran the catch-line for the BBC's latest spy effort. This one was no James Bond, dealing as it did with the junior intelligence service. But it was sleek and sophisticated nonetheless, as well as being tense, dramatic, and gripping. The build-up to any action was often shown in modern split-screen format, with separate panes moving, shrinking or growing in size depending on their importance. Coupled with a striking and authoritative music score this was a very successful method of building tension. The heroes were "ordinary" people - as much as people in their profession could ever be - and were shown as being very professional, but fallible. Storylines often owed more to Len Deighton than Ian Fleming. These spies had to do their own background legwork, and were not invulnerable. The second episode brutally revealed just how vulnerable they could be.

The BBC portrayed the series' main characters as follows: "Razor-sharp and one of MI5’s brightest officers, Tom [Quinn is] popular and the leader of a brilliant team. He’s a quick thinker and prepared to go against protocol if he thinks it’s the way to get results. He’s 100% reliable and devoted to his job. Nothing but nothing will get in the way of his doing the very best he can to protect his country. Recently Tom’s life has got a whole lot more complicated. While on a surveillance mission he fell for the owner of the restaurant he was deep undercover in. Now he finds himself fast falling in love with a woman who doesn’t even know his real name.

"Zoe [Reynolds is] the golden girl of Section B. She may be young, but she’s going places. Fast. She’s a firm favourite with her team-leader, Tom, and that’s because she’s good. She’s a fantastic people person. As well as being a real expert at befriending targets and informants, she’s got the boys of Special Branch twisted round her little finger. Her Miss Perfect status doesn’t always sit well with co-worker Danny. But somehow she manages to keep even him on side. Which is just as well. Zoe doesn’t have many friends outside of work. She lives for her job. Working for Five is all she’s ever really wanted.

"Danny [Hunter] is the youngest member of Section B. He’s a real technical genius. He flew through all his surveillance training with top marks. He can crack codes, hack computers, you name it, Danny’s your man. But his youth shows. He’s the loose cannon of the department. That’s not to say he’s a danger to security. He’s just a little bit too over-excited about the toys and power that come along with his new job. Danny’s determined to prove himself as a Spook and envious of the regard Zoe is held in. But deep down he’s in awe of her. He has a brilliant future ahead of him in MI5, but for now there’s one thing he can’t be trusted with. A credit card.

"It’s no surprise that Harry [Pearce] has made it to the top of the counter-terrorism department at MI5. His fierce intelligence and steely nerves make a formidable combination. Harry was an officer in the army for some years before being headhunted by the Security Service. His years of experience earn him plenty of respect from the other officers at MI5. He’s very much the father-figure of the department. It’s a role he’s comfortable with. He’ll hand out relationship advice to Tom, and try to keep a check on Danny’s more exuberant habits. It’s probably a welcome relief from the pressures of his job. The buck stops with Harry, and he knows it. When difficult decisions have to be made, it’s a relief to know there’s a man like Harry to make them.

"Tessa [Phillips has] been in Five for more than 20 years. Over that time she’s become hard and cynical. Like Tom, she heads up a section in the counter terrorism unit, but unlike Tom, she seems content to maintain her position. She’s happy where she is and in no hurry to move on. But she’s constantly battling for the upper-hand in the office, and she’s no stranger to dirty tricks when she wants to get her own way. Tessa has plenty of admirers in the office. Not least Zoe, who looks up to her slick no-nonsense styles as something to emulate. Tessa has all the trappings of success. She’s only interested in looking after number one and she’s got very good at it. Everything seems to be running smoothly for Tessa, but Harry has a suspicion that all is not quite what it seems.

"The counter-terrorism unit relies on Helen [Flynn]. She’s a fantastic clerk and keeps the department ticking over, like no clerk has done before. But she’s frustrated by her job. She loves working for Five but she longs to be involved in the hard stuff. Helen wants to be a Spook. She idolises Tom, and even more so Zoe – she’s the woman Helen longs to be. Helen’s not just dreaming about advancing in MI5. She’s been keeping her ears to the ground, doing all the courses, and learning all she can from the case officers around her. While Tessa only ever treats her like a worm, all Helen’s hard work and commitment has been noticed by Tom. She could find she gets her chance to prove herself sooner than she thinks."

The series started with two very powerful episodes before settling down a little. All the best episodes were written by the series creator. There were one or two flaws: on a couple of occasions, characters were introduced very much as if we should always have know about them (in the fashion of a soap opera's long-lost sibling who has never been mentioned before the character turns up in the series). A recent occurrence on the main channels had been the interruption of programme end titles with a clip of the programme to follow. With Spooks, the BBC adapted this idea and totally replaced the end titles with a long trailer for the next episode, highly irritating at a time when the viewer was attempting to digest the episode they'd just seen. But this niggle aside, the first series was immensely entertaining and all too short.

Created at a time when the BBC seemed to have abandoned their age-old 50-minute format for this new one-hour format, Spooks was shown at 9.00pm on Mondays, except for episode four, which went out on Tuesday, to make way for HM the Queen's Golden Jubilee celebrations in the UK. With the advent of digital television, Series Two screened episodes in the same slot as before, but then gave digital viewers the chance to see next week's episode immediately on digital-only BBC 3, while second class analogue-only viewers had to wait until the following week. The series was re-title "MI5" for the American audience, and was apparently trimmed from 60 minutes to 44, to allow for advert breaks. How many American viewers realised they had lost a full quarter of each episode's content?

All original text copyright © 2002-2005 BBC. Official Spooks web site.



Tom Quinn Matthew McFadyen (Seasons 1-3, Ep 2)
Zoe Reynolds Keeley Hawes (Seasons 1-3, Ep 6)
Danny Hunter David Oyelowo (Seasons 1-3)
Harry Pearce Peter Firth
Tessa Philips Jenny Agutter (Season 1 Only)
Helen Flynn Lisa Faulkner (Season 1 Eps 1-2 Only)
Ellie Simm Esther Hall  Maisie Simm Heather Cave (Both Season 1 Only)
Malcolm Wynn-Jones Hugh Simon (Regular, Season 2 Onwards)
Sam Buxton Shauna Macdonald (Season 2-3)
Colin Wells Rory Macgregor (Regular, Season 2 Onwards)
Ruth Evershed Nicola Walker (Season 2, Ep 2 Onwards)
Adam Carter Rupert Penry-Jones (Season 3 Onwards)
Fiona Carter Olga Sosnovska (Regular, Season 4 Eps 1-7)
Zafar Younis Raza Jaffrey (Regular, Season 4)
Juliet Shaw Anna Chancellor (Season 4)
Jo Portman
Miranda Raison (Season 4, Ep 5 Onwards)


Created by: David Wolstencroft
Executive Producers: Stephen Garrett 
and Gareth Neame (Seasons 1-3),
  Lucy Richer, Simon Crawford Collins,
  and Jane Featherstone (all Season 4)
Series Producer: Jane Featherstone
Producer: Simon Crawford Collins
(Seasons 1-3), Andrew Woodhead
  (Season 4)
BBC Production Executive: Julie Scott
Titles by: Why Not
Composer: Jennie Muskett

A Kudos Productions creation for the BBC
46 colour 60-minute episodes


Season One

Episode One

w David Wolstencroft

One of Danny's agents, Osprey, feeds him the information that twenty bombs have gone astray in the Liverpool area, intended use unknown. Everything comes more clearly into focus when a car bomb explodes in a suburban street, killing a family-planning doctor and putting her daughter on the critical list.

Tom is furious when he finds out a known pro-life extremist, Mary Kane, has been allowed to sneak into the country without being noted. He knows she’s dangerous. She’s already been sentenced to death in her absence in Florida for a major bomb attack. A bit of background work shows that the first bomb marked an important anniversary. When the team realise her beloved husband’s execution is soon to take place they know when to expect the next atrocity.

Unfortunately MI5 are not the only people on the trail of Mary Kane. The CIA want her back in the USA and they want her now. But Tom’s not so keen to hand her over. He knows that if she’s just packed back to America that leaves nineteen bombs on the loose, and it’s a risk he can’t take. Mary Kane’s house is bugged and Zoe goes undercover.

Posing as a sympathiser, Zoe tricks one of Mary Kane’s supporters into giving away the plan. Zoe heads undercover again, this time posing as the intended victim. The team lure Mary Kane right into their trap her bomb is jammed and she’s arrested. Tom persuades Mary to do a deal. She gives away her accomplices, and in return he makes sure that when she’s sent back to the USA it’s not to Florida where certain death awaits. However, Tom has the last laugh. He hands her over to the CIA and gives her a Florida tourism brochure. Looks like she’s only going back for a short visit.

Mary Kane Lisa Eichhorn
Christine Dale (CIA) Megan Dodds
Keith Burns Ken Bones
Doctor Mike Lynott Adam Kotz
Karen Lynott Karen Westwood
Sarah Lynott Alexandra Robinson
Claire Lynott Anni Rademacher
Rachel Rachel Power
Rob Paul Haigh
Steven Derek Riddell

Episode Two

w David Wolstencroft

The team are on the trail of Robert Osborne, they suspect he’s involved in provoking escalating race riots across the country. But all doesn’t go to plan. When the team try to bug his house they find it packed full of security counter-measures. They decide the only way to get close to Osborne is to send Tom and Zoe in, deep undercover.

Tessa has other plans. She calls Zoe off to help work on a project with customs and excise. Helen is called in as an eager replacement. Tom knows Osborne’s wife, Claire is being beaten and he and Helen pose as a married couple to befriend her. Everything goes well and they even get invited to dinner.

Osborne is a canny man. He starts checking up on Claire’s new ‘friends’. Although their cover story is flawless and all backstops are in place, he manages to trip up Helen over dinner. She covers well, and he appears to accept her story. Tom finally reveals to Claire his true identity and offers to protect her from Osborne in return for her assistance.

Osborne has worked out more than Tom and Helen realise. They are captured and taken to the kitchen of his factory. Osborne is aware that Tom is the senior team member and tortures Helen by shoving her hand in the deep fryer to try and make Tom reveal the information. Tom won’t give in and Osborne kills Helen. He is just about to dispose of Tom in the same way when Claire throws a cigarette into the fryer, causing enough of a distraction for Tom to escape. He makes it out to a safe house, alive but alone. This is one operation that has not proved to be a success. Although wanted alive by Immigration and Special Branch. MI5 pull in a favour, and a motorcycle hit-man provides some finality where Osborne is concerned.

Robert Osborne Kevin McNally
Claire Osborne Debra Stephenson
Bill Watson MP Jasper Jacob
Sammy Osborne Daniel Chenery
Derek Morris Julian Wadham
Brian Lyndon Shane Attwool
Nick Tom Goodman-Hill
Colin Wells Rory McGregor
Andrew Dorland Rod Hallett
Rosie Eleanor McReady
Burglars Dominic Kinnaird and Jonathan Lomas
Runner Tonya Kerins

Episode Three

w Simon Mirren

Working undercover, Zoe attends a function at the State Consulate of Turkey. Whilst still inside, the building is dramatically stormed by heavily armed Kurdish freedom fighters. Led by the beautiful Leyla Ahmed, the terrorists demand the release of fellow paramilitaries back home.

The Kurds use the threat of violence to impose a siege. Tom and Danny mount a surveillance operation to gather intelligence by feeding optic cables into the barricaded room. Surprisingly though, counter measures have been put in place, so it takes time to establish a link.

Back at the Grid, Tessa is stunned and confused to see a man whom she thinks is Johnny Marks, a former British spy and secret lover of hers, in the CCTV footage taken before the siege. Marks was supposedly killed in a car accident fifteen years ago. Tessa convinces Harry that it is Marks – he’s clearly alive, and connected to what is happening inside the State Consulate.

At the siege, the situation deteriorates as the Kurds’ nerves fray. While the Attaché General, wired to a bomb and placed outside on a balcony, begins to show signs of being unwell, Leyla Ahmed finds equipment in Zoe’s handbag that makes her suspicious. Harry is horrified to discover that they have a second hostage situation. Johnny Marks has abducted the daughter of a banker who administrates the Ministry of Defence payroll. The banker’s identity is known only to a handful of people, but somehow Marks is now one of them. The bank contains information on all of MI5 and 6’s undercover agents, as well as millions of pounds. The security breach could be catastrophic.

The bank in question is five doors down from the State Consulate of Turkey; Harry surmises that Marks provoked his Kurdish contacts into staging the siege to create a diversion. Back from the dead, Marks’ real goal is theft, and access to every agent’s name and details. Tom and Danny finally find a way to secure Zoe’s safety. Before Johnny Marks escapes he pays a visit to Tessa, who informs him she once was pregnant with his child. This shocks Marks and instead of using the information to bring British intelligence to its knees, he has a change of heart, leaving with only the money.

Johnny Marks Christopher Fulford
Feyla Ahmed Katie Jones
Serka Karzan Krekar
Chalak Ahmed Ray Panthaki
Sonay Alkan Oliver Haden
Ozan Cosar Kevork Malikyan
Selin Cozar Fisun Burgess
PC Steve Donald Pirie
Sam Walker Ralph Ineson
Stan Steve Garti
Colin Wells Rory McGregor
Roger Welks Jeremy Bulloch
Tara Welks Beth Vyse

Episode Four

w Howard Brenton

Storming the State Consulate of Turkey left Tom wounded and his girlfriend, Ellie, unable to accept any more of his lies. Tom is forced to reveal his real role to her and Maisie, but at work a more serious situation appears to be gathering momentum.

Anti-Bush and anti-globalisation rallies are planned in London and Danny and Zoe are sent to observe. Things become confused when they recognise a top MI5 officer, who appears to be undercover, but whom they weren’t told would be on the operation. Peter Salter, however, is a respected officer, so Zoe makes the decision to let him go.

With Tom being Salter’s official confidante, Zoe calls him in. Harry admits to Tom that Salter is on a joint secret operation between MI5 and 6, in an effort to catch Istvan Vogel, the leader of an extreme anarchist group. MI6 suspect Vogel of planning to disrupt US President Bush’s imminent visit to the UK.

As Tom struggles to remain calm with the exasperating Jools Siviter of MI6, an increasingly tangled web yields unexpected news: Salter has fallen for one of Vogel’s followers, Andrea.

A showdown sees Tom order Salter off the case, but Salter flees. Unsure now whose side he is on, Tom and his team try desperately to find him. Things become further muddied when Harry, keen to regain control, commands Tessa contact one of her covert agents who, it’s thought, is undercover with a related anarchist group. Zoe goes to meet the agent, only to find Tessa waiting. The corrupt Tessa has been running phantom agents and pocketing their pay. She hands Zoe £10,000, in return for her silence.

Whilst MI5 search for him, Salter, Andrea and other members of Vogel’s group break into a university campus, where Salter hacks into a computer. Security catches them in the act and, although the others escape, Salter is caught and hauled back to Harry and Siviter. Tom uses all the tricks he learnt from Salter, and gets him to admit to betrayal but beyond this obvious admission, the secret services are still in the dark - and Bush’s visit is getting closer. What was he doing in the university? Before Tom can attempt further interrogation, Salter takes his own life and keeps his secret to himself.

Later that night, Danny suddenly realises what Salter’s computer hacking means, he's been tampering with the Air Traffic Control system. However, Danny is a quick thinker and his intervention, results in the President's plane being diverted to Paris.

Jools Siviter Hugh Laurie
Peter Salter Anthony Head
Amber Chambers Bronwen Davies
Horst Jukka Hiltunen
Istvan Vogel Jules Werner
Mr Patel Gurdial Sira
Radio Operator Patrick Kennedy
Penguin Man Robert Finan
Waiter Christopher Jupe
Demonstrator Matthew Thomas
Drunk Man Freddie Stuart
Policeman Gabriel Crosse
Cheeky Girls Sarah Goodchild and Joanne Baxter
Armed Police Officer Richard Armitage

Episode Five

w Howard Brenton

It’s a media scramble when ex-MP Hampton Wilder is released from prison, having served a sentence for embezzlement. He is swiftly driven away, accompanied by Danny: Wilder has requested an urgent meeting with MI5. It is widely "known" that Wilder was involved in illegal arms dealing whilst in government, and he is intensely disliked, particularly by those in MI5. Harry greets him in the underground car park of Thames House, and a bizarre interrogation ensues. Wilder says the reason he wanted a meeting is that, whilst in prison, he wrote his memoirs, in which he fingered a current serving minister of the MOD as his successor in the arms trade.

However, he then found God and tried to destroy the memoirs, but they had vanished. The minister in question is Richard Maynard, best friend of the PM and shining star of the government. The memoirs would create a scandal big enough to bring down the existing government. They must be found. Tom and Danny are dispatched to the prison, but there is no sign of the manuscript.

Wilder also mentions ex-KGB spy, Sergai Lermov, as being involved somehow. Lermov is well known to MI5 and Tom questions him, only to be shocked that Lermov also names Maynard. Perhaps he is guilty, and he, Maynard and Wilder all worked together. Lermov immediately goes to see Jools Siviter, where it transpires that he is a paid MI6 agent. However, Lermov is mysteriously killed later that night. Jools comes round to lay the blame at Harry’s door – but not before giving Harry the manuscript: MI6 has had it all along.

Maynard is called in for a "briefing" at the Grid, in order to establish whether or not he is guilty of anything. Tessa is tasked to take special care of him, which she does, enthusiastically. They are in the midst of a secret affair and she later tells him what is really going on. Maynard vehemently denies any involvement.

At home, Zoe is struggling to come to terms with Tessa’s corruption, and Tom is having problems dealing with Maisie’s father, who has suddenly appeared on the scene. However, there is no time to deal with personal problems when the manuscript is mysteriously leaked to the press. All fingers are pointed at MI5, but Harry has other ideas.

Following the leak, Maynard announces his resignation from government. Tessa is appalled and goes round to see him, whilst Tom pays a visit to Wilder, and Harry and Jools spend some time over a bottle of whiskey.

Maynard informs Tessa he is leaving the country for the United States, where he intends to take a teaching job at Harvard University. Wilder confesses that his memoirs were a complete fabrication and Jools tells Harry that Maynard had to leave the government as he is a CIA asset.

Malcolm Wynn-Jones Hugh Simon
Sergai Lermov David Calder
Jed Kelley Graeme Mearns
Jools Siviter Hugh Laurie
Hampton Wilder Tim Pigott-Smith
Richard Maynard Nicholas Farrell
Annette Naoko Mori
Mark Hodd Mark Dexter
Senior Police Officer Steve Weston
BBC Man Jonathan Jones
BBC Woman Amanda Drew
Derelict Man Mark Long
Young Man Aleksander Mikic
Opera Woman Joan Blackman
Heavy Christopher Wells
Sheikh George Khan

Episode Six

w David Wolstencroft and Howard Brenton

The Grid is taken by surprise when Patrick McCann, leader of an Irish splinter group, walks into a safe house, armed with a grenade, demanding to talk to Middle East terrorist group Asabiyah (pronounced ass-a-bee-yah).

He has crucial information on the group and will only talk to someone high-ranking, who has prior knowledge of its existence. After an emergency meeting Tom Quinn offers to meet McCann. Harry Pearce has his doubts and is deeply suspicious of McCann’s motivation. After a vote is called, it is agreed that Quinn will meet McCann without wires and back-up, as requested.

The meeting takes place in a field, where both men undress to prove they are not wearing wires. McCann informs Tom of what he knows. Asabiyah are planning to hit a British nuclear power station, Sefton B. His group has all the information MI5 needs. However, there is a catch. In return for the information on Sefton B, McCann wants his group to go unwatched for thirty hours. Otherwise, no deal.

At the Grid, Pearce is appalled by the fact that Quinn and the rest of the team want to agree to the deal. Pearce pulls rank and says no, but Quinn goes over his head, straight to the DG, and is given the go-ahead. However, Harry may have been right. It becomes apparent that McCann planned to bomb a busy London railway station. Pearce then admits that he had Quinn tailed, and he sends a snatch team to McCann’s hideout, but with no success.

Quinn takes Danny Hunter and Zoe Reynolds aside, and tells them that they’re going to run an MI5 within MI5 – they organise a cover-up at the station, but let Pearce think they are following his plans. Although Hunter and Reynolds are unhappy about misleading Pearce, it seemed like the only thing to do, in order to stop the attack on the nuclear power station.

The cover-up is a relative success – the roof was made to look as though it had collapsed, leading to the station being closed. The bomb exploded with no human injury - but was it enough to fool McCann? It hasn't escaped Pearce’s notice that he has been fed lies, and Quinn is made to explain his reasons for going over his head, again.

Meanwhile, the laptop given to Quinn by McCann has been rigged with enough C4 explosives to take out half a street. Unfortunately, Tom Quinn has gone straight to Ellie's now maximum security house and stored the laptop in his office there. With his newfound family trapped inside and the clock ticking down there seems to be no hope for any of them.

Patrick McCann Lorcan Cranitch
New MI5 Recruit Shivani Ghai
Operator Joel Trill
Madge Linda Marlow
Registry Queen Dinah Stabb
Old Geezer John Owens
Policeman Alaister Parker



Season Two

Episode One

w David Wolstencroft

Agent Tom Quinn is stuck outside his security sealed house. Girlfriend Ellie and her daughter Maisie are inside, with his booby-trapped laptop. The timer on the detonator reaches zero, and a huge explosion rips through a London street. Another London street. Tom, Ellie and Maisie are all okay. The detonator failed, but the same group who doctored Tom’s computer have used it as distraction for a car bomb attack on the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland. The Minister is dead. Ellie decides to end her relationship with Tom.

Shortly afterwards there’s another explosion at a top secret military base. Although the attacks initially appear connected, it’s soon clear the second is the work of known terrorist, the Serbian Miroslav Gradic. Gradic is getting his information from a sympathiser planted in the Serbian Embassy, Rado. He’s their route to Gradic.

A film buff, Rado regularly rents videos. Zoe is set up in a video shop business, ably assisted by new recruit, Sam. She soon wins Rado over with her feminine whiles and excellent range of European cinema. He’s sending coded messages to Gradic via classified ads in the Evening Standard. The team needs to know what those messages are, so Zoe goes into the breach with a pair of bugged cufflinks and a control document.

The plan works beautifully. The team realise with horror that Gradic has found out when and where a secret COBRA meeting is taking place. These meetings gather together all the major military leaders of the country. The session is moved at the last minute, and only Tom waits to apprehend Gradic.

He was due to be sent to the Hague for a war crimes trial, which looked like a cushy number for a man who had caused such misery and destruction. Harry manipulated his papers, and sent him to Egypt, with records showing him as a paedophile. Gradic would get a fitting punishment.

Sam Buxton (intro) Shauna Macdonald
Tessa Phillips Jenny Agutter
Ellie Simm Esther Hall
Maisie Simm Heather Cave
Patrick McCann Lorcan Cranitch
Carlo Enzo Cilenti
Miroslav Gradic Karel Roden
Rado Dragan Micanovic
Vicky Westbrook Natasha Little
Gradic Henchman Rad Lazar

Episode Two

w Howard Brenton

Police have uncovered a large scale fraud at a mosque in Birmingham. Mohammed Rachid, one of the leaders of the mosque, was believed to be redirecting charitable funds into bank accounts for his own use, and is due to be deported later this month.

Parkmount mosque was also attended by two men who have died in an explosion near a school in central Birmingham. No-one else was hurt and police are not looking for anyone else in connection with the incident.

The team suspected that Parkmount mosque had been taken over by extremists lead by Mohammed Rachid. They had found a young agent, Johnny, and sent him in in an attempt to find out what was being planned. Johnny was quickly uncovered and brutally tortured. But he did manage to discover that the mosque had a “nest of angels”, a group of young men being trained to sacrifice themselves as suicide bombers. They needed to know more, but can't do anything unless they could find a suitable agent.

Ruth Evershed begins a secondment from GCHQ, and quickly makes her mark by discovering a crack Algerian agent had turned up at Scotland Yard. Harry takes a risk, and decides to trust Ibhn Khaldun and offer a passport in return for his help. He is set up with all the gadgets he might need, but he throws them away and fails to turn up to the arranged meetings. Tom begins to fear they’ve been tricked. The CIA also want Khaldun, but could their liaison in London want something more from Tom?

Inside the mosque Khaldun tells Rachid that he’s come to help the cause. He tells them he’s infiltrated MI5 and given them money. Tom’s suspicions look like being correct. Then as Tom sleeps he has a surprise visit from Khaldun. He had been under constant watch at the mosque, and this was the only time he could pass on information. He warns Tom that the first suicide bomb attack is planned for the following day. Tom wants to rush in with Special Branch, but Khaldun wants time to persuade the boy that he is making a mistake.

The following day, after Khaldun and the suicide bomber set off, Tom bursts into the mosque and arrests Rachid on suspicion of fraud. The suicide bomber positions himself in a school playground, but the area was cleared, and Khaldun seems to be successfully persuading the boy not to ignite the bomb. But he misjudges. Seeing what he was going to do, Khaldun throws himself at the boy to try and stop him, but sacrifices himself in the process. (Nicola Walker, playing the newly arrived Ruth Evershed, was most recently familiar to viewers from The Last Train. The character playing Khaldun, Siddig El Fadil, was well know to Star Trek fans as Doctor Bashir from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.)

Ruth Evershed (intro) Nicola Walker
Vicky Westbrook Natasha Little
Christine Dale (CIA) Megan Dodds
Ibhn Khaldun Siddig El Fadil (aka Alexander Siddig)
Mohammed Rachid Quarie Marshall

Episode Three

w Matthew Graham

Danny bursts into an IT fair in North London. He quickly locates a machine which is hacking into the MI5 systems and disconnects it. The team knew the hacker would strike again, and had to be stopped. Prime suspect is Gordon Blakeney, a school-teacher. He was at the fair, has a history of left-wing activism, and is connected to a socialist group, the SFM, who are known to want to bring the government down.

Zoe goes undercover to work alongside Blakeney at his school while Danny poses as a journalist, and tries to forge links with Red Cry, a paper with links to the SFM. A fake set of roadworks are set up outside the school as a cover for the high-tech surveillance equipment being run by Malcolm.

Zoe forges a bond with Blakeney. Watching an unusual, isolated child, Peter, she starts to feel she really ought to try and make a difference to the children's lives. Blakeney is cynical, but touched by her kindness, and as she finds out more about him, Zoe feels he is not the man they want. Nevertheless when he sneaks off in working hours to a school storage area, she follows. Her suspicions are allayed when she discovers him trying to support Peter, who is hiding from bullies.

It is time to strike, so the team raid the offices of Red Cry and arrest Blakeney. Suddenly the system is attacked again. This time, a code suggests there is radioactive material at the school so the area is quickly evacuated. It is Peter who took advantage of the evacuation to sneak into the roadworks and get top secret codes from the computers.

Ruth makes the connection. Peter is really Noah Gleeson, computer genius and son of an agent killed in a disastrous operation. Mentally damaged, Noah believes his father is alive, is with him, and is encouraging him to bring down MI5. He thinks this will save other people enduring the horrors he suffered. He is taken away and put into a secure psychiatric hospital, but he still sees his father, and his father still wants him to destroy the Spooks…

Gordon Blakeney Christopher Fairbank
Peter Ellis/Noah Gleeson Augustus Prew

Episode Four

w Howard Brenton

Tom and Harry are immediately suspicious when the government asks them to investigate the theft of $1 billion from an old family bank. The bank knows who has stolen the money, but they don't know where he is. MI5 reluctantly agree to look into it but send Danny in undercover to investigate the real story. Before long, the thief turns up, crucified on Hampstead Heath.

Danny discovers the stolen dollars had been destined for a bank account in Switzerland. The bank's only London premises are a hotel suite, which is duly put on 24-hour surveillance. Unfortunately that is the suite in which Zoe decides to consummate her affair with Carlo.

A furious government official takes Harry to task over Danny being in the bank. But how did the government find out? It is clear there is a leak in Section C. It turns out to be Ruth, who had been forced to spy for GCHQ in return for her placement in MI5. Lucky for her, Tom gives her a second chance. She is too good at her job to lose.

The team discover that Danny's colleague, Maxi, is the daughter of a Russian mafia boss. Then they find out what is really going on. The mafia are trying to launder $20 billion through the bank. The $1 billion was a trial run. The government are encouraging it, because they plan to steal the money for themselves. Time is pressing and it is time for the $19 billion to transfer through. This time Danny is the one who  steals the money.

The theft goes perfectly, but Maxi spotted Danny doing it. Then she finds out that he is working under a false name. She lures him to a grubby flat where her father begins to torture Danny. Just in time, he is tracked and the team burst in with stun grenades. Danny goes home safely, and the government budgets an extra $19 billion (£13 billion) for health service improvements.

Christine Dale Megan Dodds
Vicky Westbrook Natasha Little
Victor Shvitkoy Rade Sherbedgia
Sir Dicky Bowman Oliver Ford Davies
Amanda Roke Sophie Okonedo
Sir John Barry Robert Hardy
Tim Pratchett Peter McDonald
Maxi Baxter Julie Cox
Carlo Franceschini Enzo Cilenti

Episode Five

w Howard Brenton

It is just another Friday morning for Tom Quinn. He has coffee with his girlfriend Vicky, turns down a holiday to Egypt on the grounds of security fears, and arranges a lunch date with her to sort out their troubled relationship. Arriving at work, he is introduced to Harry's guests, Bridget and Mark. Danny is late, and just as he arrives outside the pods, a general alarm goes off and the team are thrown into an EERIE exercise (Extreme Emergency Response Initiative Exercise).

The exercise has to be treated as reality, and as EmEx (Emergency Executive) officer, Tom is now in charge. It is against regulations, but Tom decides to let Danny in on the grounds of his invaluable skills. The team quickly sets about gathering facts. A dirty bomb has gone off in Parliament Square, and senior government officials have been evacuated. As they tried to establish communication lines they discover that the officer in the Duty Room had been affected oddly by the crisis and she shuts down most of the essential systems.

Despite this Malcolm manages to make contact with an emergency response van whose one-firewoman crew tells them that the bomb contained VX. Radio 4 goes off air, and as the team gain access to cctv footage from across the capital, they start to realise that this is not just an exercise. Ruth connects the attack to a known security risk and deduces that there are plans to attack ten cities in this way.

As it becomes clear that Harry is suffering from VX poisoning, Bridget and Mark get increasingly mutinous. The final straw is when they hear that helicopters ferrying the government to safety have apparently crashed, and Tom is forced to declare a state of emergency. Mark and Bridget are determined to make a break for it, believing they can escape to a safe-house in Ashford.

Tom knows that leaving the Grid would not only mean certain death for them, but also for the rest of the team, when infected air is able to enter the room. He has no option but to hold them at gunpoint. Ignoring him, they try to break the seal on the pods, so Tom pulls the trigger.

As the shot rings out, the electricity suddenly comes back on. Harry emerges from his office and congratulates everyone on a job well done. They are stunned to discover it was all an exercise after all. Harry invites them all down to the pub for a liquid lunch. Tom remains behind, the last hopes of patching up his relationship with Vicky shattered as he has been out of communication for a full day, missing their lunch appointment. As the last of the workers leaves, a category "A" alert flashes out from Ruth's screen, across the empty office.

Vicky Westbrook Natasha Little
Bridget Macey Annabelle Apsion
Mark Woolley Mark Lewis Jones
Stephanie Mills Jo Joyner
Christopher John Jennings James Holmes
Dot Marty Cruikshank
Paul Dumbarton Dale Rapley
John Macleish Alastair Galbraith
Phil Richard Braine
Mary Robyn Kerr

Episode Six

w David Wolstencroft

An unexpected visit by the American president takes everyone in the Grid by surprise, especially when Harry gets a tip off from the French that there is more to the visit than meets the eye. Ruth’s information seems to back up the idea that plans are afoot to hold a secret meeting with the Libyans.

Christine Dale sweeps in with her CIA team and announces, despite protocol, that the CIA are in charge of security for the visit. They want unprecedented access to MI5 documents and when they say jump, Tom and the team are to jump. Christine doesn't get it all her own way, and MI5 are at work behind the scenes to make sure they know exactly what is going on. Knowing this, Tom agrees to let Christine have her way as a personal favour, especially as she has admitted that this is her first time in charge of such an operation, and she is being closely monitored for failure.

Tom starts receiving strange phone calls, and he becomes seriously concerned when he is approached by a strange man in the street who seems to know him. It turns out that Vicky has decided to get even with him by posting cards all around the more notorious areas of London, advertising his ‘services’. He enlists Sam to help remove as many as she can find, and he gets his phone numbers changed immediately. The situation deteriorates, however, when Tom and Christine are checking out security around the outside environs of Buckingham Palace, and a furious Vicky turns up, interpreting the situation completely incorrectly by assuming that Christine is Tom's new girlfriend. Christine feels this spat, highly embarrassing for Tom, is putting her operation in danger. For that reason, but also to return Tom's favour, she takes matters into her own hands, and, along with her CIA team, gives Vicky the heavy treatment.

The president’s visit takes a mysterious turn when he veers off schedule. Christine makes up an unconvincing cover story, but it is clear the secret meeting with the Libyans is happening. Luckily the team are on top of things, having struck their own deal with the Libyans first, and they get a first class videotape of the entire meeting. Despite a close call with a misguided microlight, the visit passes off smoothly, and Tom and Christine are able to get together for a now-inevitable late-night ‘debriefing’.

Christine Dale Megan Dodds
Vicky Westbrook Natasha Little
Francois, the French Delegate Philippe Smolikowski
Miranda Ruth Gemmell
Troy Todd Boyce
Trevor Steven Kirby
Seedy Man Fred Ridgeway
Trent Aaron Swartz
MI5 Operator (Thameside) Robert Harrison

Episode Seven

w Simon Mirren

MI6 are tracking a French scientist, Victoir Durand. While working for the French military he had developed an astonishing new kind of weapons technology. He’d then walked out, taking his project, which he called ‘Firestorm’ with him. He knows he could make a fortune selling it, and everyone wants to get their hands on Firestorm, not least the British, and MI5 are tasked to steal it. The trouble is, they need a ‘clean skin’ with a cool head and remarkable memory to perform the task. They also need Danny to keep a French intelligence agent out of their hair while they are doing it.

The theft relies on a whole set of codes which are vital to piece Firestorm together. Unfortunately Harry has broken all the rules and taken the codes home, the very day burglars get into his house, and steal the briefcase he's forgotten to take with him. It quickly becomes apparent that the burglars must have had some remarkable skills to break through Harry’s security systems.

The thieves also got their hands on a prototype weapon, a gun concealed in a mobile phone. Luckily one of them, JJ, leaves a trace of blood at the scene and Harry quickly traces him. He is a genius with a photographic memory. He also accidentally shoots his friend, Kyle, with the adapted phone. Tom and Harry know immediately that they need JJ and they have the knowledge to blackmail him. JJ's elder brother, seeing a good opportunity for JJ's advancement in life, refuses to stand in the way.

JJ is sent into Durand’s offices. He has five minutes to beat the security systems and enter the codes. The chances of him getting out are minimal. However, he decides to take the risk in return for assurances that Kyle will be taken care of. Despite the obstacles, JJ makes it to the laptop in time, but just as he is about to enter the codes Durand enters the office, followed by a French assassin, who demands the laptop, and shoots Durand when he can't produce it. JJ manages to remain hidden, with the laptop.

The team realise that the French had Durand assassinated. The theft failed, and JJ seems to be lost, but they had prevented anyone else getting their hands on Firestorm. As they were convinced there was no way JJ could make it out, Tom is astonished to see him turn up at Thames House, with the laptop in hand. Impressed Tom tries to convince JJ that he has a future with MI5, but JJ isn’t interested... not yet, anyway.

Christine Dale Megan Dodds
Jean-Luc Philippe Caroit
JJ Franks Heshima Thompson
Denton Franks Aaron Martins
Bertrand Philippe De Grossouvre
Durand Geoff Cotton

Episode Eight

w Steve Bailie

There are rumblings of a new 'Winter of Discontent' as Britain is hit by a wave of strikes. MI5 received evidence that a disgruntled army officer is planning to lead the armed services in a mutiny. Tom is sent undercover to investigate. However he is finding the mission increasingly frustrating as he witnesses the difficulties the army faces on a daily basis.

Meanwhile a rail strike means that a consignment of nuclear waste is going to have to travel by road, and Zoe is put in charge of ensuring its safe transit. Tom gets a breakthrough when Major Curtis invites him to sign a petition. Convinced he is wasting his time, and furious that he is having to spy on his own side, he demands to be taken off the job.

Danny arrives at the barracks with the papers to secure Tom's 'transfer' just as Tom's cover is blown by their unreliable informer. They are both bundled into a military vehicle with the rest of the platoon. Suddenly the plan is afoot as the platoon intercept the nuclear convoy and redirected the vehicle to an oil storage facility close to London.

Anti-terrorist officers cordon off the site while Major Curtis attaches explosives to the nuclear waste, making the biggest dirty bomb ever seen. He threatens to explode it if his demands for fairer and better treatment for ordinary army personnel are not met. Tom tries to talk Curtis out of his plan, and seems to be succeeding. However Curtis is convinced of his own popularity with the British population and is convinced that no one would shoot him. Harry resolves the situation his own way and orders a sniper to kill Curtis. The death is blamed on a car accident.

When he returns to the office Tom seems to be a changed man. He feels that Curtis had genuine complaints that should have been addressed. Brushing this aside, Harry has also noted Tom's attachment to Christine, and promptly bans him from dating her. Tom reacts furiously. He knew he was a pawn in a game that had nothing to do with national security and resents the intrusion into his private life. The situation is left unresolved.

Christine Dale Megan Dodds
Major Curtis Reece Dinsdale
Woods Leo Bill
Baker Alex Palmer
Bryant Kieran Bew
Wallace Conor Ryan
Hanson Michael Hodgson
Mr Getty Roger Brierley

Episode Nine

w Ben Richards

MI5 are on the trail of a gang of Columbians known as the Chala Cartel. They were already funding themselves with drugs, but the team have got wind of a plan to bring a haul of ground-to-air missiles into the country. Since customs and excise are already watching the gang, Tom piggybacks onto their op, posing as another officer. Things go sour very quickly when the cartel kill eight customs officers in just one night. Tom avoids the attack by pure luck.

Disturbed by what had happened, Tom is determined to get results on the case. The leader of the Chala Cartel is called Rafa, and the team decide his girlfriend, Mariella is the weakest link. They follow her and quickly discover she is passing information between Rafa and the head of a major oil company, Vaughan. It is clear that the Chala Cartel have a lot of very high connections.

Tom and Zoe discover that Rafa had killed Mariella's entire family and set himself up as her saviour. This explains her loyalty to him, and also exposes her Achilles heel. They go to work undercover and soon have Mariella eating out of their hands.

It all seems to be going well, but the operation is compromised by Tessa's dirty dealings. She tricked Sam into believing she was Harry's boss, and was getting Sam to pass on everything to do with the job. When Harry discovers what has been happening it becomes a personal grudge match, and he sets wheels in motion to scupper Tessa's plans.

Unfortunately as Harry sets out for revenge, Tessa informs the targets that MI5 are on to them. This has tragic consequences when Rafa viscously punishes Mariella. Tom finds her and she dies in front of him, in a pool of blood. MI5 then have Rafa killed, and Harry deems the operation a success. After all, he's beaten Tessa again. Tom doesn't see things quite so simply. Harry's game playing has caused the death of an innocent girl and he really begins to doubt the wisdom of Harry's leadership. He also decides to ignore Harry's orders about his relationship with Christine.

Christine Dale Megan Dodds
Tessa Phillips Jenny Agutter
Mariela Hernandez Sophie Lombard
Rafael Morientes Daniel Cerqueira
Ross Vaughan Michael Cochrane
Camilo Henrquez Santiago Cabrera
Jenny Thomas Abigail Hercules
MI5 Operative Gary Sefton

Episode Ten

w Howard Brenton

While sharing a cosy hotel room with Christine Dale, Tom learns that she has accidentally got hold of information that a known American assassin has been sent to Britain by the Iraqis. Apparently the CIA are determined not to let MI5 know, but Christine feels that if there is a risk of the assassination of a major British figure then Tom ought to know. But he mustn't tell anyone else. He burns the evidence, little realising that both of them are being played.

He secretly talks Zoe and Danny into helping him. Zoe is immediately uncomfortable with keeping secrets from Harry, and suspicious about the whole thing. None of it seems to add up, and Tom is behaving very strangely. She communicates these worries to Danny, so he follows Tom, and stumbles upon evidence that Tom is secretly preparing a legend - a false identity. Zoe and Danny began to suspect that Tom has gone bad.

Tom manages to win a last bit of trust out of Zoe and Danny and they follow a trail of evidence to a deserted farm in Suffolk. There they are very expertly ambushed and chained up. Danny confronts Tom about the legend, but Tom denies knowing anything about it, claiming he is being set up. In London, Christine is cross-questioned by Harry over Tom's activities, and she is forced to confess that she loves Tom.

After a spot of routine interrogation, Danny and Zoe are drugged, and when they awake Tom has gone. They rush back to the office and tell Harry everything. Meanwhile Tom, now himself drugged, is tricked into putting his fingerprints on a gun, and the mysterious CIA man, Ziegler, admits he has a personal grudge against Tom and is out for revenge.

When Tom comes to again, in the middle of isolated countryside, he rushes to the nearest house, and phones the office, warning them there is a planned assassination and his fingerprints are the gun. It is too late. The assassination has already taken place, and the team are convinced Tom is to blame. He is desperate to prove he has been set up and persuades Harry, Tom and Zoe to come and meet him.

Ziegler's set-up has been too good. There is no way Tom can persuade any of the team of his innocence. He is cornered, and as Harry threatens to call in military back-up, Tom takes the only way out. He shoots Harry and runs. When he reaches the nearby coast he just keeps going, swimming out to sea and an uncertain future.

Christine Dale Megan Dodds
Ziegler Tomas Arana
Lisa Joyce Samantha Coughlan
Michael Kaharias Bruce Payne
Hard-Faced Man Mac McDonald




Season Three

Episode One

w Howard Brenton

MI5 is in crisis. Agent Tom Quinn has disappeared, having shot his superior Harry Pearce. Tom also stands accused of assassinating the Chief of The Defence Staff. Could this be the perfect opportunity for conspirators in the darker corners of Government to overhaul the organisation? Or is there still time for Tom to be proved innocent?

Oliver Mace is chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee. When he hears of Tom's actions, he seizes the opportunity to take control of Britain's homeland Intelligence Service. But what are his true motives?

With the Prime Minister's backing Mace launches an investigation into MI5. Mace claims that MI5 is 'rotten to the core'. Can he succeed in depriving the organisation of its independence? Or will a familiar face from the past save the day?

Danny, Zoe and the rest of the team, under intense watch, manage to skip surveillance and meet to discuss what to do. They must inform Harry, who is appalled to learn of this "conspiracy, in the darker corners of Government" and their crass intention to "modernise the intelligence services".

Harry's contacted by Tom Quinn. Tom's been living undercover as a homeless man since he was last seen wading into the sea. Tom tells Harry that MI5's only hope of survival is to prove that Tom was innocent.

A few hours later the body of the man, Herman Joyce, who Tom claimed set him up in revenge turns up on the steps of Thames House - Tom has murdered him but is this proof enough that Tom was innocent?

Mace doesn't think so. So the battle for control continues. Tom, Zoe and new recruit Adam entice Herman's wife, yet to know her husband is dead, into coming over to the UK. Despite Mace's attempts to throw them off the scent of Carmen, they track her down to a flat. She's in on the revenge plot against Tom - but realising Herman's dead, she shoots herself.

No matter, as the team have recorded her every word. Tom is in the clear and back at MI5. But so is Mace...

Oliver Mace Tim McInnery
Nurse Fiona Carew
Adam Carter (Intro) Rupert Penry-Jones
CIA Man Tristan Hickey
Christine Dale Megan Dodds
Herman Joyce Tomas Arana
Carmen Joyce Frances Tomelty
Jason Belling Sam Spruell

Episode Two

w Howard Brenton

Harry Pearce reawakens a 'sleeper': Fred Roberts, renowned chemical engineer, Nobel Prize winner and happy family man. Fred sold his soul to MI5 over twenty years ago in return for a helping hand on the career ladder.

Over the years this pact has become nothing more than a faded memory, but the time has come for Fred to repay his debt.

Harry and the team are running Operation Flytrap - they want to spread the lie that Fred has made Red Mercury, a lethal trigger for explosives, in order to attract terrorist groups. Harry approaches Fred, who is unwilling to sacrifice the happy and secure life he has made for himself. But Harry makes him an offer he can't refuse - don't co-operate and your life and reputation will be systematically ruined.

Tom, Zoe and Danny convince Fred that he has no choice. They have already dealt with his financial affairs: Fred is now in serious debt, desperate for money and would go to any lengths - including selling Red Mercury. Fred cracks and agrees. His wife, ignorant of the truth, flees the family home believing Fred is a gambling addict with debts and a vicious streak. Tom seems to be relishing forcing this man to become MI5 bait. He dismisses Harry's request to keep an eye on Fred's emotional wellbeing.

Meanwhile, Zoe has taken a liking to Will North, a photographer she catches skulking around. After he's been checked, she doesn't hold back from having a passionate fling.

Soon enough Fred is approached by a terrorist suspect. He's offering $5 million for 5 grams of Red Mercury. Fred is warned - if it turns out he has dealings with MI5, his family is dead. The team trace the man - he's a chemistry postgraduate student, Lawrence Sayle, and his connection: he's part of the Syrian Secret Service and has Al-Qaeda sensibilities.

Fred begins to fall apart under the strain. Then cracks appear in Tom - he's beginning to care about what this is doing to Fred and his family. He pleads with Harry to put Fred's family into a safe house. Harry is unmoved. The family stays where they are, but Fred is to be told they are safe. Tom's increasingly troubled by Fred's exploitation. Harry refuses to cancel Operation Flytrap and Tom takes the decision into his own hands.

The team catch up with Fred agrees to return with them. Harry is forced to de-commission Tom from the Service. His career with MI5 is over.

Back at the lab, Lawrence Sayle comes to collect his Red Mercury and falls into a sting headed by Adam Carter. Operation Flytrap has been a success and Fred is free. So is Tom, who takes one last look at Thames House before he walks away for good.

Professor Fred Roberts Ian McDiarmid
Helen Roberts Jessica Turner
Jemma Roberts Mary Nighy
Liz Roberts Hannah Bridges
Sophie Roberts Rebecca Bridges
Deputy Assistant Commissioner James Vaughan
Will North Richard Harrington
Lawrence Sayle Jalaal Hartley
Mrs Sayle Jenny Howe

Episode Three

w Rupert Walters

Danny, on Close Quarter Protection, is shaken when his charge is shot at. The charge: Zuli, a controversial writer living in Britain under a fatwa. Zuli survives but immediately sacks MI5, appalled at how they - especially Danny - could have allowed this to happen.

On closer examination Adam picks up on something crucial - the hitman missed his target, but almost hit the innocent Harakat, bookseller and friend to Zuli. Surely a professional hitman wouldn't make such an error? Following through his hunch, Adam tasks an unconvinced Danny to put Close Quarter Protection on Harakat.

The team track down the hitman to a house in East London. They watch and wait, but nothing. He doesn't move an inch. Ruth uncovers the application for UK citizenship Harakat filled in 20 years ago - it reads like a bad legend and the team are immediately suspicious. Harry goes to see his MI6 colleague, the shady Oliver Mace. Mace denies any dodgy dealings, but Harry is irresolute.

Meanwhile, Zoe is forging a relationship with Will, the photographer - to Danny's slight consternation.

The team receive a photograph from an anonymous source - it's Mace talking to the head of a Pakistani terror group a couple of years ago. MI5 are worried. Why were they meeting? Harry puts Adam in touch with a source who will shed some light on the photo. But it's vital the identity of the source is kept secret. The team launch an elaborate surveillance detection route in the hope Adam will make it to the meet without being followed.

Mace, desperate to stop Adam talking to the source, does his best to outsmart MI5 - but he's no match for Adam.

Adam, unfollowed, meets the source and she's a senior government official. She reveals that Harakat is in fact a double agent, working for both Pakistan and MI6. The situation is now too hot and MI6 have cut a deal to allow him to be 'removed'. The hitman they are watching is only a decoy. The real one is out there now.

Can the team get to Danny and Harakat before the hitman? But Danny, who has forged a deep friendship with his charge, is out of contact. Adam races on foot to get to him - but it is too late - the hitman has got there first and much to Danny's horror, Harakat is shot dead in front of him.

Mace is unrepentant - as he tells Harry, post 9/11, no-one is off limits.

Oliver Mace Tim Mcinnerny
Muhammed Khordad Paul Bhattacharjee
Zuli Simon De Selva
Harakat Anupam Kher
Will North Richard Harrington
MI6 Officer Alisdair Simpson
Tube Engineer Jamie Martin
Deep Throat Harriet Walter

Episode Four

w Ben Richards

The latest round of Middle East peace talks are abruptly halted when Patricia Norton, the UN Chief Negotiator, disappears, derailing the peace process. She has been abducted in her car by persons unknown.

One of the last things Patricia said to Adam was that he should investigate David Swift, the newspaper mogul, neo-conservative and renowned Israeli extremist. Swift is associated with a group called the November Committee - their intention being to block any Middle East 'solution' which provides a Palestinian state.

Meanwhile, Danny and Zoe are undercover in the Palestinian Freedom Campaign investigating the flamboyant, left wing MP and chairman of the Campaign, Nicholas Ashworth. They are looking into accusations that his Campaign is a front for channelling funds to Palestinian Terror Groups.

The team are surprised to uncover that one of the campaigners is Harry's estranged daughter, Catherine.

Then Patricia's dead body is found. Adam, shocked by her death, follows up her tip about Swift and the November Committee.

The team discover that there is an undercover agent in the Campaign - and it's not one of theirs. They also discover a list of prominent figures the November Committee would like 'removed'. Patricia was one - Ashworth another. His life is in danger.

Zoe ropes in her boyfriend, Will, to take some photos of Ashford and his secret boyfriend, Richard. Will, smitten with Zoe, proposes. She is hesitant at first but then agrees. Little does she realise that Will's seemingly friendly brother Andy has stolen a photo of Ashworth and Richard that he's found in Will's flat. A photo that later gets into MI5 hands...

Catherine is suspected to be the undercover agent working for Swift and Danny is tasked to stay close to her and find out the truth. Difficult. Not only because she's Harry's daughter, but because he fancies her. To Danny's relief he finds out she's actually collecting evidence against Swift. They sleep together.

Adam sends in Fiona - his wife and MI6 agent - to attempt to seduce Swift. The team are also tailing him and he soon meets with someone - could it be the agent? It's Richard, Ashworth's boyfriend! The relationship is a cover and the pillow talk has been Swift's information source. Richard wants revenge for his sister's death in Israel at the hands of a Palestine bomb. But MI5 beat him to it. Ashworth is saved.

Catherine learns the truth and has a bittersweet reunion with Harry. But what of Fiona and her Swift seduction? Nothing happened - but the evidence suggests otherwise. GBH and attempted rape? - Swift has no choice but to leave the country...

Patricia Norton Jan Chappell
Fiona Carter Olga Sosnovska
Chauffeur Julian Rivett
Nicholas Ashworth Anton Lesser
David Swift Corin Redgrave
Richard Hollins Stuart Laing
Catherine Townsend Caroline Carver
Will North Richard Harrington
Andy North Huw Rhys

Episode Five

w David Wolstencroft

Saturday morning. Danny and Colin practice their firing technique on MI5's gun range. Zoe and fiancé Will are still madly in love. Ruth watches old movies at home whilst longing for real-life romance.

Ruth receives a package of tapes from Malcolm featuring a man they are bugging as part of their housekeeping surveillance. She is rumbled on the Grid by Sam: she's spending more time than necessary listening to the tapes. From listening to the tapes she knows everything about him, and he's perfect for her. Sam, under instruction from Harry to keep a close eye on her, encourages Ruth to meet him... but does Ruth have the courage to start a relationship with him?

Zoe and Danny, tension building between them thanks to her relationship with Will, are tasked to 'play scarecrow'. They are to follow scientist Dr Newland onto a North Sea ferry headed for Kristiansand. They have to warn him off meeting a contact in Norway who they believe will fund Newland's research into pneumonic plague.

MI5 has learnt that Newland is perfecting a process which will enable him to mass produce and deliver the plague to a large population. This means biochemical warfare.

It's not until Zoe and Danny are half way across the North Sea that MI5 get wind of a fact that changes everything. Newland isn't planning to do a deal to fund his research, the deal's already been done. He's planning to sell the stuff. This changes things radically and Danny and Zoe find themselves being instructed by Adam and Harry to assassinate this man.

Zoe and Danny are shocked to find that they've already been provided with a lethal injection kit to use on Newland. They feel betrayed by Harry and Adam. They don't want to carry out the task - cold-blooded murder is not part of the job description or their moral code.

With Zoe suffering from severe seasickness, the task falls on Danny's shoulders. Adam persuades him that one death is worth the potential loss of lives caused by the biochemical warfare. Danny has little choice but to carry out the task. But the deed looks set to alter him forever.

Meanwhile, Ruth engineers an opportunity to meet her mystery man. They seem to 'click' but she is saddened that he doesn't ask her out and this opportunity for love is lost.

Back from the mission, Danny is forced to come clean to Zoe that Will's brother knows she's a spy. Devastated, she confronts Will. He denies it, but she is inconsolable. She ends the relationship.

Psychologist Debra Gillett
Will North Richard Harrington
Waiter Luke De Lacey
John Fortescue Barnaby Kay
Bill John Sheahan
Eric Newland Dermot Crowley

Episode Six

w Ben Richards

Zoe is in the firing line when an operation goes badly wrong. An undercover police officer - posing as a gang member in a gun-running scam - is shot dead, leaving a grieving widow and a lot of unanswered questions.

With an election on the horizon, the Government is keen to be seen to be clamping down on such activities that suggest the Security Services are above the law. Zoe finds herself as the scapegoat for MI5 and is charged with conspiracy to murder.

A tearful and frightened Zoe goes to see ex-fiancé Will, who is still adamant that he didn't tell his brother she was a spy. She admits she's in trouble and pleads with him for comfort. He has no idea of the enormity of the situation, but they are reunited.

In court, it is revealed that Zoe was attempting to infiltrate a Turkish mafiosa gun-running gang. The plan was for her to form a wedge between the boss Celenk and his weak sidekick Ozal using her feminine charms, with the intention of unravelling the scam.

But Zoe soon discovered that Celenk was a nasty piece of work and she was genuinely scared. She asked Harry and Adam to be taken off the operation. Request denied.

Zoe continued to play the two ganglords off against each other. Ozal, fuelled by drink, drugs and sexual jealousy, took the bait to extremes. Encouraged by Zoe's cajoling, he was whipped into a frenzy which resulted in him shooting Celenk and the undercover policeman, even after the latter's true identity was revealed.

Zoe, under direction from Harry, lies in court - they were not aware there was an undercover policeman in place and the plan had never included the death of Celenk.

But Zoe admits the whole truth to Danny. She had been briefed by Harry and Adam that not only did Celenk have Al-Qaeda connections but that assassination had always been an option - facts she cannot reveal in court.

Under pressure and frightened, Zoe had actively encouraged Ozal to pull the trigger on his boss and had made the potential death of Celenk a reality for her own ends.

Harry, convinced Zoe will just receive a rap on the knuckles, is horrified when she is found guilty on all charges. A bit of blackmail at Government level and he has secured a 'disappearance' for her. A devastated Danny finds himself persuading Zoe to leave the country, her family, friends and Will, under a new legend. A tearful goodbye and she is gone.

DS Loughton Dominic Mafham
Sevilin Ozal Kayvan Novak
Emre Celenk Haluk Bilginer
Lord Young James Laurenson
Will North Richard Harrington
Gillian Doyan Hannah Storey
Prosecution QC Penny Downie
Defence QC Daniel Evans
Judge Ian McNeice
Hasan Doyan Cosh Omar
Mahmoud Carsten Hayes
Café Owner Jack Tanner
MI5 Agent Arkie Alomar

Episode Seven

w Raymond Khoury

The team are thrown into emergency mode when chaos starts to envelop the country. Benign medicines have been laced with lethal acid. Bank balances are being wiped out. Automated traffic systems malfunction at will. Hackers have infiltrated highly sensitive systems to cause mayhem, but who are they and what do they want?

Danny is devastated at losing Zoe from his life. Struggling to suppress his bitterness at work he also has to contend with Will's bewilderment and growing anger. Will is demanding to know where Zoe is and threatens to go the press, despite having signed the Official Secrets Act. Danny advises him that bringing the issue out into the open will only serve to have Zoe sought out and incarcerated.

Meanwhile, the Government are sticking with the theory that the hackers are Muslim terrorists despite evidence to the contrary. The former theory suits them better in the current climate... Colin Wells, with help from GCHQ computer expert Andrew Forrestal, manages to locate the hacker to the Muslim Cultural Centre. But a raid reveals nothing. The hacker is in the area, just not there... and what's more, he has to be an 'insider'. But who is it?

Ruth's research uncovers the fact that the Islam words used by the hacker are only copied from an original source. The hacker isn't Muslim, but they do have a keen interest in its history and language. Andrew Forrestal catches the eye of Ruth and she's thrilled when he invites her for a meal. Over dinner he quotes Islamic literature and the horror slowly dawns on Ruth - Andrew is the hacker. She makes a run for it but is caught. Andrew's bitterness at having his technical genius go unrecognised has turned into something considerably deadlier. He helped create an unsurpassed hacking device but received no credit.

Back at Thames House the team receive a demand for £100 million in diamonds. Not yet realising Ruth is held hostage, they lace the diamonds in poison. Just in time, they get to Ruth's house - Andrew's touched the diamonds and is dead. Danny takes Andrew's laptop containing the hacking device and throws it into the Thames. The Government is only too keen to get their hands on it and wreak havoc with the power and this can't be allowed.

Back at home, Danny receives a postcard, which he finds he can peel apart. Hidden within is a photograph of Zoe and Will together in Chile. Danny knows he made the right decision to finally tell Will everything, despite being advised not to by Harry.

Teacher Clare Corbett
Headmistress Kate Benedict
Paramedic Owen Oakeshott
Guy Facer Paul Jesson
Pharmaceutical Executive Robert Culver
Will North Richard Harrington
Fiona Carter Olga Sosnovska
Andrew Forrestal Adrian Rawlins
John James Barriscale
Reporter At Mosque James Howard
Arab At Computer William El Gardi

Episode Eight

w Howard Brenton

The baby son of rock star and popular icon Riff is kidnapped during a party. Oliver Mace, chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee, insists MI5 are drawn into a high-profile investigation - the Government feels the child's recovery is vital for improving their security image.

The team find themselves immersed in the drug-fuelled and self-obsessed world of a so-called glamorous couple; Riff and his wife, model Miss B. The truth is they are hanging on to their fast-fading success by a thread and Riff was only recently knighted so the Government could attempt to look 'cool'. Meanwhile, Government Minister John Sylvester calls on old friend Harry. He's attacked his mistress after she threatened to do a kiss-and-tell. The woman turns up dead and Harry forces him to sign a resignation letter. Mace intercepts the letter and persuades Sylvester that the salacious story will be buried amongst the bigger news that Riff's baby has been found. The Government will not be allowed to fall because of this.

Fiona is sent in to Riff's house undercover and ingratiates herself into Miss B's life by taking copious amounts of cocaine with her, despite Malcolm providing her with a fake substitute. Adam demands she is pulled out but Harry considers her an operational asset. Miss B's reluctance to allow MI5 bugging devices and phone taps in her house make the team suspicious. And the woman who distracted the baby's security guard on the the night of the kidnap has been identified - she's an associate of Ponti - known heroin smuggler and ex-road manager to Riff.

The case against Miss B is looking strong but then the operation takes a horrific turn. The baby has been found dead just yards from the house. Could Miss B be involved in the death of her own son? To make matters worse, the story's all over the papers - released by the Downing Street press office. Back at the house, Miss B admits all to Fiona. She planned the kidnapping in order to get much-needed publicity for herself and Riff. The baby died accidentally during the kidnapping and now Ponti, the 'kidnapper', is blackmailing her.

Riff is devastated to find out the truth and in a frenzy of drugs, alcohol and grief, the situation escalates. In an attempt to calm things down, Fiona reveals her true identity and Riff knocks her out. He stabs Ponti and Miss B. The team arrive on the scene, but it is too late - Riff shoots himself. The subsequent press story is run as 'Stars Suicide Pact'....

Meanwhile, Sylvester resigns, citing a desire to 'spend more time with his family'. But the team aren't done. Harry and Adam instruct the tabloids to break the real story of Sylvester at an appropriate time in the near future, say during the next election...?

Riff Andy Serkis
Miss B Rebecca Palmer
John Sylvester Adrian Lukis
Oliver Mace Tim Mcinnerny
Michelle Molby Arabella Weir
Fiona Carter Olga Sosnovska
Rudolphino Ponti Vincenzo Nicoli

Episode Nine

w Rupert Walters

MI5's suspicions are aroused when Robert Morgan, a known mercenary, is seen visiting a top secret disused Soviet arms dump whilst under routine surveillance. Morgan is brought in and during questioning it becomes clear that he is more significant than could have been imagined. The team have found a laser target missile designator - but another one is missing. They've got 72 hours to stop the guided missile reaching its target in central London. But what is the target and why?

Meanwhile, Harry confides in Ruth that he has been invited to apply for the MI5 Director General position. Ruth offers to help him prepare for the interview. Back at Thames House, Adam and Danny, under immense time pressure, begin the interrogation of Morgan. Morgan claims that he's just a private courier and knows nothing. He's lying. Danny goes for a mercenary's weak spot - money. He offers him money for the information. It doesn't work. He threatens to ruin his life. It doesn't work.

They decide to put him in a stress position - aka torture. Sleep deprivation and a constant siren in his cell drive him half mad. Toxins in his water bring on severe food poisoning. The team is uncomfortable with this, except Adam, who, despite having been tortured and interrogated himself, feels that the ends justify the means.

Meanwhile, the team have uncovered a link between Morgan's bank account deposits and an oil company. Fiona makes contact with an oil company bigwig and uses the knowledge of her extra-marital affair to blackmail her for information. She comes up trumps - the source reveals that Morgan is employed by the company. But what could they require a missile for? - to 'remove' a London-based rival company from the bidding of a multi-billion pound oil pipeline route deal.

But despite the torture, Morgan, well-versed in anti-interrogation techniques, will not reveal the whereabouts of the designator. Will the team go as far as to use his ill daughter to make him talk? Adam has no such qualms. Morgan has no choice - he tells them where it is and the potential catastrophic strike is alleviated. Back at Thames House, Harry hears that he didn't get the Director job. But he's not disappointed because he wants to continue working on ground level. However, he isn't happy that a 'politician' got it instead...

Robert Morgan Owen Teale
Fiona Carter Olga Sosnovska
Juliet Taylor Nila Aalia

Episode Ten

w David Wolstencroft

Unbeknown to Adam and Fiona, their house is being bugged and they are being watched. It appears that they have been targeted - but by who and why?

Back at Thames House, Danny and Fiona are teamed up to perform a routine bugging operation on a house MI5 suspects is being used by North African terrorists. It's Fiona's birthday, but the day is not destined to be a happy one.

A gang, led by Ahmed, appears from nowhere and takes them both hostage - it's the same people who have been watching her. The demand for their release is nothing less than a commitment from the Government to immediately withdraw from Iraq. The Prime Minister must announce this tonight or the hostages are dead.

Danny and Fiona are calm until they are shown a photograph of their dead undercover agent. They are threatened with a nasty death. Their captors will burn them alive, and a gun is aimed at Fiona's son Wes in his school playground. She is asked to choose between him and her husband. She has no choice but to lure Adam in to one of the abductors, Khatera.

Ruth, suspicious, alerts Harry and they soon realise they are on the trail of three missing officers. A desperate Harry attempts to persuade the Government to help. But they won't allow terrorists to dictate Government foreign policy and the hostages are not 'civilians', so they are expendable.

Meanwhile, Danny and Fiona attempt to escape, but when they fail one of them faces imminent death. Adam is forced to choose which one dies. Before Adam answers, Danny, resigned to his fate and determined to give Fiona a chance of life for her son's sake, tells Ahmed where to go. Fiona begs him to be quiet, but it is too late. Furious, Ahmed shoots him. Danny is dead.

The team, patched in, hear the whole thing. Harry orders that Adam and Khatera are brought in. But Adam has his own plan - he goes along with Khatera's demand to get into the PM's dinner event that evening.

The team realise with horror that Fiona is only a decoy. The gang are actually targeting the PM himself. Khatera is a suicide bomber, with explosives and poison sewn into her body, and Ahmed has the detonator.

But she's starting to panic about her decision and Adam jumps at his last chance, alerting security not to allow the PM to enter. He begs her to tell him where Fiona is. Ahmed, realising he's been let down, covers Fiona in petrol and holds the lighter towards her. Just in time, the SAS storm the building and shoot him.

Adam and Fiona are reunited, and Harry and Ruth collect Danny's dead body.

Fiona Carter Olga Sosnovska
Ahmed Zubin Varla
Khatera Abuzeid Badria Timimi
Butterfly Mido Hamada
Zafar Younis (intro) Raza Jaffrey
Wes James Dicker
Guy Facer Paul Jesson
Mike Rob Dixon





Season Four

Episode One

w Ben Richards

The team all attend Danny's funeral, but the church is rocked by the sound of a distant explosion and suddenly all their bleepers go off. There has been a bomb in a crowded market and an American group, Shining Dawn, claim responsibility. They demand the release of their leader, and say that until their demands are met, another bomb will go off somewhere in London, every 10 hours, designed to cause maximum casualties.

The Grid is swamped with newcomers, including a team of American agents, lead by Richard Boyd, who have special experience in dealing with Shining Dawn. They say the key to solving the case is to find the bomb-maker. An Englishwoman and Washington agent, Juliet Shaw, is also brought in. She and Harry clearly have history, and she warns him that she knows all about some of his past mistakes, so he better jump when she tells him.

Ruth is sent to Oxfordshire to question an academic, Curtis, who is known to have shared views with Shining Dawn. He has also been in contact with the leaders. After an attempt is made to kill him, he and Ruth flee to a safe house, but he is not keen to help. Adam and Zaf bring a man in for questioning, but a sniper kills the suspect as they take him to the car. It is too much of a coincidence and Adam is convinced there must be a mole in the team.

The team from Shining Dawn arrive at a railway station to plant a bomb. A key member bumps into a waitress on the platform and she gets a good look at his face, unaware of what or who he is. Luckily Adam and the team work out where the bomb is and get it defused just in time.

Adam and Zaf head out to fetch the waitress, Tash (Martine McCutcheon). She's the only witness they have, so crucial to the investigation. On the way Adam is called to a warehouse where suspicious activity has been spotted, but Zaf offers to go instead.

As Adam drives Tash back to Thames House he gets a call from Zaf that is cut off. He reaches the warehouse to find Zaf has been tied up by armed gunmen who believe he is Adam Carter. With Tash in tow, he is outside the door to the room when he hears Zaf agree to tell the gunmen exactly who he really is.

Juliet Shaw (intro) Anna Chancellor
Forster Andrew Tiernan
Peter Peter Brooke
Neil Stuart Sinclair Blyth
Vicar Georgina Sowerby
Lydia Ania Sowinski
Richard Boyd Corey Johnson
Monroe John Chancer
Mark Wainwright Gregory Finnegan
Professor Curtis Nigel Terry
Home Secretary Jeff Rawle
Tash Martine McCutcheon
Holly Corey Johnson
Joe Kennedy Gerald Lepokowski
Carl Mortimer Aneirin Hughes
Jessica Mortimer Caroline Paterson
Delphine Lapin Michelle Bonnard
Wesley Carter James Dicker

Episode Two

w Ben Richards

Adam persuades Tash to act as a distraction, before bursting in with a Molotov cocktail and saving Zaf. They capture the two men and Adam holds one over a balcony to try and persuade him to talk. He refuses, struggles, and falls to his death. After the same threat the second man tells all he knows.

Harry has a meeting with the Home Secretary, and offers his resignation. He feels he cannot continue with Juliet's threats to expose his past mistakes. On the way back he chats to the American Richard Boyd and finds he is less loyal to his country than one might have hoped.

Malcolm and Colin work with Tash to help her identify the man she saw. They get along well and they let her try on a special jacket with inbuilt transmitter and tracking device. Meanwhile there is another attempt on Professor Curtis's life.

Adam and Zaf find the second bomb just in time. Adam realises that they can't stop Shining Dawn until they find the mole who has been leaking information to these terrorists.

It has to be someone new to the Grid and he and Harry accuse Juliet. She is furious, and proves it's not her by showing how much work she's done to identify the bomb-maker, Owen Forster. She also tells them that this man was once arrested by the Americans, but let go because he was not considered a threat. The man who let him go was Richard Boyd - now leading the American team on the Grid....

Boyd realises that the team are on to him. He finds Tash and pretends he's come to drive her home. Luckily she smells a rat and is still wearing the special tracking jacket. Zaf and Adam catch him and release Tash. They force Boyd to lead them to the bomb maker.

They discover the next bomb is in a hospital, and cannot be defused without a codeword. When Adam finds the bomb, he also finds Tash has been wired into it. Zaf evacuates the building while Adam tries to comfort Tash. Back at Thames House, Juliet, Ruth and Harry use Curtis to try and get the password out of Forster - but Forster won't give anything away.

Adam realises there is no way he can free Tash in time, and agrees to stay with her rather than leave her to be blown up all alone. With seconds to spare, Curtis works out that the password could be Kronos2 - Adam types it in, the timer stops counting down, and he and Tash are saved.

Alex Roscoe William Armstrong
(Rest of cast as before)

Episode Three

w Ben Richards

As a result of recent terror attacks, the British public have become fearful and increasingly conservative. Attacks and riots against asylum seekers are common. MP William Sampson announces he is crossing the floor and will fight an election as a representative of the far right party, The British Way.

MI5 recognises the dangers of letting The British Way have power, so they decided to destroy the party from the inside. Adam goes undercover as a party member to try and cause a row between the leaders. Meanwhile Harry, with the help of a little blackmail, persuades another MP, Peregrine Howell-Davies, to help the plot. Juliet is not convinced Harry is taking the right course of action and suggests assassination instead.

Keith Moran, leader of The British Way, is initially sceptical about Adam, suspecting him of being a journalist. He takes Adam bird watching while other members of the party search Adam's flat. As a warning to Adam, Moran mentions that the body of the last infiltrator has never been found. Luckily the legend has been well constructed, right down to his Auntie May who lives in a safe house nearby.

After a child is murdered in Hull by an asylum seeker, tensions increase further and Moran decides to take action. He goes out in a car, with a crossbow - intending to shoot a random immigrant. Adam persuades Moran to let him do the shooting and pretends to miss, shooting a man in his leg instead. He warns Moran that Sampson is plotting against him, saying his cousin has proof.

Meanwhile Fiona persuades Sampson that Howell-Davies would be a better second in command than Moran. She records him as he commits to sacking Moran after the election. Ruth poses as Adam's cousin and hands these tapes to Moran. Finally they set Sampson up at a press conference. They trick him into believing ten MPs are going to arrive and announce their support for him, but instead he is left alone looking foolish in front of the press cameras.

The operation seems to have been successful, but Sampson tips Moran off that he's been tricked. Ruth arrives at the safe house to find Auntie May has been drowned in the bath and she and Adam are bundled into a van and dumped at the nature reserve. Moran has his crossbow and they have to run for their lives. Adam urges Ruth to leave him while he distracts Moran. However, Ruth sneaks up behind Moran and hits him over the head with a branch.

The dirty tricks have been successful in discrediting Sampson, so he loses his deposit at the election. Moran has already confessed to killing the infiltrator, and Adam is able to get the evidence that will imprison him for murder.

William Sampson Rupert Graves
Keith Moran David Threlfall
Brian Thorn Mark Flitton
Auntie May Margot Leicester
Wesley Carter James Dicker
Peregrine Howell-Davis MP Steven Pacey
Reporter Joanna Burnett

Episode Four

w Howard Brenton

MI5 receive a tip-off from MI6 that a known terrorist intends to enter the UK via an illegal immigrant route. They know Mohammed Yazdi will join a lorry starting from Istanbul, and believe that a playboy Prince, Prince Hakim, is involved in the organisation of the route. When questioning the Prince gives them no further leads, Adam decides to go undercover on the truck and attempt to talk Yazdi out of his terrorism.

Things don't go to plan on the truck. Adam is not successful in befriending Yazdi, so the team have to resort to a different plan. A group of bandits (Zaf and a team) hijack the lorry, throwing the immigrants into a wood. Left alone together Yazdi tells Adam that he knows he's a spy for British Intelligence. With the game up Adam tries to persuade Yazdi that he should help MI5 and Yazdi agrees.

Back in London Yazdi admits that he was travelling to London with the intention of bombing the Houses of Parliament. He warns the team that the plot will still go ahead even without him. He names the man he was due to meet in London, Hussein Hamdradi. Hamdradi is brought in for questioning, but says nothing. Yazdi persuades the team to let him question Hamdradi and the interview reveals that Prince Hakim is masterminding the terrorist cell.

The Prince is brought in, but denies everything. Harry has a bad feeling that everything is going wrong, but Juliet insists he let Yazdi question the Prince. When the Prince sits down to meet Yazdi, he removes his glasses. Before anyone can prevent it Yazdi dives across the table, grabs the glasses, and uses them to kill the Prince.

Yazdi's mission all along was to assassinate the Prince. He wanted to send a message that people should have nothing to do with the oil-rich kingdoms and their decadent ways.

Phil Norton Charles Daish
Yazdi Khalid Abdalla
The Prince Silas Carson
Caroline Sarah Matravers
Doorkeeper Mem Ferda
The Son Lewis Alsamari
Driver Chris Walker
Bodyguard Goran Kostic
Hussein Hadrami Sam Vincenti

Episode Five

w Raymond Khoury

Gary Hicks, a journalist, arrives at the home of an ex-MI5 officer for an interview. The officer, Clive McTaggart, is in the garden with a plastic bag over his head and two men standing by him. Realising he has stumbled in on something he shouldn't know about, Gary runs for his life and gets away, but he has been seen.

At Thames House, Harry is upset to learn of the officer's death on the news.

Gary was an old friend of Ruth's so makes a surprise call on her at her house. When he tells her what he's seen, she immediately calls Harry round to hear the story. Gary explains that Clive was writing a book which would reveal all kinds of secrets. Someone obviously didn't want the book to be published. Once Harry realises it was murder and not suicide, he orders an investigation and insists Gary and Ruth go to a safe house.

Adam pays a call on a woman who seems to be involved: Jo Portman. He dresses as a gas meter reader, but quickly discovers that she's just an aspiring journalist who has been trying to contact Gary for work. She takes a shine to Adam and suspects him of being more than just a meter reader.

Gary, convinced he's got the scoop to end all scoops, escapes MI5, running to his newspaper office where he intends to write up the story. Luckily Adam heads him off, but as the two men leave together they are spotted by Jo, on her way to ask Gary for a job. Intrigued, she follows them to the safe house. She catches up with Adam in a café and confronts him with his double life. He pretends he is a bodyguard. Jo is intrigued and keeps a watch on the safe house.

Meanwhile, inside Thames House, someone plants a tracking device in Ruth's coat. Two men follow her to the safe house. They walk up to the front door and Jo, seeing that they have a gun, smashes some car windows, setting off the alarms to warn Zaf and  Ruth in the safe house. At the same time she throws her mobile into the car, knowing it will allow the car to be traced wherever it goes.

After a shoot out in the safe house the two men escape, one of them injured. Back at the Grid, Malcolm is able to use Jo's phone signals to track their route. He matches the route to their own mobiles and even finds out what numbers they've been calling. They turn out to be MI5 officers. Harry finally traps Juliet into admitting that MI5 needed Clive McTaggart out of the way, so that he wouldn't publish MI5 secrets in his book. Harry forces her to drop the matter, and not hurt Gary if he promises not to write the story.

Impressed by Jo's skill in helping them solve the case, Adam offers her a job at MI5. At home, Harry finds that McTaggart had posted him a little surprise shortly before his death. A very powerful surprise...

Jo Portman (intro) Miranda Raison
Clive McTaggart Andrew Burt
Man In Black Suit Simon Lenagan
Gary Hicks Douglas Hodge
Roy Woodring Stanley Townsend
Debra Langham Debra Gillett

Episode Six

w David Farr

French intelligence contact the team. They have evidence to suggest that Nazim Malik is co-ordinating a terror attack from his high-security prison cell. Malik was arrested two years ago and detained under the terrorism act, but has never been charged. Harry decides the only way to work out who Malik is in contact with, and what is planned, is to release him. This delights Malik's lawyers who want to sue the British Government, claiming that Malik is an innocent man.

Fiona poses as a PR expert and gets work with the lawyers. Malik is demanding anonymity in the legal case, but the lawyers agree to let Fiona meet him. At the meeting the lawyer secretly gives Malik an envelope. The team keep Malik under surveillance, but he doesn't open the envelope, doesn't move from his hotel room and doesn't contact anyone.

After days of waiting Malik moves. Adam and Zaf follow him and discover the envelope contained passport photos. Then just when it looks like the team have a lead, Ruth gets news from the French that they have shot two men in Paris, one of whom was Nazim Malik. They realise that two years ago Special Branch arrested the wrong Nazim Malik. The real terrorist was the one who the French shot.

The Malik who was in prison was an illegal immigrant who deserted from the Algerian army and is terrified he and his family will be killed if they go back. Since he is a trained marksman, other terrorists have taken advantage of his false imprisonment and promised him passports to take his family to safety if he carries out an assassination.

Adam promises Malik he'll look after him, but the terrorists kidnap Malik's family. The only solution Malik can see is to carry out the shooting. Zaf follows Malik while Adam tries to free his family. Zaf tries to talk Malik out of the assassination, telling him his family are safe, but Malik refuses to believe it unless he hears them speak. With seconds to spare, Adam frees the family and Malik hears his son's voice on Zaf's mobile.

True to his word, Adam gets the family passports and arranges for them to have a new life in Ireland. Meanwhile Harry tracks down the documents that prove that the head of Special Branch deliberately imprisoned Malik in order to gain promotion. He hands the proof over to Juliet to take appropriate measures.

Nazim Malik Jimi Mistry
Rebecca Sinclair Joanna Roth
Debra Langham Debra Gillett
Paul Seymour Ralph Brown
Alpha 2 Frazer Douglas
Rachid Medi Munir Khairdin
Badrak Madjid Alki David
Abbud Joey Ansah
Businessman Alan Parnaby

Episode Seven

w Raymond Khoury

A message comes through from Damascus suggesting that the Syrian Foreign Minister, Riyad Barzali, wants to talk to MI5. Unfortunately he is constantly guarded by a secret service minder, making it virtually impossible to get him alone. If the secret service find out that he wants to meet with the British he will almost certainly be killed.

Fiona insists that she should be the one that goes undercover, posing as a PR executive. Adam is extremely worried about her mixing with the Syrians. They first met when she was married to a Syrian spy, Farook. After Farook beat Adam to within an inch of his life, Adam and Fiona framed Farook, convincing the Syrian authorities that he was working for the Israelis and Farook was hanged. Fiona escaped to England and safety with Adam. She could be in great danger if she is recognised. He insists that Jo goes undercover with Fiona to distract attention.

Over a business lunch with Barzali and his minder, the team slip a drug into Barzali's meal. He collapses and is taken to hospital, but his minder insists on going with him. At the hospital they drug the minders drink so he falls asleep giving them a few moments alone with Barzali. He tells them he wants help to kill the head of the Syrian secret service.

Barzali is released from hospital, and is taken to a hotel. But two men are waiting for him, and he is killed. Fiona receives a call inviting her to give a presentation to Barzali at the hotel. She refuses to let Jo come up to the room with her, and when she gets in there, she is held at gunpoint, and bundled into a car.

Jo immediately contacts the Grid, sensing something dreadful has happened. Fiona is taken to an underground car park where she is forced to swap cars. In the new car is her husband, Farook. The hanging was faked and he has been living in hiding, waiting for the moment to get revenge. Adam realises that Fiona knew, and deliberately went undercover to try and finish things between Farook and herself once and for all.

The team work out that the Syrians will want to get Fiona out of the country discreetly and track down a small airfield where a plane is due to leave that day. They delay the plane by causing a security alert.

When Farook discovers the delay he locks Fiona into a portacabin. She searches around desperately and smashes a photo-frame on the wall. She uses the glass to slash her wrists. Farook comes in and finds her lying in a pool of blood - he rushes over to her, just as she planned. She stabs in the neck with a shard of glass.

Just at this moment Adam arrives at the airport. Fiona runs from the portacabin towards him, but Farook is not dead yet, and he shoots Fiona in the back. She falls to the ground, and Adam shoots and kills Farook. Adam begs Fiona to hold on, and calls for an ambulance. It's too late. Fiona dies in his arms.

Joumana Nathalie Armin
Farook Sukkarieh Darrell D'Silva
Riyad Barzali Sam Dastor
Ambassador Wright Philip Bowen
Ali Khalid Laith
Wesley Carter James Dicker
Basheer Shaloob Bjan Daneshmand
Nurse Jenny Nina Fry
Immigration Officer Glyn Grain

Episode Eight

w Howard Brenton

Harry has tasked Adam with keeping an eye on Hugo Ross. He was a double agent for the Russians during the cold war, and is still a huge believer in communism. Adam is angry that he's been given such routine work, and discovers he's been cut out of something much bigger: Operation Songbird. He begs Harry to be allowed to take part, but Harry simply tries to persuade Adam to spend some time with the service psychiatrists in Tring. Adam refuses to admit he needs it, but he hasn't even been able to bring himself to tell Wes or Fiona's parents about her death.

The rest of the team are hectic with Operation Songbird. Adam manages to get information about the operation from Ruth. Time is running out fast and they are dangerously close to committing treason by trying to wreck a deal by the Government to sell the NHS to a Russian criminal billionaire. The team are watching Sally Curtis, a GCHQ mole who is passing information to the billionaire, Oleg Korsakov, through the boyfriend who has been assigned to her by Korsakov.

Adam sneaks into the surveillance van and says they ought to bring the mole in immediately. But his advice is rejected and Zaf and Jo tell him to get out. He does, but he watches the mole in his own way. He follows her and her boyfriend into a nightclub, and sees the boyfriend inject her with a drug. He rushes over and drags her out of the club, but it's too late. The drug completely wipes her memory and she's now incapable of giving them any information.

Harry sends Adam to Tring, threatening him with the sack if he doesn't go. Harry and Zaf pay Hugo Ross a visit. Harry thinks Hugo is the man who can get information out of Korsakov. He tempts Hugo by explaining how the capitalist billionaire has betrayed everything communism stood for. Hugo agrees to go undercover with Zaf.

Adam leaves the psychiatric unit at Tring and finally manages to persuade Harry to let him in on Songbird. He oversees the surveillance as Zaf and Hugo meet Korsakov, pretending to be interested in writing the life-story of his father. After seven hours of talk, they are no nearer to getting the information they need and Korsakov brings the meeting to a close. With only hours before the deal is finalised between the Government and Korsakov, things look desperate. Adam phones Hugo's mobile, pretending to be an estate agent. Hugo understands Adam's coded message, and tells Korsakov that Zaf is an MI5 agent.

Korsakov's team hold a gun to Zaf's head. His power over the MI5 man is enough to encourage Korsakov to gloat about his plans to destroy the NHS. The surveillance team now have all the information they need to prevent the deal and send the rescue teams in to get Hugo and Zaf. Korsakov realises he's been set up and injects Hugo with the memory wiping drug. Luckily the team were expecting this and have the antidote ready.

As the mission is brought to a successful conclusion, Adam finally breaks down and admits to his grief. A final twist is that the cure for the memory drug was experimental, and on Hugo its effectiveness was only temporary. Harry watches him losing his mind as Adam breaks his own bad news to Fiona's parents, and to his son. (Fiona's father is played by David Burke, the first Watson to Jeremy Brett's Sherlock Holmes in the ITV series of the eighties and early nineties.)

Malcolm Stackley David Fleeshman
Madeline Janet Amsden
Hugo Ross George Baker
Fiona's Father David Burke
Wesley Carter James Dicker
Fiona's Mother Jane Lowe
Oleg Korsakov Ben Daniels
Sally Curtis Jo Mcinnes
Diana Jewell Phyllis Logan
Freddy Frost William Oxborrow

Episode Nine

w Rupert Walters

As the US and Britain teeter on the brink of war with Iran, Harry finally gets fed-up of turning a blind-eye to the CIA acting as though they run the country. He steps in and prevents the unofficial extradition of a terrorism suspect, telling Alex Roscoe of the CIA that he has to follow the correct procedure in future.

Deciding that the suspect, Louis Khurvin, poses no serious threat to national security, Harry releases him. Within days Khurvin has shot the MI5 officers who were watching him and has disappeared. Juliet is furious that Harry's actions had such a disastrous result and he is suspended from duty.

It appears that Khurvin is planning a major terrorist attack, and the team race against time to track him down. They trace his movements to a credit company based in London. The company has security and anti-hacking devices way beyond what would be expected and it appears that Khurvin has been meeting a man named Nick Pollard who works there.

Adam and Jo break into Pollard's office and download data from his computer. Meanwhile Zaf follows Pollard. However Pollard is skilled at counter-espionage techniques and obviously smells a rat. He quickly turns around and returns to his office. Adam and Jo only just get out in time. Pollard's skill at protecting his data and avoiding being followed raises suspicions at MI5. They start to wonder if he is working for the CIA.

Meanwhile, Harry too is being watched. The team have been forbidden to make contact with him, but nevertheless Adam meets him. The pair manage to defy the surveillance and Adam gets Harry a copy of the files. Harry meets a retired CIA officer and pumps him for information. He discovers Pollard is not CIA, but may have been trained by them. It's in the US Government's interest for Pollard to incite Khurvin to commit a terrorist atrocity. This will give them the lever and the public support to bring the US and the UK into a war against Iran.

Meanwhile Colin and Malcolm analyse the data from Pollard's files. They discover a missile attack is planned against a plane. Jo, Zaf and Adam follow Khurvin to a field on the perimeter of the airport. They catch him just as his missile launcher locks onto a plane, so the armed response team shoots him dead. Harry goes over to Pollard's office and confronts him with the evidence.

Harry fools the CIA into thinking they will finally get their terrorist, and arrives at the meeting point with Pollard. The CIA have no choice but to accept that Pollard, a US citizen, is the real terrorist. To rub salt into the wound, Harry forces them to apply for extradition through the normal channels. As well as preventing a major terrorist attack, the team have managed to prevent the UK being dragged into a war with Iran. Harry's instincts about not letting the CIA have everything their way have been proved right, and he is reinstated.

Louis Khurvin Philip Arditti
Alex Roscoe William Armstrong
Pollard Peter Vollebregt
Gameshow Host Andrew Allston
Dixon Ged Simmons
Gorman John Sharian
Wesley Carter James Dicker

Episode Ten

w Howard Brenton

Ruth gets home one evening to discover her dead stepbrother's girlfriend, Angela, sitting in her living room. Ruth's stepbrother had killed himself a year earlier after being fired from the Royal Protection Squad. Angela announces that he wasn't fired, as Ruth believed, because he was an alcoholic, but because he knew too much. She produces a microdot from her teeth; it contains information that suggests that not only was Princess Diana murdered by MI5, but that Harry was directly involved in the plot.

Angela wants to uncover the truth, but Ruth refuses to help. The following evening, just as the team are leaving for the day, Angela arrives in the office. She is an ex-MI5 officer and is given a hero's welcome. Ruth shouts for her to be thrown out, but it's too late. Angela has a handbag full of plastic explosive and a detonator, and she says that no-one is to leave. She wants proof that there was a plot to kill Princess Diana, and she gives them until dawn to tell her what it was.

Harry denies Angela's accusations, but the team have no option but to put together a convincing explanation of what might have happened. It's too convincing and Ruth and Adam start to doubt Harry. Finally Harry explains the truth, that he was on a committee planning for worst case scenarios, and they inadvertently predicted Princess Diana's death perfectly. It was nothing more sinister than that.

Ruth tells Angela the truth about Princess Diana. But she then lies about her relationship with her step-brother, and says he never loved Angela. She breaks down at this and presses the detonator. Luckily the bomb had parts missing, so it doesn't explode. MI5 code is that an agent who goes to pieces in the field should be let go. So the team cover for Angela's actions, and she leaves the building.

Ruth discovers that Angela has stolen some documents. They realise the entire evening was just a distraction exercise. She appears to be planning to attack the Royal Family. Harry evacuates the Royals to a high security bunker, but just too late the team work out that the move was factored into Angela's plan all along. The bunker is booby trapped. Just in time, Adam cuts the wires and defuses the bomb.

Adam and Harry realise that Angela is highly dangerous and must be caught. They rush back to Thames House to rally the team. As they step from their car gunshots ring out. Adam is shot and falls to the floor, Harry looks round desperately and finally sees Angela on the rooftop of the building opposite. He is staring down the barrel of a gun ...

Peter Haigh James Scales
Angela Wells Lindsay Duncan
Sir Petrie Meacham Johnnie Lyne-Perkins


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