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This was a low-key Australian science fiction serial set early in the 21st century. The main point of interest was an underwater combined school and research station, and the kids kept themselves amused while trying to avoid the attentions of a spiteful older pupil and the various officers and crew who maintained the research side of things. Two of the youngsters, Brett and Julius, meet Neri, a girl who lives rough on a nearby island, and who's best friend is a blue whale. There is a little mystery about her, however, as she seems to be remarkably at home in the ocean. The boys find their troubles only just starting when they try to keep her a secret. The first season was made in 1992 to the usual polished Australian standards, and with excellent underwater filming, the series was screened in the UK with little publicity and in a Sunday morning slot, so it may have been hard to spot at first. 

A true product of the 1990s, Ocean Odyssey was never going to challenge the classic programmes of twenty or thirty years before, but it made attractive viewing nonetheless. A second series followed on Children's BBC in 1996, starting out on BBC2 while Wimbledon was in swing. Known elsewhere as Ocean Girl, the series continues, although its transmission in the UK was patchy and unheralded.



Neri Marzena Godecki   Brett Jeffrey Walker
Julius David Hoflin   Father Alex Pinder
Mother Kerry Armstrong   ZoŽ Cassandra McGrath
Vanessa Jacalyn Prince   Damien Guy Mallaby
Lee Andrea McSwan   Jodie Bryony Price
Cmdr Lucas William McInnes   First Officer Miki Okawa
Second Officer Melvyn J Carroll   HELEN Nina Landis


Created and Produced by: Jonathan M Shiff
Writer: Neil Luxmoore
Executive Producers: Jonathan M Shiff,
  Emma Honey
and Jennifer Cleveks
Line Producer: Gina Black
Director: Mark DeFriest
Music: Garry McDonald and Laurie Stone

All details are trademarked and copyrighted by their respective producers. All character and location names are also copyright. No infringement of any copyright is intended.