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A drama series that went out once a week at 5:10pm, Wednesdays, on Children's BBC. The story concentrates on Tess, an overweight and lonely girl who is newly arrived in a small, isolated village in Yorkshire along with her expectant mother. She is puzzled by the absence of other children. Then she bumps into the mysterious twins, Ben and Carey Naismith, both of whom, it transpires, have psychic powers. Ben is an unpleasant character who uses his powers to hurt and upset people, whereas his sister only uses hers to do good. Tess is shown the dark secret behind Century Falls and the reason why there are no children born to the place in the last forty years. At the centre of the secret is the Temple, out near the Falls themselves. By episode four, Julia feels confident enough to take charge of the village in an attempt to recreate the conditions through which power was so nearly grasped the first time. She plan's to use Ben's powers to aid her in re-creating the secret ceremony. Tess and Carey are determined to stop her. They rescue Ben, and the three of them go into hiding until they work out a way of putting an end to it all, permanently.

The series was up to the BBC's usual grade for children's drama, and was well acted and directed. For the most part the children were very natural in their parts, but, although of a generally high standard throughout, the series didn't match its predecessors of the sixties or seventies for sheer quality and interest.



Tess Hunter Catherine Sanderson   Mrs Hunter Heather Baskerville
Ben Naismith Simon Fenton   Carey Naismith Emma Jane Lavin
Frances Naismith Marc Sinden   Julia Tatiana Strauss
Richard Naismaith Bernard Kay   Ashe Alex Mollo
Esme Harkness Mary Wimbush   May Harkness Georgine Anderson
Alice Harkness Eileen Way   Miss Cooper Beryl Cooke
Jack Fretwell Danny Schiller   Ted Wayland Ronald Herdman
Dr Josiah Naismith Robert James   Little Girl Jennifer Harris


Writer: Russell T Davies
Producer: Unknown
Director: Colin Cant
Music: Unknown


All details are trademarked and copyrighted by their respective producers. All character and location names are also copyright. No infringement of any copyright is intended.