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Crusade was designed by the creator of Babylon 5 when it became clear to TNT, who took over production of the original series from a less interested Warner Brothers, that there was plenty of mileage left in the programme. Crusade was to be a separate story strand that takes place about a year or two after the events of the Babylon 5 arc. The Shadow War had concluded, but the allies of the Shadows, embodied in the Drakh, remain homeless and masterless, now looking for a base of their own, and to become masters of others. Towards that end, they target Earth in the Babylon 5 feature length episode A Call To Arms. Earth’s fate will be an example to the other races to convince them to fall into line. But their attempt at conquest and destruction ends badly for them.

As they retreat, they leave behind a little gift, releasing a biogenetically engineered virus, a piece of leftover Shadow technology. The virus has an incubation period of roughly five years, during which time it adapts to its host species. At the end of that adaptation period, it turns lethal. Released into the atmosphere of Earth, it will essentially wipe out every man, woman and child on Earth who was there when the virus was released. Unless a cure is found.

That is where the crew of the Excalibur came in. They were given a mission of finding alien technology that would enable a cure to be made in the time available. Central characters included one of the nine surviving Zathras brothers; the command staff of one of the main explorer vessels, the Excalibur; a warrior caste Minbari; the lone survivor of a world wiped out by the Shadow allies; a lone Technomage sent back to see if the coast is clear for the others to come back; a biogeneticist and a representative from Interplanetary Expeditions, whose goal may not be the same as the rest.

Unfortunately, the series was a huge disappointment, and ended up being nothing more than the average "quest" series that the US churns out for padding the schedules. That's precisely what happened to Crusade. It eventually found a graveyard slot on Channel 4. TNT did not find favour with the series and its run was limited to just thirteen episodes.



Captain Matthew Gideon Gary Cole
Technomage Galen Peter Woodward
First Officer Lieutenant John Matheson Daniel Dae Kim
IPX Xenoarchaeologist Max Eilerson David Allen Brooks
Dr Sarah Hoffman Marjean Holden
Dureena Nafeel Carrie Dobro


Creator: J Michael Straczynski
Executive Producers: Unknown
Producer: Unknown
Co-Producer: Unknown
Associate Producer: Unknown
Conceptual Consultant: Unknown
Executive Story Editor: Unknown
Music: Unknown


Racing The Night
The Needs of Earth
The Memory of War
The Long Road
Visitors From Down The Street
The Well of Forever
Each Night I Dream of Home
Patterns of the Soul
The Path of Sorrows
Ruling From the Tomb
The Rules of the Game
War Zone
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