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In The Beginning

(Note: This episode is set immediately before Londo encounters Sheridan, when the latter was thrown into the future in War Without End.)

The Earth-Minbari War is recounted by an aged Emperor Mollari while his capital city burns around him. Events during the war set in motion a train of events that would last down to his own time, and a thousand years into the past.

Lt-Commander John J Sheridan Bruce Boxleitner
Susan Ivanova Claudia Christian
Michael Alfredo Garibaldi Jerry Doyle
Doctor Stephen Franklin Richard Biggs
Satai Delenn Mira Furlan
Ambassador Londo Mollari Peter Jurasik
Ambassador G'Kar Andreas Katsulas
Kosh Ardwight Chamberlain
Captain Jeffrey Sinclair Michael O'Hare
Lenonn Theodore Bikel
Dukhat Reiner Schone
Morann Robin Atkin Downes
General Lefcourt J Patrick McCormack
Earth President Tricia O'Neil
Coplann Robin Sachs
Presidential Aide James Patrick Stuart
Captain Sterns Jason Azikiwe
Centauri Woman Yasemin Baytok
Woman Kristin Birch
Comm Officer Justin Carroll
Luc Jacob Chase
Captain Jankowski Tim Colceri
Man Timothy Davis-Reed
Alpha 7 Pancho Demmings
First Officer Steven Ford
Ganya Ivanov Mio R Jakula
Minbari Pilot Nick Jameson
General Fontaine Mike Kennedy
Lyssa Erica Mer
Minbari Warrior Mark Rafael Truit


(Note: This episode is set very shortly after the conclusion of The Shadow War, before the fight against Clark's EarthGov got underway.)

A giant alien relic is discovered in hyperspace and is salvaged by B5 personnel. The artifact begins to have a sinister effect on the crew and violence erupts as it is revealed to be a gateway built by the Vorlons to access a new space, filled with creatures of pure destruction.

Captain John J Sheridan Bruce Boxleitner
Lt-Commander Susan Ivanova Claudia Christian
Ambassador Delenn Mira Furlan
Doctor Stephen Franklin Richard Biggs
Security Chief Zack Allan Jeff Conaway
Vir Cotto Stephen Furst
Lyta Alexander Patricia Tallman
Bill Morishi Clyde Kusatsu
Doctor Elizabeth Trent Shari Belafonte
Deuce William Sanderson
Leo Kip King
Alex Floyd Levine
Merchant Jeffrey Anderson-Gunter
Lieutenant Corwin Joshua Cox
Delta 7 Judson Mills
Guard G Adam Gifford
Builder Jerry Kernion
Technician Valerie Red-Horse

River Of Souls

(Note: This feature is set approximately six months after President Sheridan's departure for Minbar, as shown in the episode Objects At Rest.)

Garibaldi, as the new corporate head of Edgars Industries, is still sorting through a maze of the highly secret operations that William Edgars had set up. He arrives on Babylon 5 to meet Doctor Robert Bryson, who is on a mission to discover a means of extending human life indefinitely, but who comes across as a desperate crank. But Bryson really has made a discovery: one of the hidden galleries of the Soul Hunters, a place where their captured souls are placed together so that they might intermingle with each other. Unfortunately, for one race mistakenly captured whole at the moment of its evolution into a new form, this has not been enough, and over 10,000 years many of them have gone mad. Now they find release on B5, and the Soul Hunters gather en masse to recapture them, or destroy the station in the process.

Captain Elizabeth Lochley Tracy Scoggins
Michael Garibaldi Jerry Doyle
Lieutenant David Corwin Joshua Cox
Zack Allan Jeff Conaway
Doctor Robert Bryson Ian McShane
The Soul Hunter Martin Sheen
Second Man Jeff Doucette
Soul One Wayne Alexander
Customer Bob Amaral
Woman Beece Barkett
Jacob Mayhew Joel Brooks
Male Hologram T J Hoban
James Riley Stuart Pankin
Klaus Ray Proscia
Female Hologram Nikki Schieler Ziering
Mr Clute Jeff Silverman
Sheila Jean St James
Stephen Franklin Richard Biggs

(Not yet screened in the UK)

A Call To Arms

(Note: This episode is set six years after the Shadow War and serves as an introduction for the sequel series Crusade.)

Things have quietened down for InterStellar Alliance President John Sheridan. He and Garibaldi inspect the new ships being built by the ISA. The vessels Victory and Excalibur are a combination of human technology and reverse-engineered Minbari and Vorlon technologies. Meanwhile, the young Technomage, Galen, takes a step that might lead to his expulsion from his people. He knows what no one else does: that the Drakh are planning to punish Earth for being at the forefront of the Shadows' defeat, but his warning is a subtle one. When Sheridan expects to view a message from his wife, he instead finds himself caught by this warning. He, a thief, and Captain Anderson of the Charon come to Babylon 5 without really knowing why, and only one thing binds them together: they have all received a dream that warns them of Earth's impending doom. But what can a thief, a president, and a destroyer captain do, when the enemy has defeated them every time?

President John J Sheridan Bruce Boxleitner
Michael Garibaldi Jerry Doyle
Security Chief Zack Allan Jeff Conaway
Dureena Nafal Carrie Dobro
Galen Peter Woodward
Captain Leonard Anderson Tony Todd
Captain Elizabeth Lochley Tracy Scoggins
Drake Tony Maggio
Bishop Michael Harris
First Officer Scott MacDonald
Drakh Wayne Alexander
Communications Carlos Bernard
Navigation Burt Bulos
Drazi Ron Campbell
Minbari Ranger David Coburn
Rolf Matt Gallini
ISN Reporter Valeria Ghiran
Navigation Marjean Holden
Yuri Endre Hules
First Mage Tim O'Hare
Second Mage Tom Ramirez
Lynne LaRita Shelby-Mullen
Sarah Kayla Spell

(Not yet screened in the UK)


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