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Season Three - Point Of No Return

Matters Of Honor

Ranger Marcus Cole arrives on the station and seeks out Delenn. Sheridan is given the White Star - a ship constructed with Vorlon and Minbari technology - and faces his first battle with the Shadows, while Morden meets some other allies.

Ranger Marcus Cole (intro) Jason Carter
David Endawi Tucker Smallwood
Morden Ed Wasser
Large Man Nils Allen Stewart
Drazi Pilot Jonathan Chapman
Senator Kitty Swink
Psi Cop Andrew Walker


A group of monks reach B5, and Ivanova seeks their help in tracking down a saboteur who is planting bombs throughout the station.

Brother Theo Louis Turenne
Robert Carlson Patrick Kilpatrick
Obnoxious Man John Flinn
Security Guards Rick Johnson and Tom Simmons
Lurker Jason Larimore
Med Tech Gwen McGee
Drazi Mike McKenzie

A Day In The Strife

While the Centauri try to bring a puppet Narn ambassador to the station, an alien probe threatens Babylon 5 with destruction.

Na'Far Stephen Macht
Ta'Lon Marshall Teague
Doctor Gonzalez Anne Betancourt
Narns Neil Bradley and Mark Hendrickson
Med Tech Larita Shelby
Troublemaker John St Ryan
G'Dok Michael Bailey Smith

Passing Through Gethsemane

Kosh summons Lyta Alexander back to the station, and one of the monks discovers he has a hidden past when voices and messages that apparently aren't really there seem so real to him.

Brother Edward Brad Dourif
Lyta Alexander Patricia Tallman
Brother Theo Louis Turenne
News Anchors Lynn Blades and Steven Gonzalez
Malcolm Robert Keith
Business Person Natalie Brunt
Centauri Mark Folger

Voices Of Authority

Marcus Cole and Ivanova ask Draal's assistance in contacting more of the First Ones, such as the one witnessed in the season one episode Mind War.

Julie Misante Shari Sutliff
Draal John Schuck
Security Guard James Black
ISN Anchor Vimi Mani
Vice President Clark Gary McGurk

Dust To Dust

Bester returns to Babylon 5 when an addictive drug sweeps through the station, and the members of the station's War Council must guard themselves against his psi abilities. G'Kar tries out the drug on himself and discovers a terrible truth from his enemy.

Psi Cop Bester Walter Koenig
Lindstrom Julian Neil
Narn Image Jim Norton
Security Guard Harry Hutchinson
Centauri Diplomat John-Frederick Jones
Shop Owner S Marc Jordan
Psi Cop Judy Levitt
Med Tech Gwen McGee
Ashi Philip Moon
Crazed Man Walter O'Neil
Man David Shark
Vizak Kim Strauss
Ombuds Dani Thompson


While investigating some strange occurrences in Down Below, Cole and Doctor Franklin uncover an invasion of parasitic aliens who carry the knowledge of millennia. Meanwhile, Corwin is promoted.

Jacque Lee Wylee Small
Matthew Duffin James Warwick
Duncan Aubrey Morris
Kat Kat Cressida
Doctor Harrison Carrie Dobro
Vendor Ross Gottstein
Samuel Eric Steinberg
Man Michael McKenzie
Lurker Roger Rook
Woman Leslie Pratt
Trader Donald Willis

Messages From Earth

Babylon 5 comes into confrontation with Earthforce when Sheridan discovers a startling truth about President Clark, but when the news is broadcast, martial law is declared throughout the Alliance.

Doctor Mary Kirkish Nancy Stafford
Security Guard Vaughn Armstrong
Second Security Guard Merrin Dungey
ISN Anchor Vimi Mani
Cook Loraine Shields

Point Of No Return

With the declaration of Martial Law, Nightwatch are commanded to take over station security, and elements of Earth's military rebel, sending shockwaves through the Alliance. Wile Sheridan plans to remove the Nightwatch threat legally, Prophetess Lady Morella gives Londo another glimpse of his destiny.

Lady Morella Majel Barrett
Ta'Lon Marshall Teague
Security Guard Vaughn Armstrong
General Smits Lewis Arquette
Lt General O'Reilly Ed Trotta
Passing Minbari Jonathan Chapman
ISN Reporter Maggie Egan
Nightwatch Guard Gunther Jensen
Man Tony Rayner
Lord Rigo Milton James

Severed Dreams

The situation for the station's crew has changed inexorably. With General Haig's renegade ships finding a haven with Sheridan, a massive force is sent from Earth to take the station over by force. Sheridan must decide how to make his stand.

Captain Sandra Hiroshi Kim Miyori
David Sheridan Rance Howard
Bill Trainor Phil Morris
Major Ed Ryan Bruce McGill
Drakhen James Parks
Religious Minbari Jonathan Chapman
Narn Kim Strauss
ISN Reporters Maggie Egan and Matt Gottlieb

Ceremonies Of Light And Dark

Nightwatch may have been cleared from their official posts on the stations, but a few brutal individuals remain in hiding, plotting the assassination of Sheridan. To this end, they kidnap Delenn. Londo, on the other hand, must attempt diplomatic persuasion to part Lord Refa and Morden.

Sniper Paul Perri
Boggs Don Stroud
Lenann Kim Strauss
Lord Refa William Forward
Maintenance Man Vincent Bilancio
Sparky the Computer Harlan Ellison
Guard Doug McCoy
Morden Ed Wasser
Thug Jim Cody Williams

Sic Transit Vir

Vir's part in smuggling Narn civilians off their devastated homeworld is discovered by Londo, while at the same time he meets his fiancée, when he didn't even know he was betrothed.

Lyndisty Carmen Thomas
Centauri Official Damian London
Narn James Jude Courtney

A Late Delivery From Avalon

A psychologically disturbed ex-Earth-Alliance officer is searching for a way to ease his troubled mind. Doctor Franklin, however, has his own, less ambiguous kill-or-cure methods of treatment for the man.

David McIntyre Michael York
Emmett Farquaha Michael Kagen
Merchant Roger Hampton
Old Woman Dona Hardy
Security Guard 1 Michael Francis Kelly
Med Tech James Kiriyama-Lem
Lurker Robert Schuch
Security Guard 2 Jerry O'Donnell

Ship Of Tears

Psi Cop Bester has discovered the Shadows' takeover of Psi Corps, something that does not fit into his own plans. As a last resort he travels to B5 to give Sheridan information about a Shadow "arms shipment" which must be stopped, but even he is unprepared for what they find.

Psi Cop Alfred Bester Walter Koenig
Earthforce President Clark Gary McGurk
Carolyn Joan MacMurtry
Allison Diana Morgan
Med Tech Debra Sharkey

Interludes And Examinations

The Shadows are moving openly. Sheridan, in desperation at ever being able to forge an alliance against them, forces Kosh to commit the Vorlons to mount a stinging attack on a Shadow fleet. When news of the attack reaches Morden and his masters, there will be a terrible price to pay.

Morden Ed Wasser
Doctor Lillian Hobbs Jennifer Balgobin
David Sheridan Rance Howard
Vendor Jan Rabson
Brakiri Jonathan Chapman
Tech Mark Ciglar
Ranger Glenn Martin
Med Tech Doug Tompos 

War Without End (Part 1)

An old friend, Jeffrey Sinclair, returns to Babylon 5 in answer to an ancient message written in his own hand that explains how Babylon 4 disappeared. Many questions are answered, and more are posed, as an operation unfolds simultaneous to the events of Babylon Squared. The mission is vital to ensure that the Shadows were defeated 1,000 years ago, and that they are defeatable now.

Ambassador Jeffrey Sinclair Michael O'Hare
Zathras Tim Choate
Rathenn Time Winters
Centauri Guard Kevin Fry
Spragg Eric Zirot

War Without End (Part 2)

Sheridan is catapulted seventeen years into his future, where he finds himself held captive by the dying Emperor Londo, whilst he and his wife, Delenn, are under sentence of death (This occurs before and during Londo's retelling of the Earth-Minbari War in The Beginning). Meanwhile, for Sinclair on Babylon 4, events are beginning to look startlingly familiar.

Major Krantz Kent Broadhurst
Babylon 4 First Officer Bruce Morrow
Zathras Tim Choate
Ambassador Jeffrey Sinclair Michael O'Hare
Centauri Guard Kevin Fry
Babylon 4 Technician Eddie Mui


Sheridan organises an attack on the Shadows, using telepaths to incapacitate their ships. But are his ships strong enough to protect the telepaths? Oblivious to this, Franklin, on a wandering tour of the station, meets a nightclub singer with a secret.

Lyta Alexander Patricia Tallman
Doctor Lillian Hobbs Jennifer Balgobin
Cailyn Erica Gimpel
Na'Kal Robin Sachs
Minbari Captain Michael McKenzie

Grey 17 Is Missing

Garibaldi finds himself trapped on a lost level on Babylon 5 with a group of religious nuts and a murderous carnivore. Delenn has problems of her own when she is asked to take Sinclair's place as Ranger One, a recipe for civil war between the Minbari warrior and religious castes.

Neroon John Vickery
Jeremiah Robert Englund
Supervisor Katherine Moffat
First Man Eamon Roche
Rathenn Time Winters
Maintenance Worker Thom Barry

And The Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place

Political machinations abound as Londo uses an unwilling Vir and an unknowing G'Kar to destroy the credibility of his main rival at the Centauri court, Lord Refa. And a surprise awaits Sheridan as his relationship with Delenn blossoms.

Minister Virini François Giroday
Brother Theo Louis Turenne
Rabbi Leo Meyers Eric Avari
Lord Refa William Forward
Rev William Dexter Mel Winkler
Drigo Paul Keith
G'Dan Wayne Alexander
Singer Marva Hicks

Shadow Dancing

The Shadows launch a major offensive against the Non-Aligned worlds, but it is one that Sheridan has already figured out, and his own fleet is waiting for them to ensure a stinging counterattack. Back on the station, whilst Franklin is undergoing a life-changing experience, a surprise awaits Sheridan and Delenn.

Barbara Shirley Prestia
Anna Sheridan Melissa Gilbert
Thug 2 John Grantham
Man J Gordon Noice
Brakiri Jonathan Chapman
Drazi Ambassador Mark Hendrickson
Thug 1 Nicholas Ross Oleson
Husband Doug Cox


While Shadow vessels surround Babylon 5, Sheridan is persuaded to undertake an almost certainly terminal mission by someone from his past whom he thought dead. Leaving behind a devastated Delenn, John Sheridan makes what seems to be the ultimate sacrifice to save the galaxy from a predicted seventeen years of further war.

Anna Sheridan Melissa Gilbert
Justin Jeff Corey
Messenger Ron Campbell
Morden Ed Wasser


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