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Season Five - The Wheel Of Fire

No Compromises

As Sheridan prepares for the InterStellar Alliance presidential inauguration ceremony, a twisted killer stalks him. Garibaldi has to learn to deal with the newly arrived replacement captain of Babylon 5.

Captain Elizabeth Lochley (intro) Tracy Scoggins
John Clemens Anthony Crivello
Byron Robin Atkin Downes
Simon Timothy Eyster
Ranger Mauricio Mendoza

The Very Long Night Of Londo Mollari

Londo suffers a heart attack and spends what could be the last twenty-four hours of his life debating with his inner demons whether it is worth struggling to survive. Lennier has a shock for Delenn.

Ruell Ross Kettle
Med Tech Akiko Ann Morison

The Paragon Of Animals

The Drazi are stalling on the signing of the new Alliance treaties. Sheridan comes to learn of continued raider attacks on a world on their borders, and begins to wonder why they are so frequent.

Drazi Ambassador Kim Strauss
Verchan Tony Abatemarco
Byron Robin Atkin Downes
Merkat Daniel Bryan Cartmell
Ranger Bart Johnson

A View From The Gallery

The sudden arrival of a previously unknown destructive race causes chaos when Babylon 5 is called upon to defend itself. The resulting death and destruction is viewed with just a little detachment by two maintenance men.

Bo Lawrence Lejohn
Mack Raymond O'Conner
Byron Robin Atkin Downes

Learning Curve

Two young Minbari Rangers are brought to the station to continue their training, but they become involved with a local gang leader who is out to take over downbelow.

Rastenn Nathan Anderson
Turval Turhan Bey
Tannier Brendan Ford
Trace Trevor Goddard
Durhan Brian McDermott
Enforcer Mongo Brownlee
Security Guard Dawn Comer
Teegarden Erica Ortega

Strange Relations

Sheridan's and Lochley's secret is revealed and Londo's life is endangered. Bester comes on board, hunting for renegade telepaths, but faces a temporary defeat from an expected source. He will be back, however.

Byron Robin Atkin Downes
Bester Walter Koenig
Security Guard Clynell Jackson
Bloodhound Teeps James Lew and Steven Hal Lambert
Telepath Clarke Coleman

Secrets Of The Soul

While building the new Alliance medical database, Franklin uncovers a startling secret about the heritage of one of the League worlds.

Byron Robin Atkin Downes
Kirrin Fiona Dwyer
Peter Jack Hannibal
Earl Stuart McLean
Ambassador Tal Jana Robbins
Thug Roger Hewlett
Security Guard Skip Stellrecht
Drazi Captain William Scudder

Day Of The Dead

A visiting comedy duo raises morale on the station while a Brakiri festival conjures up spirits of the dead, each one visiting a resident of the station that they knew in life.

Reebo & Zooty Penn & Teller
Zoe Bridgit Flannery
PFC Dodger Marie Marshall
Adira Tyree Fabiana Udenio
Morden Ed Wasser
Brakiri Ambassador Jonathan Chapman
Customs Officer Skip Stellrecht
Brakiri Salesman Ismael Kanater
Voice Of Zooty Harlan Ellison

In The Kingdom Of The Blind

Byron gives the Alliance an ultimatum that amounts to blackmail while Londo's life is threatened on Centauri Prime, as events in both locations move towards a climax.

Byron Robin Atkin Downes
Minister Vitari Neil Hunt
Regent Damien London
Telepath Victor Love
Minister Vole Francis X McCarthy
Lord Jano Ian Ogilvy
Drazi David Darling

A Tragedy Of Telepaths

Under siege by Bester and his bloodhound Psi Cops, the telepaths begin to show signs of disunity, as some advocate direct action as opposed to Byron’s passive resistance.

Byron Robin Atkin Downes
Na'Toth Julie Caitlin Brown
Thomas Leigh J McCloskey
Drazi Ambassador Kim Strauss
Bester Walter Koenig
Lara Caroline Ambrose
Worker Freddy Andreiuci
Brakiri Ambassador Jonathan Chapman
Centauri Guard Tom Billet
Telepath Christina Gavin

Phoenix Rising

The besieged telepaths strike out against the Psi Cops and Babylon 5’s personnel, before committing the ultimate act of sacrifice to further their cause.

Bester Walter Koenig
Byron Robin Atkin Downes
Peter Jack Hannibal
Telepath Victor Love
Thomas Leigh J McCloskey

The Ragged Edge

Garibaldi is sent to the Drazi homeworld on a search for the truth behind attacks on Alliance ships, and discovers a startling secret. G'Kar becomes a religious icon when he book is published.

Ta'lon Marshall Teague
Tafiq Azir John Castellanos
Brannagan Mirron E Willis
Narn Acolyte Mark Hendrickson

The Corps Is Mother, The Corps Is Father

A glimpse behind the doors of Psi Corps reveals a new side of Bester and his students as they struggle to solve a killing on Babylon 5 within the Family.

Bester Walter Koenig
Lauren Ashley Dana Barron
Drake Mike Genovese
Chen Hikaru Reggie Lee
Jonathan Harris Dex Elliot Sanders
Gordon Brendan Ford
Bartender Don McMillan
Man Jeremy Thomas
Roomate Michael Max Charles Clano
Dealer Michael Jeffrie Stanton

Meditations On The Abyss

Delenn embarks on a mission of her own to discover the truth behind Centauri involvement in raider attacks. Lennier undergoes the rigours of Ranger training as he tries to overcome his feelings for Delenn.

Drazi Ambassador Ron Campbell
Findell Martin East
Montoya Richard Yniguez
Drazi Vendor Carl Ciarfalio
Tough Guy Vincent Deadrick Jr
Narn Acolyte Mark Hendrickson

Darkness Ascending

Lennier's discovery causes the Centauri to be suspended from the Alliance and threatens all-out war as Sheridan sees his dream of a united Alliance falling apart.

Lise Hampton-Edgars Denise Gentile
Minister Thomas MacGreevy
Captain Montoya Richard Yniguez
Maitre D' Wesley Mask
Business Man Edmund Shaff

And All My Dreams; Torn Asunder

The Centauri are found guilty of attacking Alliance shipping and, with Garibaldi in a drunken stupor, Sheridan is unable to prevent a large-scale Alliance attack on Centauri Prime from going ahead.

Minister Thomas MacGreevy
Drazi Ambassador Kim Strauss
Brakiri Ambassador Jonathan Chapman
Brakiri Vincent Deadrick, Jr

Movements Of Fire And Shadow

All hell breaks loose as the Alliance disobeys Sheridan's request and launches it’s massed, all-out attack on a Centauri Prime that has deliberately deactivated its planetary defences. Delenn and Lennier face their own possible destruction as their ship is crippled by a Centauri fighter in hyperspace.

Drakh Wayne Alexander
Kulomani Josh Clark
Regent Damian London
Minister Thomas MacGreevy
Daro Bart McCarthy
Na'Tok Robin Sachs
Doctor Literana Varda Neil Bradley

The Fall Of Centauri Prime

The Centauri homeworld is crushed between the opposing forces of the Alliance and the secretive Drakh, as Londo surrenders his future to save his people from suffering millions of further deaths.

Regent Damien London
Drakh Wayne Alexander
Ranger Simon Billig
Na’tok Robin Sachs

The Wheel Of Fire

Garibaldi’s alcoholism becomes public knowledge. While he is fighting his own addiction, and contemplating marriage to Lise Hampton, he also has to work out a deal to placate an increasingly dangerous Lyta Alexander. Even as her own powers are increasing, her rogue telepath allies have started a terrorist campaign against Psi Corps. (Originally entitled The Alien Inside.)

Lise Hampton-Edgars Denise Gentile
Officer Monique Edwards

Objects In Motion

Changes begin to take effect in the lives of the Babylon 5 inhabitants, as Delenn discovers she is pregnant. A member of the independent Mars government, newly arrived on the station, turns out to be a familiar face for Franklin, while G’Kar decides that the only way to escape from Narn adulation of him is to leave on a voyage of discovery. Lyta’s only way out of imprisonment is to join him.

Number One/Tessa Halloran Marjorie Monaghan
Lise Hampton-Edgars Denise Gentile
Casey James Hornbeck
Guard Jeffrey James Castillo
Paretti Walter Williamson
Tru’Nil Neil Bradley

Objects At Rest

New faces in old places, and new beginnings for the former Babylon 5 leading figures as Franklin departs for Earth after announcing his replacement; Garibaldi leaves for Mars to begin his life with Lise; and Delenn and Sheridan make their way to the new Alliance headquarters on Minbar. There, Emperor Londo presents the couple with a sinister gift.

Ta’Lon Marshall Teague
Doctor Lillian Hobbs Jennifer Balgobin
Ranger Simon Billig
Number One Marjorie Monaghan
ISN Reporter Maggie Egan
Employee Mike Manzoni

Sleeping In Light

It is 19 years later. Londo and G’Kar are four years dead, and Vir is emperor. Delenn is head of the Alliance, while Ivanova is a senior military figure on Earth. Franklin and Garibaldi are both well advanced in their respective careers, and Allan is the last head of security on Babylon 5. Sheridan discovers his gift of life from Lorien has run out, and gathers his old friends together for one last reunion before he leaves Minbar, and Delenn, for the final time…

General Susan Ivanova Claudia Christian
Lorien Wayne Alexander
Publicist Romy Rosemont
Commander Nils David Wells
Mary Garibaldi Sharon Annett
Aide Dan Sachoff
Ranger Lair Torrant
Captain of the Guard Kent Minault

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