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Season Two - The Coming Of Shadows

Points of Departure

The station receives a new commander in the form of Captain Sheridan. Ambassador Delenn continues her strange transformation, and Garibaldi remains in a critical condition. Sheridan's first task is to handle a rogue Minbari warship whose crew are looking for a fight.

Captain John Sheridan (intro) Bruce Boxleitner
Minbari Kalain Richard Grove
Minbari Hedronn Robin Sachs
General William Hague Robert Foxworth
Minbari Elite Deeron Jennifer Anglin
Young Woman Catherine Hader
Vastor Michael McKenzie
Ensign Kim Strauss
Security Guards Thomas Valinote and Greg Wrangler
Star Fury Pilot Brian Starcher
Ambassadors of the Non-Aligned Worlds Jonathan Chapman, Mark Hendrickson
and Kristopher Logan
Observation Dome Technicians Debra Sharkey and Kim Delgado
Merchants Russ Fega and Bennet Guillory


Londo becomes more indebted to the sinister Morden, while the latter's masters are taking control of an abandoned sector of space. Doctor Franklin uses an experimental procedure to bring Garibaldi out of his coma. And Delenn emerges from her cocoon feeling a little more human.

Morden Ed Wasser
Garibaldi's Aide Macaulay Bruton
Elizabeth Sheridan Beverly Leech
Anna Sheridan Beth Toussaint
Security Officer Lou Welch David L Crowley
Narn Captain Mark Hendrickson
Med Tech James Kiriyama-Lem
President Morgan Clark Gary McGurk
Narn Navigator Michael McKenzie
Guard Warren Tabata

The Geometry Of Shadows

Ivanova is promoted to full Commander, and her first task is to sort out an apparently meaningless dispute between the quarrelsome Drazi.

Refa William Forward
Elric Michael Ansara
Security Officer Lou Welch David L Crowley
Green Drazi Kim Strauss
Green Drazi #2 Jonathan Chapman
Purple Drazi Neil Bradley
Devereaux Edward Conery
Guard Warren Tabata

A Distant Star

Captain Maynard, in command of an Earth Alliance explorer vessel, is an old friend of Sheridan's, and he arrives at Babylon 5 with stories of strange activities out on the Rim. Meanwhile, Delenn's loyalty to the station's population of Minbari is questioned.

Captain Jack Maynard Russ Tamblyn
Lt Patrick Daniel Beer
Ray Galus Art Kimbro
Orwell Miguel A Nunez Jr
Ogilvie Patty Toy
Teronn Sandey Grinn
Observation Dome Technician Kim Delgado

The Long Dark

When one of Earth's original explorer ships drifts near to the station with two human bodies aboard, the inhabitants of Babylon 5 begin to experience horrifying visions.

Amis Dwight Schultz
Mariah Cirrus Ann-Marie Johnson
Guard Warren Tabata
Markab Ambassador Kim Strauss
Medlab Tech James Kiriyama-Lem
Aliens Jennifer Anglin and Neil Bradley

Spider In The Web

A killer is stalking Talia - he's already murdered once aboard the station and she was the only witness. But something is wrong with his mind, and Talia, with Garibaldi acting as her willing bodyguard, is the only one who can solve a deepening mystery.

Abel Horn Michael Beck
Amanda Carter Adrienne Barbeau
Thirteen/Psi Cop Annie Grindlay
Taro Isogi James Shigeta
Senator Elise Voudreau Jessica Walter

A Race Through Dark Places

Psi Cop Bester assigns Talia to investigate rogue telepaths when he discovers an underground escape route for them leads to Babylon 5. Meanwhile, Talia is beginning to explore the full potential of the gift she received from Jason Ironheart, and is questioning Psi Corps practises.

Psi Cop Bester Walter Koenig
Telepaths Apesanahkwat and Dione Dilascio
Rick Brian Cousins
Lurker Gianin Loffler
Man Eddie Allen
Bartender Kathryn Cressida
Psi Cop Judy Levitt
Shooter Christopher Michael
Jason Ironheart William Allen Young

Soul Mates

Londo's three wives arrive on the station, and he is overjoyed to discover he has been allowed to divorce two of them. Elsewhere, Talia Winters may have found a way out of the Psi Corps. (Formerly entitled Pestilence, Famine And Death.)

Timov Jane Carr
Matthew Stoner Keith Szarabajka
Daggair Lois Nettleton
Mariel Blair Valk
Security Officer Lou Welch David L Crowley
Trader Carel Struycken
Man Bryan Michael McGuire

The Coming Of Shadows

G'Kar plots the death of the Centauri Emperor while the latter visits Babylon 5 to make peace with the Narn. He is thwarted, however, when the elderly emperor is taken ill, and later dies, leaving full-scale war on the agenda.

Centauri Emperor Turhan Bey
Ranger Frederic Lehne
Centauri Prime Minister Malachi Throne
Refa William Forward
Ambassador Jeffrey Sinclair Michael O'Hare
Kha'Mak Neil Bradley
Customs Guard Bryan Michael McGuire
Narn Pilots Jonathan Chapman and Kim Strauss


Doctor Franklin's father, a military general, brings 25,000 troops onto B5 on a secret mission. But his actions cause discontent among the station's crew.

General Richard Franklin Paul Winfield
Security Officer Lou Welch David L Crowley
Sergeant Major Plug Ryan Cutrona
PFC Large Ken Foree
Pvt Kleist Morgan Hunter
PFC Dodger Marie Marshall
Pvt Yang Art Chudabala
Dome Technician Elisa Beth Garver
ISN Reporter Maggie Egan
Tonia Wallace Mowava Pryor

All Alone In The Night

Sheridan is captured by aliens and experimented upon before Ivanova can bring help. The true reasons for Sheridan's appointment to the station begin to emerge after he and a Narn captive escape. Delenn comes across an unpleasant strain of quasi-racism.

Lt Ramirez Nick Corri
Ta'Lon Marshall Teague
Minbari Hedronn Robin Sachs
Minbari Neroon John Vickery
General William Hague Robert Foxworth

Acts Of Sacrifice

Members of a mysterious race of aliens, the Lumati, arrive on B5 to consider joining the Earth Alliance. Tensions between the Narn and the Centauri continue to mount as the war rages.

Taq Paul Williams
Narn Christopher Darga
Franke Glenn Morshower
Correlilmurzon Ian Abercrombie
Centauri Paul Ainsley
Narn Second Officer Jennifer Anglin
Bartender Kathryn Cressida
Narn Captain Sandey Grinn
Centauri Merchant David Sage

Hunter, Prey

Secret plots abound when what seems to be a revolutionary coup is discovered on Earth, and the enigmatic Kosh starts to behave in a most peculiar way.

Doctor Everett Jacobs Tony Steedman
Agent Derek Cranston Bernie Casey
Sarah Wanda De Jesus
Security Guard Bryan Michael McGuire
Lurker Damon C Reiser
Aide Debby Shively
Merchant Robert Silver
Max Richard Moll

There All The Honor Lies

Sheridan is framed for the murder of a Minbari in an undercover plot to badly discredit him, while at the same time he undergoes another of Ambassador Kosh's strange lessons.

Guinevere Corey Julie Caitlin Brown
Ashan Sean Gregory
Minbari Neil Bradley and Jonathan Chapman
Centauri Envoy Vincent Duvall
Human Customer Eliott Harold
Human/Drazi Customer Mark Hendrickson
Store Owner Ossie Mair
Alien Customer Michael McKenzie

And Now For A Word

A reporter arrives on the station to do a profile of it and its crew just as a battle between the Narns and the Centauri breaks out. The confrontation escalates beyond B5's ability to control it when each side dispatches a warship to the scene.

Cynthia Torqueman Kim Zimmer
Ronald Quantrell Christopher Curry
Psi Cop Granville Ames
Johnny John Christian Graas
Mother Leslie Wing
Eduardo Delvientos Jose Rey

In The Shadow Of Z'ha'dum

Sheridan is determined to discover the truth of his wife's death when he discovers that Morden was a colleague of hers, serving on the same ship. He also finds Delenn and Kosh inexplicably trying to stop him.

Morden Ed Wasser
Pierce MacIvee Alex Hyde-Whyte


Sheridan finds himself suffering from strange hallucinations, and discovers an alien link to the missing Babylon 4 station (previously seen in Babylon Squared). Londo Mollari realises he has made a mistake in backing the new order on Centauri Prime when an old friend comes to him for help.

Urza Jaddo Carmen Argenziano
Lord Refa William Forward
Dome Technician Elisa Beth Garver
Centauri Noble William Dennis Hunt

Confessions And Lamentations

Ancient beliefs, contemporary ignorance and futuristic medicine clash when a plague threatens to engulf the station.

Doctor Lazarenn Jim Norton
Markab Mother Diane Adair
Human Andrew Craig
ISN Reporter Maggie Egan
Guard Mike Manzoni
Markab Victim Michael McKenzie
Markab Girl Bluejean Ashley Secrist
Markab Ambassador Kim Strauss
Bartender Dan Woren
Doctor Rosie Malek-Yonan

Divided Loyalties

Telepath Lyta Alexander returns to B5, now part of the movement against Psi Corps. She brings news that the Corps has a sleeper spy on board, and Sheridan orders his crew to be scanned - but Ivanova predictably resists.

Lyta Alexander Patricia Tallman
First Man Douglas Bennett
Running Man Danny de la Paz
Med Tech Jani Neuman
Security Guard George Simms

The Long, Twilight Struggle

The Narn are losing the war and plan a desperate attack on a vital Centauri supply colony. But the plan has been discovered and the Narn fleet is met by Shadow vessels, while the Centauri fleet falls on a near defenceless Narn homeworld.

Lord Refa William Forward
Draal John Schuce
ISN Reporter Rif Hutton
G'Sten W Morgan Sheppard
Narn Neil Bradley
Narn Second Jonathan Chapman
Dome Technician Elisa Beth Garver

Comes The Inquisitor

G'Kar rallies the Narns on the station to uphold the resistance against the Centauri. Meanwhile, Delenn has to undergo a degrading and tortuous test in an effort to prove her allegiance.

Sebastian Wayne Alexander
Mr Chase Jack Kehler
Narn Mother Diane Adair
Centauri Jim Chiros
Narns Mark Hendrickson and Kim Strauss
Guard Michael Francis Kelly
Human Craig Thomas

The Fall Of Night

Earthdome finally reaches a decision concerning the Centauri's rapid expansion of their borders, but it's not what anyone on Babylon 5 was expecting. Events reach a climax as the Great War begins.

Frederick Lantz Roy Dotrice
Starfury Pilot Juli Donald
Mitch Rick Hamilton
Na'Kal Robin Sachs
Mr Welles John Vickery
Pak'Ma'Ra Ambassador Donovan Brown
Dome Technician Elisa Beth Garver
Narn Mark Hendrickson
Human/Minbari Kosh Joshua Patton
Drazi Ambassador Kim Strauss


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