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Season Four - No Surrender, No Retreat

The Hour Of The Wolf

The Shadow War is over, or is it? Ivanova and Lyta Alexander set off for Z'ha'dum in search of the still missing Sheridan while G'Kar looks for Garibaldi. Meanwhile Emperor Cartagia concludes a deal not to Londo's liking, a deal that fulfils one of Londo's worst nightmares.

Morden Ed Wasser
Emperor Cartagia Wortham Krimmer
Lorien Wayne Alexander
Minister Damian London
Drazi Ambassador Mark Hendrickson
Brakiri Ambassador Rick Ryan

Whatever Happened To Mr Garibaldi?

G'Kar continues his search whilst evading the Centauri, and Delenn, whilst mourning Sheridan, pushes for a Ranger attack on the Shadows. At the Centauri court, conspiracy is rife.

Lorien Wayne Alexander
Emperor Cartagia Wortham Krimmer
Isaac Lenny Citrano
Harry Anthony DeLongis
Minister Damian London
Centauri Rick Scary

The Summoning

Zack discovers something in his own search for Garibaldi. Lyta Alexander's relationship with Kosh's 'replacement' worsens, as Sheridan returns to Babylon 5, back from the dead.

Lorien Wayne Alexander
Emperor Cartagia Wortham Krimmer
Verano Eric Zivot
Ambassador Lethke Jonathan Chapman
Dome Tech Kris Iyer
Ambassadors Ron Campbell and William Scudder

Falling Towards Apotheosis

The Vorlons continue to remove the disease that is the Shadows. Delenn and Sheridan resolve any doubts about their relationship, and Lyta Alexander rebels.

Lorien Wayne Alexander
Emperor Cartagia Wortham Krimmer
Morden Ed Wasser
Guard Tom Billet
Young Woman Terry Cain
Worker Khin-Kyaw Maung

The Long Night

The Vorlons' indiscriminate action against the Shadows demands counter-action and the lives of both G'Kar and Emperor Cartagia are at stake in the Centauri power-struggle orchestrated by Londo.

Lorien Wayne Alexander
Emperor Cartagia Wortham Krimmer
Ericsson Bryan Cranston
Centauri Carl Reggiando and Mark Bramhall
Drazi Ambassador Ron Campbell
G'Lorn Kim Strauss
Humanoid Tim Barron
Jester William Scudder

Into The Fire

Londo fights against time to save Centauri Prime from the approaching Vorlon fleet, while the Army of Light masses to face the Shadows.

Lorien Wayne Alexander
Burano Julian Barnes
Minister Damien London
Morden Ed Wasser


With one war over, the culmination of another conflict is closing in. EarthGov, knowing the station has alien support, resorts to a blockade of Epsilon III and propaganda denouncing Sheridan. Bester has plans of his own that don't necessarily coincide with EarthGov's.

Al Bester Walter Koenig
Minister Damien London
Psi Corps Official Victor Lundin
EA Pilot Robert Patteri
News Anchor Lauren Sanchez

The Illusion Of Truth

Babylon 5's personnel face a subtler foe in the form of an ISN reporter, who records a feature based on daily life aboard the station. The report is used as further political propaganda against them, whilst Garibaldi faces his own problems.

Dan Randall Jeff Griggs
Ramirez Albert Garcia
Doctor Indiri Henry Darrow
Alison Higgins Diana Morgan
Parks David A Kimball
Client Andrew Craig


Affairs on Babylon 5 take a back seat as Delenn is summoned to Minbar to face a the hostility of the Mir Clan and a test which may decide her entire future. It is a test that reveals much more than was intended.

Callenn Brian Carpenter
Dukhat Reiner Shone
Grey Council Member Robin Atkin Downes

Racing Mars

Garibaldi continues to harbour increasing hostility towards Sheridan, while Franklin and Marcus are sent on a secret assignment to the Red Planet where they must contact rebel leaders.

Wade Mark Schneider
Captain Jack Donovan Scott
Number One Marjorie Monaghan
Number Two Clayton Landey
Dan Randall Jeff Griggs
Smuggler No.1 Geoff Meed
Brakiri Carrie Dobro
Guard Timothy Starks
Smuggler No.2 Brian Tahash

Lines Of Communication

The Shadow War may be over, but their allies are still out there, a fact that the Babylon 5 alliance has ignored until now. To complicate matters, the hints dropped about instability on Minbar start to come to fruition.

Number One Marjorie Monaghan
Phillipe Paolo Seganti
Forell G W Stevens
ISN Reporter Carolyn Barkin
Emissary Jean-Luc Martin

Conflicts Of Interest

Hostilities between Sheridan and Garibaldi continue to escalate as the latter takes on the job of smuggling someone aboard B5 and acting as that mystery person’s bodyguard. The identity of that person turns out to be something of a painful surprise.

Lise Hampton-Edgars Denise Gentile
Ben Charles Walker
Zathras Tim Chaote
Wade Mark Schneider
Mark Richard S Horovitz
First Man William John Murphy
Young Woman Ebony Monique Soloman
Second Man Wiley Pickett

Rumors, Bargains And Lies

In a display of uncharacteristic deviousness, Sheridan hatches an elaborate plan to get the League of Non-Aligned Worlds to accept protection from the White Star fleet, while Delenn struggles to find a solution to the troubles on Minbar.

Alit Neroon John Vickery
Drazi Ambassador Ron Campbell
First Religious Minbari Guy Siner
Second Religious Minbari Chard Haywood
Brakiri Ambassador Jonathan Chapman

Moments Of Transition

Unable to obtain employment because she is no longer registered with Psi Corps, Lyta receives a very unusual proposition from Bester, while events on Minbar reach crisis point as Delenn finds that she has no alternative but to surrender the Religious Caste to the Warriors.

Neroon John Vickery
Alit Shakiri Bart McCarthy
Bester Walter Koenig
Businesswoman Christy Noonan
Mr Adams Scott Adams
Guard Carl J Pfeifer

No Surrender, No Retreat

Having committed himself to taking the offensive - starting with lifting the blockade around the Proxima Three colony - Sheridan is faced with tough decisions when it comes to attacking the human enemy represented by Earthforce. Londo and G'Kar find themselves licking old wounds.

Commander Sandra Levitt Marcia Mitzman Gaven
Captain Edward MacDougan Richard Gant
Captain Trevor Hall Ken Jenkins
Guard Skip Stellrecht
Philby Neil Bradley

The Exercise Of Vital Powers

Disturbingly, Garibaldi's 'defection' continues to be compounded in a very believable manner as he throws in his lot with William Edgars and discovers that President Clark does not necessarily have as much power as he thinks he does.

William Edgars Efrem Zimbalist
Lise Hampton Denise Gentile
Wade Mark Schneider
Ms Constance Shelley Robertson
Patient Kenneth Cortland
Second Patient Sandy Grinn

The Face Of The Enemy

The air is full of unconscious betrayal and the agony of realisation after the deed is done as a war between Homo Sapiens and Homo Superior looms, and Sheridan's resistance fleet thunders towards Earth.

William Edgars Efrem Zimbalist
Captain Edward MacDougan Richard Gant
Lise Hampton Denise Gentile
Number One Marjorie Monaghan
Alison Higgins Diana Morgan
Captain James David Purdham
Captain Frank Ricco Ross
Wade Mark Schneider
Bester Walter Koenig
Psi Cop Harlan Ellison

Intersections In Real Time

Sheridan faces a long interrogation by a ruthless, and at times brutal, but always apparently truthful examiner. His only glimmer of hope is that Clark wants him alive as a symbol of repentance, and not a martyr.

William Raye Birk
Drazi Wayne Alexander
Interrogator Bruce Gray
Minister Peter Brown

Between The Darkness And The Light

Garibaldi, desperate to make amends, contacts Franklin and Lyta and attempts to persuade them that he can help. Ivanova must face her own mortality in a showdown against President Clark's most powerful ships.

Eisensen Marc Gomes
Interrogator Bruce Gray
Number One Marjorie Monaghan
Captain James David Purdham
Felicia Musetta Vander
Guard Greg Poland
Evan J P Hubbel
First Guard James Lang
Assistant Anneliza Scott


Sheridan shocks Earth with some astounding and unorthodox manoeuvres while President Clark prepares the ultimate destructive end to his dictatorship. Marcus has other worries as Ivanova, critically injured in one of the last battles, continues to weaken.

Number One Marjorie Monaghan
Earthforce NCO Ungela Brockman
General Lefcourt J Patrick McCormack
Captain James David Purdham
Senator Crosby Carolyn Seymour
Captain Mitchell Julian Stone
ISN Anchor Maggie Egan
Kelley Karen Fineman
Earthforce Officer Rick Cramer
Telepath Kenneth Cortland
President Clark Gary McGurk

Rising Star

Marcus makes the ultimate sacrifice for Ivanova, while Sheridan and Delenn spring the ultimate surprise on a recovering EarthGov, which makes Sheridan's enforced resignation from the Earth Alliance seem insignificant.

Luko Joey Dente
Lise Hampton Denise Gentile
David Sheridan Rance Howard
General Foote Michael Potter
President Susanna Luchenka Beata Pozniak
Bester Walter Koenig
ISN Anchor Maggie Egan
Med Tech JJ Boone
Max Alex Corbo
Med Tech Julie Ow

The Deconstruction Of Falling Stars

The Interstellar Alliance's story is told from its starting point in 2261 through the following millennium and beyond to a time when Mankind has evolved beyond its Earthly beginnings.

Derek Mitchell Doug Hale
Brother Alwyn Macomber Roy Brocksmith
Latimere Alastair Duncan
Brother Michael Neil Roberts
Daniel Eric Pierpoint
Henry Ellis Robert Elk
Leif Tanner Bennet Guillery
Elizabeth Metarie Kathleen Lloyd
Man David Anthony Smith
Doctor Tashaki Joanne Takahashi
Jim Bitterbane Ken Taylor
Exeter Nick Toth


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