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The Gathering

It is the dawn of the Third Age of Mankind, ten years after the Earth-Minbari War. The five-mile long space station, Babylon 5, is up and running, its commander determined to ensure its success as a place for the major space powers to meet and hopefully communicate. Ambassador Kosh of the Vorlon Empire is the last representative of the four major powers to arrive, but within minutes of his arrival, someone has tried to assassinate him. When the new telepath, Lyta Alexander, uses her ability to 'see' the would-be assassin through Kosh's eyes, she realises it was Commander Sinclair who poisoned the ambassador. When the news leaks out, Ambassador G'Kar stirs things up and, after contacting the Vorlon Empire, moves in council that Sinclair be shipped to the Vorlon homeworld for trial. The Vorlons send a couple of battleships to make the collection and war threatens, with Babylon 5 the obvious first target. Sinclair must track down the true culprit and persuade the Vorlons of his innocence, and quickly.

Lt-Commander Laurel Takashima Tamlyn Tomita
Carolyn Sykes Blaire Baron
Resident Telepath Lyta Alexander Patricia Tallman
Del Varner John Fleck
Senator Gant Paul Hampton
Doctor Benjamin Kyle Johnny Sekka
Eric Steven A Barnett
Traveller William Hayes
Hostage Marianne Robertson
Dome Technicians Linda Hoffman and Robert Jackson
Businessman David Sage
Guerra Ed Wasser


Season One - Signs And Portents

Midnight On The Firing Line

The Narn Regime, eager to gain power and territory at the expense of the fading Centauri Republic, attacks and captures a remote research colony, provoking a diplomatic storm. Londo Mollari has a nephew on the station there, and his natural enmity towards the Narn becomes a personal grudge against Ambassador G'Kar. Sinclair must act to ease tensions on Babylon 5, and the destruction of a band of pirates and the capture of their control vessel may just hold the answer. Sinclair's recently arrived second-in-command, Susan Ivanova, has to play for time at the emergency council meeting until the vital evidence can be presented.

Senator Gant Paul Hampton
Carn Mollari Peter Trencher
Centauri Jeff Austin
ISN Reporter Maggie Egan
Narn Captain Mark Hendrickson
Delta 7 Douglas E McCoy

Soul Hunter

Ambassador Delenn's life is in danger when a 'soul hunter' arrives at the space station. Wounded in a recent battle in space, the hunter is tended to by new chief medical officer, Doctor Franklin, but Delenn wants his patient thrown off the station. Differences of long-held opinions bring events to a dramatic conclusion when a second soul hunter arrives through the Gate, pursuing his errant colleague.

Soul Hunter W Morgan Sheppard
Doctor Stephen Franklin (intro) Richard Biggs
Second Soul Hunter John Snyder
Med Tech Toni Attell
Man Jim Bentley
Dome Technician Mark Conley
Guards David D Darling and Ted W Henning

Born To The Purple

Mollari is flirting with Adira, a young dancer, an activity which is distracting him from vital negotiations with the Narn. But the girl is a slave who is owned by the sinister Trakis, and she is under orders to steal information from the Centauri's personal data bank. Meanwhile, Susan Ivanova has problems of her own in the form of her dying father.

Adira Tyree Fabiana Udenio
Trakis Clive Revill
Andrei Ivanov Robert Phalen
Narn Aide Ko'Dath Mary Woronov
Ock Jimm Giannini
Norg Robert DiTillio
Gunman Tom Lowe
Dancer Katherine Mills
Butz Mike Norris
Gera Akshi Laura Peterson
Doctor Goyokin Momo Yashima


An archaeologist, Vance Hendricks, visiting Doctor Franklin with his latest discoveries, puts the station in deadly danger. One of the relics in his collection, a piece of bio-engineering, activates itself and latches onto Hendricks' assistant Drake, so that it can carry out its programming and destroy all life forms that don't fit its creators' idea of perfection - a program that caused the total extinction of those very creators.

Doctor Vance Hendricks David McCallum
Nelson Drake Marshall Teague
Reporter Mary Ann Cramer Patricia Healy
Dome Technicians Sav Farrow and Sylva Kelegian
Security Guards Daniel Hutchison and Tony Rizzoli
Customs Guard Paul Yeuell

The Parliament Of Dreams

G'Kar is threatened by an old enemy and Sinclair is shaken by the arrival of old flame Catherine Sakai. Their paths have crossed several times since they lived together for a year, but Sinclair's position is different now. Can he still continue with a relationship and retain respect in his authority? Meanwhile, G'Kar's old enemy has sent a hired assassin to kill him. He doesn't know the assassin's identity and can't trust anyone.

Na'Toth (intro) Caitlin Brown
Catherine Sakai (intro) Julia Nickson
Assassin Tu'Pari Thomas Kopache
Lennier (intro) Bill Mumy
Du'Rog Mark Hendrickson
Guard Calvin Jung
Pilgrim Michael McKenzie
Head Waiter Glenn Robinson
Businessmen Randall Kirby and Erich Martin Von Hicks

Mind War

A genetically altered telepathic fugitive seeks Talia Winter's help in escaping from his pursuers. Jason Ironheart was her tutor, and her lover for a time, but now, because of the nature of the experiments that have been performed on him, the Psi Cops are desperate to place him in confinement. Jason warns Sinclair that the Psi Corps is more dangerous that people know - they have designs on far greater power than that which it presently holds.

Psi Cop Bester Walter Koenig
Jason Ironheart William Allen Young
Catherine Sakai Julia Nickson
Psi Cop Kelsey Felicity Waterman
Security Guard Mark S Porro
Earth Fighter Don Dowe
Guest Liaison Elisa Pensler
Narn Captain Michael McKenzie
Businessman Kevin Page

The War Prayer

Racist human terrorists are aboard Babylon 5, and their aim is the expulsion or destruction of all aliens. At the same time, Susan Ivanova meets an old love, but his manner seems to have changed over the years. As the attacks on aliens increase, and retaliatory fights break out, the atmosphere on the station is becoming hostile. Sinclair has to resort to intrigue to resolve events, but he discovers that the threat may not be ended simply by breaking the small group of terrorists currently in operation.

Minbari Shaal Mayan Nancy Lee Grahn
Malcolm Biggs Tristan Rogers
Roberts Michael Paul Chan
Kiran Maray Rodney Eastman
Aria Tensus Danica McKeller
Mila Shar Diane Adair
Alvares Richard Chaves
Thegras Mark Hendrickson
Security Officer Chuck Butto

And The Sky Full Of Stars

Sinclair is abducted by two security men from Earth, and forced, with a combination of drugs and VR equipment, to reveal what happened at the Battle of the Line, most especially during his missing twenty-four hours. But the memory block put there by the Minbari is much to strong to enable total recall, and the Commander is left with as many questions as before, despite his partial memory recovery.

Knight One Judson Scott
Knight Two Christopher Neame
Benson Jim Youngs
Mitchell Justin Williams
Guard Joe Banks
Grey Council Member Mark Hendrickson
Security Guard Fumi Shishino


Sinclair faces a dilemma: should he allow a scientist to continue her work on perfecting a youth serum or prosecute her for crimes against minority alien races throughout the galaxy? Perhaps Ambassador Kosh's manoeuverings will have an effect on the outcome of his decision.

Deathwalker Sarah Douglas
Dome Technician Sav Farrow
Ambassador Kalika Robin Curtis
Abbut Cosie Costa
Senator Hidoshi Aki Aleong
Ambassador Robert DiTillio
Ashok Mark Hendrickson


Doctor Franklin tries to save the life of a dying alien child when its parents refuse a life-saving operation that conflicts with their religion. Franklin discovers to his cost that the situation isn't black and white with an easy solution.

M'ola Tricia O'Neil
Tharg Stephen Lee
Shon Jonathan Charles Kaplan
Doctor Maya Hernandez Silvana Gallardo


Garibaldi is falsely accused of sabotaging a construction site on board the space station shortly before a Presidential visit. The real culprit is a Home Guard activist inside the World President's own security team. A strike against the President now, especially as he is planning to open Earth up to increased alien business, would be a major coup for Home Guard.

Major Lianna Kemmer Elaine Thomas
Cutter Tom Donaldson
Special Agent David Austin Cook
Security Officer Lou Welch David L Crowley
ISN Reporter Maggie Egan
Nolan Jose Rosario
Young Lianna Robin Wake
Alien Mark Hendrickson
General Netter Rod Perry

By Any Means Necessary

Sinclair's military career and the safety of the station are threatened when the loading dock workers demand improvements in their wages and dangerous working conditions. A representative from Earth threatens to invoke the Rush Act to bring the strike to a violent conclusion.

Neeoma Connally Katy Boyer
Orin Zento John Snyder
Senator Hidoshi Aki Aleong
Reporter Mary Ann Cramer Patricia Healy
Narn Captain Michael McKenzie
Eduardo Delvientos Jose Rey
Workers Ricardo Martinez and Floyd Vaughn

Signs And Portents

Babylon 5's fighter pilots try to stop a fleet of space raiders from abducting a Centauri nobleman - but it's all a ploy to draw the fighters away from the station, where unknown forces are at work in securing peace...perhaps for a price?

Centauri Lord Kiro Gerrit Graham
Centauri Lady Ladira Fredi Olster
Raider #1 Whip Hubley
Dome Technicians Anita Brabec and Joshua Cox
Man Garry Kluger
Fighters Lee Mathis and Douglas E McCoy
Pilot Hector Mercado
Reno Robert Silver
Morden Ed Wasser
Customs Guard Lynn Red Williams


Walker Smith, a wrongly disgraced prizefighter from Earth, arrives on the station to take part in the Mutai, a fierce sporting event hosted by the alien minority races. The aliens, however, do not welcome a human participating in their sport, and their champion looks set to take Smith apart in a violent encounter in the ring. Meanwhile, Ivanova is finally forced to face her grief over her father's death.

Walker Smith Greg McKinney
The Muta-Do Soon Teck-Oh
Caliban Don Stroud
Rabbi Koslov Theodore Bikel
Andrei Ivanov Robert Phalen
ISN Reporter Lenore Kasdorf
Migo Michael McKenzie
Gyor James Jude Courtney


When a crusader visits the station on an intergalactic quest for the Holy Grail, his friendship with a petty thief has disastrous consequences for him.

Aldous Gajic David Warner
Jinxo Tom Booker
Deuce William Sanderson
Ombuds Wellington Jim Norton
Mirriam Runningdear Linda Lodge
Mr Flinn John Flinn


Two high-ranking security officers arrive on the station to evaluate the loyalty of Commander Sinclair and his staff, and cause ripples of disaffection among the crew. When Sinclair uncovers details of one of the officer's past, he has to question the man's mental stability.

Colonel Ari Ben Zaun Gregory Martin
Psi Corps Operative Harriman Gray Jeffrey Coombs
Tragedy Macaulay Bruton
Sofie Ivanov Marie Chambers
Security Officer Lou Welch David L Crowley
General Miller Frank Farmer
Comedy Drew Letchworth


When the body of a great Minbari military hero is stolen from Babylon 5, the Earth Alliance comes under threat from the Minbari warrior caste, and the spectre of war looms.

Neroon John Vickery
Alisa Beldon Grace Una
Dome Technician Joshua Cox
Security Man Richard Henry
Cart Owner Patrick O'Brien

A Voice In The Wilderness (Part 1)

While investigating seismic activity on a supposedly uninhabited planet, Sinclair and Ivanova discover the remnants of a technically advanced civilisation. But it is being guarded by a dying alien whose eventual demise could bring about the destruction of Babylon 5.

Draal Louis Turenne
Varn Curt Lowens
Security Guard Craig Barnett
Derek Mobotabwe Langdon Bensing
Earthforce Liaison Kelly Coyle
Bartender Kathryn Cressida
Doctor Tasaki Jim Ishida
ISN Reporter Lenore Kasdorf
Psi Corps Rep Patty Toy
Technician Jerry Weil

A Voice In The Wilderness (Part 2)

There's trouble for the station when Sinclair and his crew have to fight off marauders for control of a planet containing revolutionary super technology.

Draal Louis Turenne
Varn Curt Lowens
Captain Ellis Pierce Ron Canada
Lise Hampton Denise Gentile
Senator Hidoshi Aki Aleong
Dome Technician Joshua Cox
Rowdy Chip Heller
ISN Reporter Lenore Kasdorf
Takarn Michelan Sisti

Babylon Squared

When Babylon 4 mysteriously reappears after four years in a violent time-warp. Sinclair and Garibaldi lead a rescue team to evacuate the crew before the station vanishes again. During the operation, Sinclair has a startling vision of the future.

Major Krantz Kent Broadhurst
Zathras Tim Choate
Lise Hampton Denise Gentile
B4 Guard Frank Costa
Grey Council Member Mark Hendrickson
Alpha Seven Doug E McCoy
Panicked Man Tommy Rosales

The Quality Of Mercy

Doctor Franklin helps a dying ex-physician in her experiments with an alien healing machine. Meanwhile, Talia is traumatised after scanning the mind of a psychopathic killer.

Doctor Laura Rosen June Lockhart
Janice Rosen Kate McNeil
Karl Mueller Mark Rolston
Centauri Senator Damian London
Ombuds Wellington Jim Norton
Rose Lynn Anderson
Lurker Philippe Bergeron
Security Officer Lou Welch David L Crowley
Guard Kevin McBride
Young Woman Patient Constance Zimmer


Garibaldi is critically wounded by his own security aide when he tries to prevent the planned assassination of the Earth Alliance president, and Londo falls under the control of a mercenary with some strange but powerful masters. Ambassador Delenn decides it is time to begin a strange transformation.

Morden Ed Wasser
Catherine Sakai Julia Nickson
Devereaux Edward Conery
ISN News Anchor Maggie Egan
Senator Cheryl Francis Harrington
Narn Pilot Mark Hendrickson
Paramedic Wesley Leong
Med Tech James Kiriyama-Lem
Stephen Petrov David Anthony Marshall
Vice-President Morgan Clark Gary McGurk
Guard John Riojas
Security Guard Bergen Williams
Screaming Woman Fumi Shishino
Lurkers Liz Burnette and Gianin Loffler


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