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Over thirty years after the original series began, The Outer Limits was back for a brand new series of fairly original stories. Beginning with a ninety-minute special, the series resumed its 44-minute short story format. Filming took place on location in Vancouver, British Columbia, choice location of many US-produced tv programmes in the 1990s from The X-Files to Doctor Who.
    Made in 1994, the series reached UK screens the following year, and was scheduled to be shown at 9pm on Mondays on BBC2, which was a rather unusual prime time slot for science fiction shown in Britain at this time, a more customary slot being 6pm, to catch the younger audiences. BBC2 had gained a reputation in the early 1990s a something of a cult channel, and buoyed by their success with The X-Files they continued the trend of treating their audience as adults.
    However, utilising the frequently strange logic of broadcasting companies, BBC2 started the series with episode five, leaving the introductory pilot until the following week. Following that, episodes were shown in what seemed to be a completely random order (which wasn't much better than Sky One, who screened most of Season One halfway through Season Two, without any announcement of the fact). For the sake of common sense, the intended running order is restored here. Sky One grabbed first dibs on Season Two, screening it on a Wednesday night directly following Space: Above and Beyond.
    Season Three began a slow decline, and this markedly increased in Season Four, with several episodes relying on story sequels or occasional nude scenes to hook audiences. It was a trend that could not continue for long...


Executive Producers: Richard B Lewis,
  Pen Densham, John Watson
(Season 2)
Associate Producer: Sally Dixon
Creative Consultant: Jonathan Glassner
Theme Music: Mark Mancina, John van
Incidental Music: Christopher Beck

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